Leann all about pizza at pizzatherapy.com


Leann all about pizza at pizzatherapy.com

Is pizzatherapy.com for sale?

The Internet community is in awe at the price of the pizza domain...

pizza.com sold for 2.6 million....therapy.com is now on the auction block.

OK, I admit it: I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but that started me thinking...

Two incredible domains are worth millions. How about if you combined both domains into one domain? You really are getting two extremely valuable web properties for the price of one.


What does that mean to a website which combines two domains in a multi-billion dollar industry?

It could mean some serious cash.


I was part of a group of silent partners (very silent), who put together a bid to purchase pizza.com. Now check this out: the bidding started at $100.00

Hey, a hundred bucks for the mother of all pizza sites? We threw our hat in the ring immediately. I really thought we would win the auction, but when the smoke cleared....well you know the ending of the story.


I decided to create a video to answer all speculation. pizzatherapy.com could be for sale. I have been approached several times to license the name.

You can hear the final offer and what really happened when the gavel fell down on pizza.com

You may be shocked:

So here is the bottom line.

Is pizzatherapy.com really for sale?

Of course not.

It's still nice to speculate what you could do with a million bucks...

Pizza on Earth, Good will to All!

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