Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All! 

 Interview With Flo Consiglio from
Sally's Apizza


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Sally's Apizza is like no other pizzeria on earth...

Walk in and you are met with sights and sounds found no-where else on the planet...

Sally's Apizza Sign on Wooster Street, New Haven

Please come with me to Sally's...

Join me for a very exclusive interview with
Flo Consiglio, wife of Sally...



You have entered a time warp. Sally's has not changed.
You will still find the boy's Rick and Bobby.
Rick may be taking care of customers while Bobby is in the back making pizza.
Sister Ruth will always be working hard.
Flo Consiglio, their mother,
 will be making sure everything is just right.

And you know what?

It always is....

Ruth,Rick and Bobby Consiglio: Sally's Apizza
Ruth, Rick, Bobby and Flo Consiglio of Sally's Apizza


Sally's is an incredible place.

They make incredible pizza...

Visit Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut

Wooster Street sign in New Haven Connecticut


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