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1. Fed Ex Pizza: Shipping Pizza

2. The Pizza Challenge: The Food Network Delivers

3. Getting Your Slice of the Pie: Investing in!

4. Pizza Technique: The Case of the Shrinking Dough



Pizza on Earth!
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1. FedEx Pizza: Shipping Pizza

Gary Asks:

I would like to FedEx my favorite Pizza to someone on the other
side of the country.... Do you have any suggestions on how to do this???

Thank you!!

Our Response:

Hi Gary!

One of the most inexpensive shippers of pizza is Flying Pizza! They will ship Eddie's famous New York City Pizzas, to almost anywhere in the U.S. The price is a reasonable$64.92 for 4 pizzas. The pizzas are shipped frozen. They have free shipping. (Except to Hawaii where they add $15.00). Their motto is:
"Get it, heat it, eat it!"

I spoke to a Fed Ex employee who said overnight delivery of a pizza (or any package) starts at $173. Seems a little steep to me! For that price, you might as well get a plane ticket and deliver the pizza yourself!

Clients have written us to say that  to transport pizza, they individually wrapped the slices, froze them and packed the slices in a cold pack cooler. The results were satisfactory.

For the record, Sally's Apizza and Pepe's (of New Haven, Connecticut), do not ship their pizza.
(We regularly get emails asking about this!)

Pizza on Earth (and FedX and UPS!),



2. The Pizza Challenge: The Food Network Delivers

All right, the Food Network does not deliver pizza, but they do deliver "Pizza Programming". Our friends at the Food Network recently featured a pizza and pasta weekend. The series was fantastic! One of the shows featured a "World Pizza Challenge". This show shot in Italy, featured a "dough-tossing extravaganza".

Another incredible episode was the "Pizza Battle". This showdown took place in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland (home of the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame") reportedly has more pizzerias per capita, than any other location in the world!

The "Pizza Battle" was between five two-man teams from California, Chicago, New York, Ohio and the South! Each round, had one member making a pizza, while the other team member tossed pizza dough while bopping around. Kind of a "bake and shake!"

The panel of judges were an outstanding lineup of pizza professionals. Included was legendary pizza man, Big Dave Ostrender, Famous Italian Chef Mario Batali, and Ed Levine, author of Pizza: A Slice of Heaven!

(By the way, check out this link for: Pizza: A Slice of Heaven!  
I paid $25.00
for it at a big box book store. You can get it for $16.47!
This is a fantastic pizza book!!!
If you love pizza, you will love:
Pizza: A Slice of Heaven! )

The Pizza Battle teams all put on outstanding performances. The pizzas created were amazing. Each pie was an original and seemed to take pizza making  to the next level! The pizza acrobatics were Olympian! If you do not subscribe to the Food Network, that is OK. You may not be able to watch, but you can still check out the pizza recipes!

Read about both show reviews and recipes at this link:,2495,FOOD_20077,00.html



3. Getting Your Slice of the Pie: Investing in!

Al-Haji Mustapha Asks:


I am Al-Haji Mustapha Zamani, Chairman of the National Energy Committee under the Ministry Of Lands, Mines and Energy in Liberia. First and foremost, I apologized using this medium to reach you for a proposal of this magnitude, but this is due to confidentiality and prompt access reposed on this medium.


An associate and I are interested in investing in any viable Industry in your country. I would appreciate greatly if you can give me an insight into business and possibility of nationalizing in your country as we intend doing in the nearest future. We are capable of financing multi million dollar projects or investments if only we can be guaranteed of fair-play, equity and total transparent partnership.

I wait in anticipation of your fullest co-operation. However, I am available to entertain any question/s concerning the clarity of this transaction.

Yours faithfully.

Our Response:

Hello Al-Haji. Thanks so much for writing. Frankly, we are quite flattered you desire to invest millions in We don't blame you for your enthusiasm! We are an international pizza portal with far reaching goals and objectives.

At this time, however, we are not soliciting any investors When we launch our Initial Public Offering (in the near future), you can be sure you will be foremost on our contact list!

In the meantime, we invite you to ponder the following.

Have you considered the pizza industry?
As you know the pizza industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.
We suggest you purchase:
Getting Your Slice of the Pie  
An incredible well of information for the Pizza business!

For additional pizza business resources, please visit our
Pizza Business Page!

We have created many valuable links and tips, just for you!

Alright, the pizza business is not for everyone. Pizza may not be your thing.

Have you considered ebay? Perhaps the National Energy Committee has some used office equipment or supplies. An old manual typewriter or a used copy machine can fetch lots of money if marketed properly.
Maybe one of the members has a collection of comic books or beanie babies they want to turn in to cash.
If you want to try ebay, you need a roadmap which outlines all the twists, turns and inside secrets of the business.

We have created an ebay resource page, just for you:
Visit our
Auction Resource Page!


How about writing an ebook? This may be your ticket to unlimited wealth.
you ever thought about getting into business on the Internet, Al-Haji,
you need to check out Jim Edward':

Each of our resources are well worth the small investment to you and your partners!

We wish you the best of luck in all of your business ventures! We know your investments will pay off!

Pizza on Earth to you, Al-Haji!



Pizza Books and Pizza Music:

Also any online book in the universe!
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order Many Books
and Music Choices!)



4. Pizza Technique: The Case of the Shrinking Dough

Jeanie (who recently purchased a copy of our
 "World Famous Pizza and Dough Recipe" at )

I have a technique question for you, if you have a moment. . . I have been using another pizza dough recipe for years which is very tasty. However, I have a devil of a time forming my pizzas -- the dough just keeps shrinking
back each time I roll it out. I've tried rolling it and waiting, then rolling some more with limited success, but it's a little
frustrating. The dough just doesn't cooperate. Do you think it could be the recipe or a
technique problem? A friend said that he never uses sugar in his pizza
dough recipe and it rolls out fine -- I never heard of using yeast without even a little bit of sugar, though.

Our Response:

Great question Jeanie.

Let's first talk about the dough. There are many dough recipes that use no sugar at all. I think they are fine! I say whatever
works for you. I have used this recipe for many years and tried countless variations. This one seems to work for me. I think
you should use whatever recipe works for you. Play with it a bit, experiment. I think all of the recipes are good. You need
to find one that is good for you.

Now as far as stretching the dough: many people have written to me over the years saying I should not use a rolling pin to
stretch out my dough. It seems easier to use a rolling pin.

(I have been using my fingers and hands to form and stretch the dough more and more lately, though.)

What kind of flour are you using?
I use a mixture of half bread flour and half all purpose.
It may be the flour. Are you using high gluten? This may a little harder to stretch out.

Are you letting the dough rise a bit and rest before you try to stretch it out?

What I find with my flour is to roll it out a little bit bigger than I want it and
then it will stretch out to where I want it.

Jeanie replies:

I just wanted to let you know that I made the BEST PIZZAS EVER on Friday night! The dough came out smooth, pliable and beautiful! I did as you suggested and used half bread flour and half regular flour! I took my time and made four thin
crusts as you suggested and I found that they didn't shrink up like I had experienced before!

My husband and kids were amazed!

Our Response:

Thank you very much Jeanie!

Pizza on Earth, to you!


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"Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!"

That's it for this issue of "Pizza News!" 

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

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