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Tony Gemignani Interview
from pizzatherapy.com.

Tony Gemignani dispalys his award winning pizza

Tony Gemignani
made pizza history, at the International Pizza Makers Challenge - 2 Mari Trofeo Internationale Pizza Per Tutti 2008. He accomplished what no other pizzaiolo has ever done: he won first place in three categories at the International Pizza Competition.

He became the winner of the
Triple Crown of Pizza

You can hear Tony's candid interview right here. He discusses making pizza history.

 He also reveals a one of a kind resource being offered to professional pizza makers as well as the home pizza fan....


Listen below...

Tony discusses in the following interview his winning
the Triple Crown.

Of note is the following:

  • How he had to make his dough in his hotel room

  • One of the judges was the Pope's personal pizza maker

  • How he made it into the Guinness Book of World Records

  • His latest project: the first ever Certified Pizza School in the U.S.

  • His take on the New Have Pizza: he went to Modern, Pepe's and Sally's  and more:

Tony Gemignani master pizzaiolo


Tony tossing the dough


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Listen to the interview with Tony
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Of course, you can also hear
Tony on Legends of Pizza Volume 2,
click me.

You can watch a great video of Tony at Pyzano's at this link.

  • 8 Time World Champion Pizza Acrobat

  • 1 Time World Champion Pizza Maker
    07 - World Pizza Cup Naples, Italy

Tony Gemignani shows the art of the toss..

Tony recently discussed his win:

"This was one of my biggest wins... My pizzas cooked and tasted perfect. I was told this was a first time someone has ever gold medaled in 3 categories at the same competition. I spoke with Enrico Fama organizer and founder of the World Pizza Championships in Italy and he mentioned to me that he has never heard of someone doing this. I couldn't believe it, I made pizza history..."

"My oven and table skills judge was Luciano Passeri, famous for making pizzas for Pope John Paul II and is a true master in the craft.. I was a little nervous like any competitor, but I was confident and he scored me very well..."
-- Tony Gemignani

Tony Gemignani's Award winning pizza.

Tony Gemignani's Award winning pizza.

Order Tony's Pizza Secrets, here:


More pizza books..


Tony Gemignani with Rachael Ray
Tony and Rachael Ray

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Legends of Pizza

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Tony Gemignani, Seven time World Pizza Champion and Legend of Pizza.
Tony Gemignani

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I have made some updates at the Legends of Pizza website.

You will find some extraordinary videos of the Legends in action

You can uncover incredible stories and excerpts from the Legends of Pizza Series including:

  1. The Birth of The Clam Pizza by Gary Bimonte

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  3. Tony Gemignani is in England and tells his pizza secrets

  4. An hour long video of
    Peter Reinhart from a Google conference where he discusses whole wheat flours...

  5. A fascinating and touching video of Ed LaDou here.

You really need to check it out:

Legends of Pizza 


Legends of Pizza, Volume 1 and 2 e-Book from pizzatherapy.com

Read all six Legends of Pizza interviews.:
 The Legends E-Book has links to everything mentioned in the Legends interviews. All the websites and resources are included
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