Pizza on Earth, Good Wiil to All!

Five Hundred Thousand Pizza Viewers
How to Make Pizza Dough


Pizza on Earth, Good Wiil to All!

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Five Hundred Thousand Pizza Fans Watched this but I want a Million

About 3 years ago, I made pizza in my kitchen. I decided to film the process. It was simple, basic and not a lot of bravado.
Just me making pizza dough. Something I've done hundreds of times.

I then posted it on YouTube and kind of forgot about it.

Honestly, if you told me I would have more than a thousand views for my pizza dough video, I would have said you were wacky.

Sure people love pizza. People love to eat pizza. They eat it by the truckload. But never in my wildest dreams would I have thought, there would be very many pizza fans interested in making pizza.

Well the stats speak for themselves. First a thousand. Then ten tousand. Then tens of thousands. At the end of one year, I had 50,000 views.

I was shocked and amazed. That's a lot of pizza fans.

During the next year, I got an additional 150,000 views. That's a total of 200,000 views. (Alright almost 200,000...)

Now it's over 1/2 million! Holy smokes! That's 500,000+. WOW!

I'm speechless. I'm flabbergasted. I'm shocked. I'm in total disbelief.

Can that many people be interested in making pizza dough?

The answer is: yes there are...

Here's what I'm thinking: if I could get 200,000 people to watch this video, I thought, why not a million? So that's my goal. I'm trying to get a million views on YouTube.

You can help. The video follows. You can be a certified Secret Pizza Video Agent! It costs nothing to join. But you can help me to get to my goal.

Will you help me spread the word about my video?
It's called How to Make Pizza Dough from

Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Spread the word. Spread the link.
Help me make this video viral. If you have a website or blog, please feel free to embed the video from YouTube.

I'm really commited to have people learn about making pizza. And I really think, I can get one million views.

That's only 700,000 more than I now have. And a million is nothing more than a 1 with 6 zeros behind it. Thanks for your support...

Onward. Upward.
And Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

Watch this video, and play it forward. Thanks.


And there you have it. Simple, easy and straight forward.

If you are interested in taking your pizza to the next level
I highly recommend that you invest in a pizza peel and a
Pizza Stone .

Don't be intimidated about using a pizza stone or peel.
As with anything else it just takes a bit of practice to master.

You can find some great deals on pizza tools here:




The art of using a peel will really take you pizza to a new level.
Make sure that you put enough flour or cornmeal underneath your dough so it won't stick.

 Graspr- How-to Vidoes

Also to find a great updated  listing of pizza related tools and other pizza gear,
 go to this page.



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Also of course, I would invite you to take a look at
The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book.


The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book
by Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

Easy step by step instructions to teach you to make pizza...

Makes makin, pizza, easy as pie...

I'm hoping with your support, the other movies will be available soon...

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Videos, book reviews, and more. All different, unique information.

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