Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

Sally's Apizza Fans Speak Out

Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

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In Memoriam: Flo Consiglio Passes Away.

Here is Pizza Therapy's Tribute to Flo:


Story in the New Haven Register



Sally's Fans are Dedicated to Sally's Apizza!
(Don't even try to tell them there is better pizza!)

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Flo Consiglio, owner of Sally's Apizza
Flo Consiglio, owner of Sally's Apizza!

(In a conversation, Flo told me Frank Sinatra 
was a a real gentleman as well a big fan of Sally's
"He wrote us a wonderful letter for the 50th anniversary of Sally's!")

You can see my exclusive interview with
Flo Consiglio of Sally's Apizza,
See the Sally's Video Click Me

  • Johanna says: The Sauce is fresh, light, has a great sweet tomato flavor. The mozzarella  cheese is fresh and juicy.
    The crust is thin and crunchy and has the right amount of char....OMG it is just wonderful!!!!
  • raygur reminds: "The pizza is so great because of the combination of the sauce
    and the crust. The atmosphere adds to it too."

  • Angelo Cocco explains: " What makes this pizza so special is the legacy Sal Consiglio
    left to his son's Bobby and Rick, his daughter, Ruth and his loving wife Flo. Together this team of pizza geniuses carry forward the long cherished tradition of serving the finest pizza in the world. Ingredients and ovens can be bought, but Sal Consiglio's reputation for pizza excellence is priceless.

Ruth, Rick, Bobby and Flo Consiglio, a pizza family at Sally's Apizza.
Ruth, Rick, Bobby and Flo Consiglio in front of the famous coal fired oven at Sally's Apizza.


  • smh simply says: "Sauce & crust"

  • cwf writes: "The combination of exceptionally thin layers of each ingredient, dough, sauce, cheese. You can eat half a sheet pan of this huge pizza and still be hungry for more."

  • Casey and Brandon explain: "It was such a large pie, with the freshest tomatoes...I
    believe they grow them in their own garden on Wooster St. GREAT PIE"

  • R. says:  "The crust is perfect. The sauce is addictive with some unknown mixture. The total combination is, very "orgasmic". 

  • jbar explains: "Sally's is the best! But go to Pepe's so the wait at Sally's gets shorter. At Sally's expect to wait at least an hour, but if there is any pizza worth the wait, it's Sally's!"
  • ggingold states: "The oven, the sauce and of course the crust."
  • top guy contends: "Sally's Pizza (or 'Apizza' as they call it), in New Haven, Connecticut, is the apotheosis of pizza. There is simply nothing like it on the planet, including Pepe's down the street. I have been eating at Sally's as long as I can remember--well over 40 years. Everything about it is special--the thin crust that's not crackly-dry, the wonderful sauce, the charcoal flavor from that magical oven."
  • Mike claims: "Sally's is the best! (Better than Pepe's) The coal brick ovens make all the difference. Anyone in the New Haven area must sample some of the tastes on Wooster Street, where the American pizza was born! Be sure to top it off with Libby's Italian Ice!"

Getting pizza from the famous coal fired oven at Sally's!
Getting pizza from the famous coal fired oven at Sally's!

  •  drewman loves Sally's and Pepe's : "Going to Wooster St. in New Haven is one of the best experiences you will ever have. Whether you eat at Sally's or Pepe's, this is the greatest pizza on earth. Why else would thousands wait in line for hours, year after year? Try and get there in the early afternoon if you can. It's good to experiment with different pies: Pepe's white clam, fresh grated Parmesan, special (everything) are excellent starters. Sally's makes a pie with sliced fresh tomatoes and garlic that is wonderful. It is also customary to go to Libby's Pastry Shop (next to Pepe's) for gelato and Italian ice after you have eaten pizza. Would highly recommend the eating experience on Wooster St. in New Haven to anyone. Rivals any place in the world."
  • aarcourt remarks: "I think Sally's is a bit better than Pepe's and Modern because it is a bit thinner and the crusts are burned to perfection. Also, the best pepperoni in town. No real ambience here, they don't need it."
  • Garry Trudeau (Doonesbury) loves Sally's. He has a signed cartoon on Sally's wall of Zonker Harris eating a Sally's Pizza.
    (The same picture is on the "Sally's T-shirt!")

Albert with a Sally's Apizza
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter with a Sally's Apizza!


  • Andy proclaims: "Yes (the sauce, the crust, the cheese, the toppings, everything)."
  • Gail describes: "Sally's makes the best "sauce only" pizza and the best "fresh tomato and basil" pizza when the tomatoes are in season. Another favorite is black olive and fresh garlic. The coal burning oven is the secret (as well as with Pepe's). The oven is lit early in the morning and it takes 8 - 9 hours to heat properly.

    However, the downside of Sally's is the service that you receive as a customer. The waiters are not in any hurry to please you and they don't think that they have to because the pizza is so wonderful!"

Frank Sinatra's autographed portrait at Sally's Apizza!
Frank Sinatra's autographed portrait at Sally's Apizza!
(Frank loved Sally's Pizza)


  • Anonymous contends: "Best sauce I have ever tasted. Friendly waiters."
  • Hubbard remarks: "The sauce, crust, and the service are all  good.."
  • roym proclaims: "I live in San Francisco, but go to Sally's every time I am in Connecticut.  Hands down the best, and do not try to tell me Pepe's or Modern in New Haven is comparable, it simply isn't!"
  • ABSOLUTcourt4 dictates:"...I have grown up with Pepe's and Sally's. I've always heard that it's the best in the entire world, better than that of Italy, but I guess it never sunk in...
    New York ain't got NOTHING on New Haven. Trust me."
  • s2kdrvr  explains: "Just like after a visit to Disney World you'll never be satisfied by another amusement park. After a visit to 
    Sally's Apizza in New Haven, Connecticut, you'll never be satisfied by a pizza from anywhere else again! In particular, Sally's pepperoni pizza is one of life's great pleasures. If you have the chance to try Sally's, DON'T PASS IT UP!"
  • davidmadden explicates: "Sauce is great, the crust I have never had the equal, service leaves a bit to be desired. I spent three years of my childhood about an hour from New Haven. We would wait in line 1-2 hours in all kinds of weather to get the pizza. Great memories, when we go back to Ct. to visit relatives we go to Sally's."

"Making pizza at Sally's Apizza!"
"Making pizza at Sally's Apizza!"


  • revjana shouts: "I drive from Cleveland to eat at Sally's!"
  • garybergs contends: "Without a doubt...Sally's is THE best pizza in the world. It's not just the pie, it's the people." 
  • jimbelmont raves: "Thin chewy crust; basic tomato sauce, quality cheese. 800+F oven temp.!" 
  • lablover cites: "I grew up on Sally's pizza. It's the best. I have traveled extensively and now live in the Seattle are. No other city has better pizza than New Haven and Sally's is the TOPS there. Pepe's and Modern come close though."
  • uzpeep states: "The sauce, the crust, the oven, the tomato taste enhanced by the coal oven..."
  • ada advises: "Real thin and burned on bottom. Yummy."
  • jimcski says: "Everything!!!!!!"
  • gary confesses: "The pictures of Sally's brought tears to my eyes. I haven't had a good pie in months and I'm starting to have dreams about a Wooster Street Clam pie. I would stand in line outside on the street for hours on end right now.... I have relocated to Seattle for work..."

"I explain the following facts (although some may no longer be true): 

  • Sally's is open from 5 pm to 10 pm daily except on Monday's. 
  • It does not serve lunch. 
  • It serves thin-crust pizza exclusively.
  •  No salads, no calzones, no pasta, no pan pizza. 
  • It serves no hard liquor or wine. It serves two varieties of beer, bottle only and no beer on tap. 
  • It serves generic soda and no Coke or Pepsi.
  •  It does not serve by the slice. 
  • It does not deliver. 
  • Parking is difficult at best and sometimes one must park 1/4 mile away. 
  • Sally's has never had a special or discount prices nor has it ever offered coupons, ever. 
  • The interior is not elegant in any way and looks today much like it looked 50 years ago. 
  • The wait staff is not the friendliest, and when a waiter comes to your table you better be ready to order or the waiter will leave and not come back for 20 minutes. 
  • And, to top it all off, there is never less than a one to two hour wait to get into the establishment and often another 30-45 minutes to finally get your pizza. 
  • Often the wait is outside in the dead of winter. 

Just imagine any pizza place in Ohio, Florida, Texas or any other part of the country or world! If they initiated all the conditions above, how soon would they go out of business."


  • crippledamus  reports: "The sauce, crust, oven, family and history, I live on Wooster Street and my father worked there as a kid, simply the best in the world."
  • Anne and Ron explain: "Think of the best Italian restaurant you can, with the highest quality marinara sauce; now put that sauce on brick baked dough that's like no other dough you've ever tasted and you've got only a semblance of what Sally's pizza is like. In fact, the crust is like none other you've ever eaten; it's a scrumptious, delicious meal in itself."

Albert Grande and Flo Consiglio at Sally's

Albert Grande with Flo Consiglio

  • Ron also tells this tale: "Some years ago, my brother-in-law was visiting from England, and of course, we made the pilgrimage to that holiest of pizza sites on Wooster St. Well recently, Alan went on a business trip to Rome, and raved about the absolutely impeccable ristorantes and pizzerias there. Then I popped him the question: "But in all truth Alan, how did those pizzas compare with Sally's?" His answer was expected: "I would have to say, Sally's was a notch above the Rome pizzas, even though they were great."
  • datcha repeats: "Everything."
  • jayspilot retorts: "the sauce, the crust, the whole experience is great..."
  • Angelo reports: "What makes this pizza so special is the legacy Sal Consiglio left to his son's Bobby and Rick, his daughter, Ruth and his loving wife Flo. Together this team of pizza geniuses carry forward the long cherished tradition of serving the finest pizza in the world. Ingredients and ovens can be bought, but Sal Consiglio's reputation for pizza excellence is priceless."
  • Anonymous says: "Nothing new to add about what makes Sally's so special. Lucky me, I grew up outside of New Haven, so Sally's was the best of many fine pizza places. We still try to make a pilgrimage there when ever we can. My wife pretty strictly follows a low carb. diet and Sally's pizza is one of the few exceptions she makes. P>S> It's as good as it was 30 years ago!"
  • joey jojo comments: "This pizza is the greatest pizza ever. Sure you may say pizza is pizza but after you try Sally's you will know what i am talking about. Flo, it is fantastic".
  • bobrow says: "It's just perfect."
  • aglaia reports: "I can't explain it. All the ingredients combined just make perfection. My family has been going to Sally's for 50+ years. We have a thing called the "orgasm." There are usually a couple on each piza, it is one bite in particular where everything tastes even better and basically melts in your mouth. We've been going for so long, we can spot the piece that will have that "orgasm" bite."
  • Anonymous whispers: "It's not the service that will make people wait for hours!!!!"
  • j. vecchio proclaims: "This is an experience like no other. It is food for the Gods! Can't really explain what makes it so just have to experience it."
  • dekh contends: "Crust...crust...and then of course the sauce!"

A Sally's Apizza pizza!

  • Jjimcski extols: "Sauce, dough, cooking style EVERYTHING"
  • Stacy states: "I'm definitely Sally's fan, but I understand you try to stay out of this debate! I've had a lot of fun waiting on line-- if you can imagine that. People are very
    friendly sharing the wait etc. Lots of pizza talk. People that don't understand
    think it's crazy to wait on line. There is a great waiter there. His name is Lorenzo."
  • fenwick shouts: "The crust is the best in the world!!!! And remember, they don't
    automatically put mozz on your pizza- you have to order it. But
    try a pie without it- a bacon and onion, no mozz is awesome!!!"
  • mikeboyce says: I've been going here for 35 years, and have tried pizza all
    over the world....nothing compares!

    1. The original coal fired brick oven
    2. The "fresh daily" sauce
    3. The fresh ground cheese
    6. The broccoli rabe & sausage "seasonal" pie
    7. The experience of waiting in line
    8. the burnt corn meal and oil that stains your hands
    9. Watching rookies take their seat before they've been told,
    and then sitting there and not getting any service
    10. Sinatra on the juke box

Our friend Gail got some water from Sally's and made a pizza.
She won $25,000 for her pizza recipe using water from the Ladies Room at Sally's!

You can hear the interview here, or down load at the link below.

The $25,000 Pizza Recipe Interview
How our friend Gail won a $25,000 contest on the Food Network for her pizza recipe.
She also shares many of her pizza secrets.  (Link opens in new window)


The famous Wooster Streer Sign, New Haven Connecticut from
The Famous Wooster Street Sign, New Haven, Connecticut

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 Pepe's Fans are also loyal!

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