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Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter presents:
The Legends of Pizza Volume
(Interviews with Pizza Passion!)

Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!



You can Learn from the Masters of Pizza...

The Legends of Pizza Project is a series of interviews with the most influential pizzaiolo (pizza masters) on the planet.

Legends of Pizza Volume 2 features:

  • An up and coming "Young Gun" of pizza

  • A Pizza Ambassador

  • And A Godfather of Pizza

"I received the Legends Volume 2 CD in the mail last week and have thoroughly enjoyed listening to your informative, perceptive, and entertaining interviews with Spangler, Gemignani, and Ladou. Each interview is outstanding and has unique information shared by these masters of pizza. Congratulations on creating another treasure of pizza knowledge!"

Coye Jones, The Home Pizza Gourmet
Broomfield, Colorado

Legends of Pizza, Volume 2

You will know pizza like never before !

You can now Download Legend of Pizza Volume 1 and 2:
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Legends of Pizza, Volume 2 with Brian Spangler, Tony Gemignani and Ed LaDou

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"Albert, you have another winner with the latest CD, Legends of Pizza, Volume 2 (LoPv2). The three interviews on this CD are as incredible as the first in the series. All three interviewees are involved in entirely different aspects of the pizza world, but each remains just as passionate about their pizza. This CD is really a contrast in styles - from a master of artisan dough, to the king of acrobatic dough tossing, to the creativity of an artist in combining flavors. "
Tom, Certified Pizza Fan
on the Legends of Pizza, Volume 2 


Legends of Pizza is a CD with interviews
of the best pizzaiolo in the universe.


Legends of Pizza, Volume 2 includes:

1) Brian Spangler Interview

Brian Spangler of Apizza Scholls located in Portland, Oregon.
Brian is, according to Peter Reinhart,:
 "one of the up and coming superstars of pizza."

  • Brian discusses how the original location of Apizza Scholls, was actually forced to move because they were to popular!

  • What it means to be a pizzaiolo

  • Countless tips and tricks for the home pizza maker

  • The flour he uses to create his artisan pizza

  • Detailed instructions on how his dough is created

Visit Brian's website here> Apizza Scholls.

2) Tony Gemignani Interview

Tony Gemignani, Seven time World Pizza Champion and Legend of Pizza.

Tony Gemignani of Pyzano's Pizzeria in Castro Valley California, is a 7 time World Champion Pizza Acrobat and Guiness Book record holder. He has had numerous television appearances.

  • Tony explains his early pizza influences

  • He gives step by step tips and tricks of "How to toss a pizza".

  • Gives pizza secrets for the home pizza maker

  • Explains how his pizza book was created

  • Discusses his role in Pizza the Movie


3) Ed LaDou Interview


Ed Ladou, of Caiote Pizza Cafe, is a Legend of Pizza

Ed LaDou of Caioti Pizza Cafe in Studio City California.
Ed is a pizza master, and a pizza philosopher. He was the creative force behind Wolfgang Puck's Pizza as well as California Pizza Kitchen.
He has been recognized as a
National Treasure by the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

Visit Ed's website here:> Caioti Pizza Cafe

  • Ed explains his early influences and interest in pizza

  • In depth discussion about pizza philosophy and "Spiritual Pizza"

  • Tips and techniques for the home pizza maker

  • Business advice for those wanting to learn the pizza business

  • Future plans for Ed Ladou

"Hi Albert,  I received the new Legends and just listened to it. It was wonderful ...Your interviews really add more facets to the growing chronicle of pizza passion that you've been tracking. I especially loved the Ed LaDou interview--he's quite the poet of pizza and you can tell he's thought deeply about his work and vision....I'll turn on as many people as I can to it and send them your way."
Peter Reinhart, bread professional, author (American Pie), educator,
on the Legends of Pizza, Volume 2 

Actual CD, Legends of Pizza Volume 1. Claim your copy now!

Question: Which pizzaiolo said: "Pizza is Sexy right now...?"

Answer: Revealed in Legends of Pizza, Volume 2.

Important: If you are expecting to find studio quality recording
 in Legends of Pizza Volume 2:
Do not purchase.
Legends of Pizza, Volume 2, is not for you.
Look elsewhere.

"I received the Legends of Pizza CD, and listened to it in my car as I drove to work and back this afternoon. ... Brian and Tony's interviews were great ...They both...had a lot of helpful and insightful things to say about the pizza craft.... my interview came out well. ... I am very grateful I came out sounding like I knew a few things about pizza. You did a fantastic job on the CD and I couldn't be more pleased."
Ed LaDou on the
Legends of Pizza, Volume 2


Legends of Pizza Volume 2, is here

You will find this recording no-where else
on this planet!


"I received my copy of Legends of Pizza 2, and I really enjoyed listening to it. Thank you very much! Very cool to hear interviews with the pizza superstar of tomorrow! Professional, insightful and very interesting - more then I expected! I even learned a few new secret tricks. Nobody will be disappointed with Legends of Pizza 2, I guarantee it..."
Mark, Professional Food Critic,
on the Legends of Pizza, Volume 2 


What would it cost to have a private pizza session with
 Brian Spangler, Tony Gemignani, and Ed LaDou?

$500 per hour? $1,000 per hour?

$1,500 per hour? More?

Legends of Pizza Volume 2 is not $1,500, $1,000, not $500,
not even $100!





Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

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