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Poached Pears in Sauternes

Pizza on Earth, Good Wiil to All!

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This recipe will show you a unique way to enjoy pears!



Poached Pears in Sauternes- from MY own PERSONAL home dish

For a nice ending to an elegant meal I take pears, cut them in half and poach them in a GOOD Sauternes wine with whole cloves and a piece of cinnamon. While this is slowly poaching(until just soft) I take puff pastry and cut it into ovals and bake it.

It will puff up into a nice oval shape. remove and cool. When the pears are done carefully remove them and put each half on each puff pastry oval and carefully and lightly slice each pear across from one end to another. Meanwhile make a simple syrup with sugar and water until it turns into caramel.

Be very careful near the end so it doesn't burn. When it starts to turn brown, remove from the heat, add crème fraiche and unsalted butter until its all mixed together with the caramel and drizzle the caramel sauce all around the pear but not on it.

The idea is to not mask the food with the sauce but to use the sauce as an accompaniment only. This is how all sauces need to be served not used as a cover-up to any dish.

Pears ready to be poached....


Watch as Chef Keith creates Poached Pears..


The ingredients needed for poached pears are readily available in any supermarket.

When you make poached pears in your own kitchen, you will make friends...


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