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Best Pizza Books: The Holy Trinity plus one, of Pizza Books is reviewed here: Peter Reinhart's American Pie, Ed Levine's A Slice of Heaven, Penny Pollack and Jeff Ruby's Everybody Loves Pizza and pizza, by Diane Morgan and Tony Gemignani.
200,000 Pizza Lovers Can't Be Wrong- But I want a Million! Help me with my pizza mission. Watch this video and please share it. Thanks.
Best Pizza Movies of All time: I review the Best Pizza Movies ever made. My choices are certainly outside of the pizza box. I also give an honorable mention to Julia Robert's Mystic Pizza.
Difara's Video Series: Nobody makes pizza like Dom Demarco. A dedicated pizzaiolo. Simply amazing pizza.
How to peel garlic- Related to onions, shallots and leeks, garlic is a magical ingredient. Here is an easy step by step method to peel garlic.
How Frank Pepe Started in the Pizza Business: Watch this incredible story as Gary Bimonte explains how Frank Pepe started on his amazing pizza journey...
How Frank Pepe invented the Clam Pizza: A true story as told by Gary Bimonte, Frank Pepe's grandson
How to Make Pizza Dough from In this video I will show you a simple method to make pizza dough. I don't pretend that it is the best recipe, but it is a good starting point to get some experience to make pizza dough.
Ingredients to make pizza dough: This video discusses the simple ingredients you need to make pizza dough. You can make a great dough with simply, flour, salt, yeast and water. There are other optional ingredients that I use.
Italian Pizza Video: Step by step how to make pizza. Easy and its fun.
Jon F. Discusses Grandmother's Pizza: Jon F. takes the Pizza Promoter into his kitchen to talk about pizza made by the Pizza Lady form Pawcatuck, Connecticut. This pizza reminded me of pizza I had as a kid in Rhode Island.
Naturally Risen: One of the most incredible pizza films ever made. This film by Michael Evans, honors Anthony Mangieri and his Pizzeria. Una Pizza Napoletana. If you like pizza, you need to watch this film..
Pepe's Video:  Come with me as I visit Fank Pepe's Pizzeria Napolitano. See an actual Pepe's pizza being made, and listen to an exclusive interview with Frank Pepe grandson, Gary Bimonte. Also get up close and personal with the legendary coal fired oven.
Sally's Video: This is an exclusive interview with Flo Consiglio, wife of Salvatore Consiglio. Sally's looks very much the same as it always has. Some things never change. For that I am grateful. Thanks Flo.
Sauce or Gravy: I am not even going to get in the middle of this one. Here is my take on making Spaghetti Sauce/ Gravy...
Vast Collection of Pizza Related Videos from You Tube is featured here
Una Pizzeria Di Napoli: Here is a step by step video of how to make pizza, directly from Italy.
The Art of the Mini Pizza: Alicia Kamalei Grande, The Little Chef, gives a lesson in making pizza. This is: pizzatherapy, the Next Generation...
The True Story of Pizza Therapy:  Here is the back-story behind Pizza Therapy.

More Pizza Videos of Interest

America's Stories Visits Pepe's and Abate's on Wooster Street. An incredible film about pizza.
Chicago Deep Dish with Anthony Bourdain: Bourdain gives his own unique twist on Chicago Deep Dish
Firing a Forno Bravo Wood Oven: From our friends at Forno Bravo, the art of the wood fired oven
Grilling Pizza with Kathy Lentine- Kathy shows you an easy method to grill pizza.
How to make pizza from the sub-zero team of experts presented by Sub-Zero and Wolf
How to Peel A Potato With Dawn Wells (Mary Ann of Gilligan's Island)
Perfect Slice: I do not really see the need for this product. But what do I know?
Peter Reinhart: Preparing the Hearth for Baking Bread:  A wonderful companion to his book: This new book by Reinhart is incredible!
Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day.
Peter Reinhart: Shaping Boule: In this video Peter talks about how to work with a very wet dough.
Peter Reinhart: The Stretch and Fold Technique:  This video may be my very favorite in the entire series. Peter Reinhart reveals his stretch and fold technique.
Pizza Funk: Heatbox just rocks the house with this amazing story of being attacked by slices of pizza....
Sausage and Egg Pizza from Chef John: An incredible pizza adventure
Steve Leiber Wins Best Pizza Contest: Celebrate with Steve as you look at some of the entries to the World's Best Pizza Contest
Pizza Therapy Dot Com for Sale?: The truth is that everyone has a price...or is there more to this story?


Pizza Therapy is all about pizza. You will discover resources how to make pizza and where to find the Best Pizza in the World.

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