Vegetarian Pizza: A Fun Classic That's Evolving
by Stacy from My Pizza Talk

That’s Evolving
Some people think that going vegetarian means giving up on a lot of “fun” foods, but one fun and delicious food which anyone can enjoy, vegetarian or not, is pizza. Vegetarian pizza is a classic recipe menu item; just walk into any local pizzeria or regional or national pizza chain restaurant and you’ll find plenty of menu options for vegetarians. While the traditional vegetarian pizza includes onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and tomato sauce, the veggie pizza is evolving.

On My Pizza Talk you’ll find reviews for numerous pizza chains as well as pizza recipes. Many of the restaurants we’ve reported on include unique vegetarian pizza options. One thing which we’ve been noticing about pizza lately is that people are no longer satisfied with nothing but the traditional menu options and ingredients. People are starting to demand more choices, and restaurants are responding by providing them.

What are some of the ingredients we’re starting to see which are relatively new in the pizza world? Along with the traditional favorites, restaurants are offering options like spinach, artichoke hearts, celery, avocados, sprouts, roasted nuts, and more. Different types of mushrooms such as Portobello mushrooms are also making their way onto pizza pies. Some courageous restaurants have even started to integrate fruit into their recipe (not just pineapple!). For example, one pizza which is served at Pizza My Heart, a San Francisco area chain, includes green apple slices.

Many of the recipes that are starting to transform the pizza world are based off of specific culinary dishes or regions. For example, many people enjoy asparagus with white cream. This has led to the invention of a pizza inspired by the popular vegetable side dish, a pizza with white cream sauce, asparagus, and white cheddar cheese. An example of a regional recipe is a Greek-inspired pizza which is made on pizza brad crust and is topped with feta cheese, hummus, olives, and peppers. Mexican-inspired pizza is becoming very popular too. One vegetarian recipe includes kidney beans, salsa, cheese, and avocado slices. There is no meat but the beans in the recipe make the pizza very filling and replete with protein. The salsa is used as a substitution for tomato sauce, just as in the Greek-inspired recipe, the hummus is substituted for sauce.

Vegetarian pizza has many health benefits. For many people in the US, vegetables are considered side dishes—more garnishes than main dishes. While vegetarians eat vegetables principally, vegetarian pizza can provide ample health benefits to everyone, not just vegetarians. It’s important for people to get more healthy greens in their diet and all the vitamins, minerals and fiber they include.

In the past, vegetarian pizza wasn’t as accessible as it is now. Not everyone enjoys olives, peppers, and onions, the traditional ingredients on Italian-style vegetarian pizza. If you’re among the many people who would prefer to have something a little different but still eat vegetarian when you go out for pizza, have a look at the specialty pizzas included on many modern menus. No matter what fruits and veggies you enjoy, you’re bound to find something which suits your fancy.

Since pizza restaurants are offering more specialty pizzas with unique ingredients, those ingredients are also available if you choose a build-your-own-pizza option. And don’t forget that you can cook up vegetarian pizza at home too, and you can choose whatever ingredients you want. Check out vegetarian pizza recipes online for inspiration. Vegetarian pizza is a classic menu item, but it’s one which is transforming and evolving as more and more pizza lovers think outside the box and create exciting new recipes!




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