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Pizza News, September 2005,

(Volume VI No. 9 A) (ISSN: 1533-3795)

"Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!"

"Pizza News" is now being delivered to all 50 states (U.S.) including D.C., and the following countries: Canada (including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prine Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan), Afghanistan,  Albania, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia,  Australia, Austria,  Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, China, Christmas Island,  Columbia, Croatia (local name: Hrvatska), Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic,  Denmark, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Egypt, Eritrea, Fiji, France, Germany,  Guatemala, Guam,  Hungary, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan,, Kuwait, Latvia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Palau, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russian Federation, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, South Africa, Sudan, Sweden, Thailand, Trinidad, Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Vanuatu, Viet Nam, Virgin Islands (British), Yugoslavia,  Zimbabwe, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands, and over 600 subscribers who could be anywhere in the Pizza Therapy Universe!

"Pizza News" is now being delivered to over 4,500-pizza lovers, worldwide!


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When we make pizza, we only use Fleischmann's Yeast.
Visit their great web site through the banner on our site, and tell
them pizzatherapy.com sent you!

"I used  Fleischmann's before they became a sponsor
I will use
Fleischmann's after they are no longer a sponsor.
Fleischmann's yeast is a great product, period."
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter,





1. Outrageous Offer- This May Never Be Repeated

2. What's New- Jon F. Reviews The Pizza Book

3. Gourmet Impressions- Pizza Dough With A Message

4. Dis an' Dat- Stuff That Could Fit Nowhere Else


1. Outrageous Offer- This May Never Be Repeated

In the last issue of Pizza News, (Sept. 05) I featured the e-book:
Winning the War at the Gas Pump.
The offer was exclusively for Pizza News Subscribers.

Evidently, a number of other Pizza News Subscribers thought this was a valuable resource, because they bought the e-book. One person asked for a refund. I gladly complied. 

I want to make a unique offer to Pizza News Subscribers only, not the general public!
(If this is successful, I will definitely make more offers like this one.)

Here is my offer to you:
Winning the War at the Gas Pump at no cost to you, and no strings attached.
Read it. Learn the gas saving tips in this e-book.
If you don't like it, pay nothing.
If you find the information worthless, you owe me nothing.

If you find the information valuable, make a donation for the information.

Does that sound fair? I do not want you to feel obligated in any way if you do not find the information valuable.

I want you to read  Winning the War at the Gas Pump.  Then I want you to decide if this is worth anything to you.
If you feel it is worth a dollar or two, or $3.95) please make a donation for the information.
I know you all are honest and trustworthy. You expect nothing less from me. Thank-you.

Go to this link now:


P.S. There's more: I am also including an Exclusive Copyrighted Pizza Report for you to
download as part of the"donation for information" package.
This report may be extremely controversial
but, very valuable for pizza lovers everywhere.

You need to get this important pizza report now!
I am offering this for a very limited time.

Go to:


Several other pizza fans have asked me to to extend the offer as it expired on 9/20/05. No problem. I am happy to extend the offer until October 5th, 12:00AM.



2. What's New- Jon F. Reviews The Pizza Book

Jon F. wrote this review exclusively for pizzatherapy.com.
The review sounded so good, I wanted to buy the book.

Then, I remembered. I wrote the book:

The Pizza Book Review
By Jon F.

The Pizza Book from pizzatherapy.com has it all!  Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter, webmaster of the internationally read pizzatherapy.com website, has created the definitive handbook/e-book on pizza.  The heart of this generous book is the family recipe for pizza dough, handed down to Mr. Grande from his Mom, and now available to all lovers of pizza.



Consistent with the pizzatherapy.com motto,
"Pizza On Earth.
Good Will To All",

The Pizza Book  has something for everyone.  Whether you are a first time beginner or a full-fledged pizza aficionado, you'll discover something new in this easy-to-use guide.  Not only are there step-by-step instructions on how to make dough and assemble a pizza, but there are several tips on flour, proofing, kneading, cooking, and equipment that Mr. Grande has culled from his 20+ years love affair with making pizza to share with his readers.



Of course there are the recipes!  What a garden of dough
inspired delights are revealed - from the basic tomato and mozzarella to the more exotic shrimp scampi topping, you'll want to try them all (he even throws in a calzone recipe)!  Finally, the author shares some of his
favorite books on pizza, so that you can read about pizza while enjoying one of your own delicious slices.



Best of all, The Pizza Book  is fun to read, and Mr. Grande's
true love-pizza making as a way of bringing family and friends together,
shines through every page.  In his pursuit of pizza, he is not a
purist, and will often state "It. depends on what tastes good to you," or "that is just my preference."  His approach is open and inclusive, and invites the reader/pizza maker to experiment if they want to.  As Mr.
Grande says, "I am always learning something new!"  And sharing these delectable discoveries is what the joy of making pizza is all about.


Thank you very much, Jon F.


Get The Pizza Book
Right Now!
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3. Gourmet Impressions- Pizza Dough With A Message

A couple of years ago I featured a Press Release from Gourmet Impression.com
This company makes a food embosser and an imprinting tool which prints actual messages on pizza dough and other food items such as vegetables, cheese and ice cream.

Rich Errera creator of this product, (and CEO of the company) consented to an interview Exclusively for Pizza News.

Pizza News: What is your background and training?

Rich: As a teenager in the sixties, I loved working and training in Anna's Pizzeria, which was a popular hangout with a cool jukebox.  It happened to be around the corner from where I lived in Brooklyn, NY and was the focal point of many memorable, and tasty experiences. 

Pizza News: How did the  idea come to develop a food roller or stamper?

Rich: One day, I wanted to surprise and gift the owners with a pizza pie that said, "Happy Anniversary!" on their special day. It was then when I thought that, " If we can decorate a cake, why not other foods like the crust of a pizza?".  Forty years later, I decided to do something about that.

Pizza News:  Was it difficult to develop? That is, to go from the idea stage to actual manufacturing the product?

It was an intellectual, yet fun challenge to create food embossing and imprinting tools, especially since no person in the world had ever done so before.  My goal was to invent hand held tools, which would work legibly, easily, and quickly.  They had to be FDA approved, dishwasher safe, durable, and manageable even by the little hands of a child.

Pizza New
s: What is the price of the products 1)stamper 2) roller?

The Stamper and the Roller are both undergoing improved design changes. They should be ready, unveiled, and available to the public around Spring time, (2006), when the price will also be set.

Pizza News: How do you  order one? What is the turnaround time?
 How much to create a  pizzatherapy.com roller and stamper?

Ordering will be through fulfillment houses as well as retail outlets. Specific details will be listed on our web site when available , under the "News" Heading. Anyone wishing to be notified by e-mail is encouraged to list their contact information on our "Contact" page.

Thanks, Rich

Here is the website: http://www.GourmetImpression.com/

Go to the website and watch the movie starring Rich as he imprints all manner of food.

This is a food idea, whose time is now.




4. Dis an' Dat- Stuff That Could Fit Nowhere Else


 Reminder Dept.:

The 3rd Annual Best Pizza on Long Island Contest is underway.
Pizzerias from Valley Stream to Montauk are competing to be
named "Best Pizza on Long Island!" Your VOTE counts, so go
vote for your favorite pizza at

The top pizzerias in each category will be invited down
for the pizza bake-off and final judging at the Pizza Festival.
The Pizza Festival will be held on October 1, 2005 at
Adventureland, Rte 110 in Farmingdale, NY from 12-6pm.

Pave Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot Dept.:

From Michael H.: Thought you should know. After 70 years at the same spot, the
mayor of PERTH AMBOY, (New Jersey) saw
in his infinite wisdom to put a parking lot on that spot. No
more Sciortino's. They did have a
very good pizza because of the brick oven used.

Tips Dept.:

From Mike N.: I just read the Pizza Book and loved it. Lots of great
recipes, links and tips.

For the calzones, I beat an egg and add a pinch of salt and
pepper. I use this to coat the calzone before baking, it makes for a shiny
and somewhat crunchy crust.

I also tried the stewed tomatoes for sauce and found it much
better than the store bought sauces. I liked Gatuso's sauce but I can't buy it
in our area.

Thanks for a great website Albert, talk to you soon.

From Tony C.: l always enjoy your 'tips' and other tid bits.....
Almost always things discussed have been tried and kept or discarded
but I have one little hint.

 I always use is a LITTLE bit of sugar to off set the acid
of the fresh or canned tomatoes.
I  mostly to try to use San Marzano, but Progresso whole plums tomatoes have a
really great flavor as well. The right tomatoes are the key as you well know.
Keep it up, always enjoy your letter

great job

Thank you Michael H., Mike N.,  and Tony C. for sharing! Stay well!


That's it for this issue of "Pizza News!" 

 You Can Find Amazing offers,
Go to amazon.com


"Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!"


Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

Email: webmaster@pizzatherapy.com

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Pizza News (ISSN: 1533-3795)
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"Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!"



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