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Pizza News, March, 2009
 Part 2
(Volume X No. 3 Issue 2)
(ISSN: 1533-3795)   

 Pizza on Earth,
Good Will to All!

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1) What's New? Legends of Pizza, Volume 3
Evelyn Sloman: The Lost Interviews Part 2
2) Pizza Vending Machines: Lew's Cenotti's Pie-O-Matic
3) Jan's Outstanding Pizza

4) Lew Cenotti's Pie-O-Matic

(From: http://www.lulen.com/pie-o-matic.html)


1. What's New? Legends of Pizza, Volume 3
Evelyn Sloman: The Lost Interviews Part 2

Evelyn Sloman: Master Pizzaiolo

I'm very excited to share with you Part of Legends of Pizza Volume 3 Parts 1 and 2

Legends of Pizza, Volume 1 and 2 e-Book from pizzatherapy.com

The Legends of Pizza e-Book.
(Contains exact transcripts of Legends of Pizza, Volume 1 and 2)
PLUS Links to all pizza resources discussed

Legends of Pizza ® Volume 1 will be unlike anything you have ever read. You will learn, and explore hidden areas of pizza beliefs and knowledge. Never before have these Legends of Pizza® been given such a forum. You will be inspired. You will smile. You will gain pizza power. You will be engaged. You will discover things about pizza you never knew or imagined.

Read The Legends of Pizza e-Book.
(Contains transcripts of all interviews from Volume 1 and 2)

Legends of PizzaVolume 1

Legends of Pizza Volume 2

Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2
Legends of Pizza Volume 4

Tony Gemignani, Seven time World Pizza Champion and Legend of Pizza.
Tony Gemignani

John Arena

Listen to the Evelyn Sloman Interview Part 1

Listen to Part 1: Here
(Will take you to the last issue of Pizza News)

  • In Part 1 Evelyn gives an entire history of pizza
  • She dispels a number of myths about where pizza actually originated
  • She also discusses her book "Pizza", which is unfortunately out of print.
  • What were the early influences of pizza
  • How the development of pizza happened simultaneously
  • What she discovered from Italian-American cooks who made different variations of pizza

Listen to Part 1: Here

Listen to the Evelyn Sloman Interview Part 2 Below

  • Evelyn discusses how pizza came to the United States
  • She explains how she gained her knowledge about how to make pizza
  •  Who was the very first pizzaiolo in the United States
  • Why bread baking is closely related to pizza making
  • How U.S. pizza is different from Italian pizza
  • What is the "Lombardi Formula"
  • What did Evelyn learn from the Jerry Totonno and Jerry Lombardi
  • How the skill of pizza making "flowed out of Lombardi's and Totonno's fingers"
  • How to "listen to the dough"
  • Why the Italians give their dough a "rest"


Thank you so much Evelyn: You are a Legend of Pizza!


Evelyn's latest
Cook Book


by Evelyn Sloman is out of prin
 (If you can find a copy: grab it! It is a priceless book!)

The Pizza Book: Everything There is to Know About the World's Greatest Pie,
 Evelyn Sloman
[Times Books: New York] 1984


Evelyn Sloman is referenced in this New York Cookbook    

2) Pizza Vending Machines

pizza Vending machine from pizzatherapy.com


Marty sent me the following article from the New York Times about Pizza Vending Machines in Italy.
"Is Europe bringing back the automat? Claudio Torghele hopes so.
Over the last decade, Mr. Torghele, 56, an entrepreneur in this northern Italian city who first made money selling pasta in California, has developed a vending machine that cooks pizza. The machine does not just slip a frozen pizza into a microwave. It actually whips up flour, water, tomato sauce and fresh ingredients to produce a piping hot pizza in about three minutes..."
The article goes on to explain how through various testing different devices the developers were able to create a viable machine that will actually make pizzas...
You can read the entire article here.
Thanks so much, Marty.
 There was one pizzaiolo who was light years ahead of his time. He made great pizza and he invented the first pizza vending machine ever produced.
The pie-o-matic...
His name is Lou Cenotti of Lew's Apizza in West Haven, Connecticut.

Side view of Lew Cenotti's Pie-O-Matic

Lew Cenotti making pizza.

I had talked about Lew in the the May 2004 issue of Pizza News.
Here's what I said:
I wish I had met Lew Cenotti. He was a famous pizza maker from West Haven, Connecticut who made pizza from 1950's-1978. His pizzeria "Lew's Apizza" served legendary pizzas and incredible subs. I know I would have enjoyed our conversations. He was a dedicated father, husband and pizza professional. His wife, Louise, was known as "Mrs. Lew!"

"One of Lew's many accomplishments in addition to the first frozen pizza, was the first Pizza Vending Machine. The machine, which actually created pizza before your eyes, was featured at the "World's Fair". This machine made pizza which was a smaller version of the pizza served at "Lew's Apizza".

You can view more pictures and read all about the "Pie-O-Matic" Pizza machine at this link:

Lew Cenotti's Pie-O-Matic

(Or Read Below)

Mrs. Lew with a pizza.

Lew's Apizza, West Haven Connecticut

Lew's Apizza is in the
 Pizza Therapy Hall of Fame

Sadly the family got out of the Pizza Business.
I want to thank all of the Cenotti's for sharing this wonderful story




3) Jan's Outstanding Pizza

Jan writes:

Hi Albert,
EXCELLENT! That's how my dough turned out.

 I thought I had perfected my recipe over several years but I must say yours took my pizza to a new level.

 I added the oil which I had never done before and the crust was lighter and less filing.

 My wife also thought it tasted better. I think my dough is always best if made a day ahead, plus I bake the pie for about 5 minutes before adding ingredients so the pizza it's never doughy.

Think I got that tip and my recipe from Gourmet Magazine years ago.
So thanks much for the recipe, I'll be ordering your e-book.

Jan's Amazing Pizza

Fantastic Pizza from Jan

Jan's Mushroom Pizza



The Pie-O-Matic is from



Dateline: Mid 1950s - 132 Middletown Avenue, North Haven CT...
Lew Cenotti shown above with his invention, the worlds first Pizza Vending Machine. Keep in mind, this machine which was invented by Lew in the mid 1950's, was featured at the Worlds Fair, and has yet to be duplicated some decades later.

Lew went on to create and market what was, to the best of my knowledge, the world first frozen pizza, which was sold in grocery stores under the “Pizza King” label.

Some years later, Lew became well known for making the best tasting pizza in all of West Haven, which is located in Connecticut, at “Lew's Apizza”. The family pizzeria was owned and operated by Lew and his lovely wife Louise who provided him with all the love and support that a man could ask for as well as 3 sons, Lenny, Phil and Steve.

Lew also created the extremely popular “Atomic Sub”, similar to today's calzone, but better tasting and always freshly baked when ordered using Lew's hand tossed dough. It was a big seller at Lew's Apizza.

While Lew Cenotti only had what amounted to an eighth grade formal education, he was a man well ahead of his time as his accomplishments mentioned above shows, but he was also Spiritually way ahead of his time. The Spiritual Truths he spoke about, and tried to teach us, his sons, as well as others so many years ago have just become accepted and popular by people all over the world only during the past few years, and many are getting rich giving seminars and selling tapes teaching what Lew taught anyone willing to listen (regrettably most weren’t) for free.

I have yet to this very day, been able to find a pizza that tastes even half as good, both the crust and the toppings, and is anywhere near as large as one of his, or a pizza restaurant that has the wonderful aromas of his fresh baking bread, large meatballs, and the best pizza sauce I ever tasted.




It really did work too. You put in your coins, If I remember correctly, it was about seventy five cents, chose the type of pizza you wanted by pushing the corresponding button, and before you knew it you had a delicious, mouth watering real pizza, which of course was a bit smaller than what you got in Lew's pizzeria.




Here you can see a very small portion of the inside of the pizza machine. It was pretty complex for it's time, although you can’t really appreciate that due to the quality and age of these photos. Also, they were taken with a camera that wasn’t exactaly state-of-the-art equipment even at that time.

The Pie-O-Matic is from


Here is Lew's Obituary:

Birth: Aug. 11, 1911, Italy
Death: Jan. 6, 1991
West Haven
New Haven County
Connecticut, USA

Lewis Cenotti was the son of Angelo and Maria Cenotti and was born in Caiazzo, Italy on August 11, 1911. He lived in West Haven, Connecticut for 60 years.
He was a World War Two Army Veteran, serving in the Pacific war zone with the 502nd Medical Hospital Ship.
Mr. Cenotti, who retired in 1978 as owner of Lew's Apizza in West Haven for 20 years, invented a pizza vending machine in the 1950's and also founded Pie-O-Matic Corp. in North Haven, Ct.
Besides his wife, Louise, he leaves three sons, Lewis "Lenny" Cenotti of Orange, California, Philip Cenotti of Lake Elsinore, California, and Steven Cenotti of West Haven, Ct; and a brother, Stephen Cenotti of Hamden.
He was predeceased by a sister, Angela Cenotti; and two brothers, John and Domini Cenotti.

Lew's Family


The Cenotti Family

The Cenotti Family

Lew and Mrs. Lew

Lew and Mrs. Lew

God Bless you Lew. and thank you for all of the joy you brought to people making your pizza!


Olive Oil




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