Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

Pepe's Fans Speak Out,

Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

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Pepe's Fans are Loyal!
(Don't even try to tell them there is better pizza!)

The Famous Coal Oven at Pepe's Pizzeria
The famous coal fired oven at Pepe's Pizzeria!


Pizza Therapy visitors speak out about Pepe's!
Here are some of the many, many comments we have received
about what makes Pepe's special?

  • Jason shares: "...the crust is very unique and difficult to duplicate...."
  • Molly dictates: The crust is perfectly thin, cripsy chewy...the real mozz is perfect and the San Marzano tomato sauce tastes was cooked to perfection, well worth the road trip I would go back a million times...
  • Eric contends: A perfect balance of flavors, just the right balance of the right toppings. Proper disciplined methods, and quality of ingredients are all crucial. Intense heat is the ultimate deciding factor.
  • Bruno reports: "This place is great, I've been twice, once in the pouring rain and once in the
    freezing cold, both times hoping that the weather conditions would make for a short line. I couldn't have been more WRONG. These pizza fanatics will face any conditions for this famous Pepe's pizza!"

Click here to see The Pepe's Video, from

  • Chris explains:"Pepe's uses the freshest sauce and toppings to accent a perfect crispy dough. The
    restaurant itself is a great place to enjoy amazing pizza with friends or family. The best in the world."
  • Big Chuck laments: "Everything, the line on a summer evening is as almost as enjoyable as the pizza
    itself, the anticipation is evident. the service, or lack there of makes you realize how good the pizza must be to keep you coming back. and then it comes to your table the best pie(s) you will ever taste.
  • gchild reflects: Nothing comes close! The first bite is almost better than sex. The crust, the sauce, the cheese, the pepperoni, yum. Sadly we now live in Indiana but as I write this my wife is plotting a Pepe's visit and a method to bring some home for me. Oh yeah, ask my two kids about " I coulda made it!"
  • Jack Shalack remembers: "The crust is out of this world, I love the crispiness of it, and yet its not greasy like most other places. From the plain cheese to the clam sauce, its all amazing! I've been out on the west coast for13 yrs, just suffering, and I am going back east, its all I can think about!"

  • Katie Yanzo states: "Everything is amazing-- I love the white clam, I love the  crust, I love the pepperoni-- it is thick and it curls up at the edges---yum!!!! I crave pizza whenever I think about Pepe's, it is perfection."
  • bgrhm implies: "I grew up in Connecticut and used to go to Pepe's once a week. Best pizza ever!!!"
  • emily explains: "Stove, crust ,sauce, fresh ingredients."

  • jklhol recounts: "Read your website I agree, Pepe's is just the real deal."
  • ingobrun reveals: "the crust, especially the bubbles in the crust.  I grew up in  New Haven, and Pepe's is the be all end all pizza..."

  • linnemann reports: "The Pizza at Pepe's is so good I moved to Wooster Square just  to be closer to it.  I now go several times a week and am close to obtaining Nirvana."
  • mike says: "Sauce, crust, topping".
  • rramonas writes: "Best pizza in the world."
  • myryan comments: "I've eaten apizza from coast to coast and in Italy and have found none better. Though living in PA for the past 30 years several trips a year to Wooster Street each summer are traditional. The crust can't be beaten. I am a loyal fan!"
  • NissNiss states: "The whole deal - Mozzarella and the clam."
  • OYEVETTE explains: "Tastes better now than when I was a child in the 50's and 60's...I ate so much Pepe's pizza that I had no room to burp. It was almost disgusting....When I was a child, Sal was my waiter and I will never forget Sal, Pepe's or that great pizza!"
  • qcarr adds: "All of the above.  Among the fondest childhood memories I have."
  • chapg contends: "Everything. Authentic thin crust, sauce that is the right balance of sweet & tangy and toppings..."
  • Ravn says: "The sauce, the cheese, the crust. To taste a Pepe's pizza is the ultimate tantalization for the taste buds."
  • Scook shouts: "Absolutely unmatched, anywhere in the US!"
  • Joe claims: "As if you have to ask. I've been going to Pepe's Pizza for 42 years and it's by far the best I have ever had. I still go every week after the hockey games in New Haven. Sausage & Mozzarella. The best".
  • Rkupstis writes: "This place is special because it is reputed to be the original home of pizza in the USA. The ambiance is great and it's fun to stand in line outside as they don't take reservations. In our area it is the pizza against which all other pizza is compared."
  • Pet says: "It has consistency of product. Quality;  the best Neapolitan pie in the U.S., barring none."
  • rnurge states: "Perfect, in every way, - white or red - you can't go wrong."


  • Anonymous writes: "The crust, its all about the crust, the clamtopping drives me nuts."



Official Pepe's Pizza Cutter!
Official Pepe's pizza cutter!
(Extremely rare!)

Close up of Official Pepe's Pizza Cutter!
Close up of Pizza Cutter.

(Pizza Cutter photos courtesy of the 
"Pizza Therapy Pizza Archives and Pizza Museum"
Used by permission. All Rights Reserved)


  • Teague explains: "Tradition!"
  • Katie shares the following:" I'm from New Haven, CT; born and raised. Everything you've heard about New Haven being the best place for pizza? It's all true. Sally's and Pepe's are at the top."
  • Irv agrees: "Katie is absolutely right. New Haven is the za spot of the world. ...It's down to Pepe's and Sally's. Sally's" Their... "tomato pie is so unique a za lover should make the pilgrimage. If you are at Sally's, Pepe's is just about a block away. You have never had a pie until you've had their white clam pie."
  • Michael states: "Albert, You are absolutely RIGHT! Pepe's Pizza in New Haven, CT, is the best pizza in the world. Period."


  • Anonymous contends: "The oven is Legendary. I have eaten at Lombardi's and Grimaldi's in NYC many times. Pepe's far surpasses them. No one make a white clam like Pepe's."

Gary Bimonte using the peel at Pepe's.
Gary Bimonte using the "3 mile long peel" at Pepe's!
(These are the longest peels I have ever seen!)

Gary Bimonte, grandson of Frank Pepe reveals the true story,
"the birth of Pepe's clam pie".
Hear how history was made:

The Legends of Pizza Are Here


  • Suzie B. reports: "Pepe's is the family once traveled 2 hours from upstate NY to New Haven to wait in line for another 2 hours and eat Pepe''s THAT GOOD. And it is the home of pizza in the USA."
  • sqtip relates: "I don't travel two hours to stand in line for another two hours for anything but the best...first pizza place in the plates makes it that much better! 
    And you know it's's not perfectly circular."
  • J. Cerasulo retorts: "EVERYTHING makes this pizza the best in the world. Sausage from a local meat packing place...pop from Foxon Park Co. I mean, seriously, this pizza is NO JOKE
    Without a doubt the best pizza in the world. Nuff said."
  • Harmon exclaims: "They do one thing only and have done it better than anyone else for three quarters of a century. No lasagna, no breadsticks, no salads. Tomato pies, with mootz (pronounced "moots"). I've had the supposed best pizza in New York, in Florence and in Boston, and nothing comes close to Frank Pepe's.


Webmaster Grande meets Gary Bimonte, grandson of Frank Pepe!
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter, webmaster and Gary Bimonte, manager/co-owner of Pepe's. Gary is the grandson of Frank Pepe, (holding pizza), the founder and creator of Pepe's Pizza.
Gary Bimonte: One of the Legends of Pizza!


"Gary was gracious and friendly, as he explained, Pepe's
only uses the freshest mozzarella and other ingredients. 
As you eat Pepe's pizza, this is quite evident!

Here is an exclusive message to all visitors from Gary:

"...I'm happy Pepe's is enjoyed by all. My grandfather (Frank Pepe) would be so happy to see it. It takes a lot of work and dedication to produce a good product for every one to enjoy. 
Thank you for your patronage over the last 75 years..."
Gary Bimonte

Frank Pepe reveals the true story,
"the birth of Pepe's clam pie".
Hear how history was made:

The Legends of Pizza Are Here


(In New Haven, mozzarella is pronounced "mootz"!)


  • Bevy says: I'm Italian (100%) noblidan (neopolitan) and have obviously eaten pizza all my life. I was 39 when I first tried Pepe's
    pizza and I have to admit that since then I cannot eat any other pizza. None  compare, some may come close, but not quite. It is by far the best pizza I have ever had. My children didn't like it at first because the crust may have been a little black and the cornmeal on
    the bottom, but one day my 21 year old was eating it and she said to me, "Mom, this pizza really grows on you, it's delicious!"
  • darron explains: "Pepe's is the best hands down!!! I've eaten pizza in New York, Chicago, Italy, all the places that supposedly have "great" pizza. Well none of these places compare with New Haven, Connecticut. And in New Haven, nothing compares with Pepe's. Everything is perfect, thin crunchy crust, excellent sauce, just the right amount of cheese, everything in balance the way pizza should be."
  • jmoger contends: "The "WHOLE" process waiting in line and watching other people wait in line. Then the eating of your Pizza and again watching others especially first time little children - little one's and the Big one's - the parents!


Snow removal at Pepe's Pizza!
Making room for the lines at Pepe's!
"Move that snow!"


Pepe's Bumpersticker!

The true story,
"the birth of Pepe's clam pie".
Hear how history was made:

The Legends of Pizza Volume 1, Are Here

The Legends of Pizza, Volume 1 from

Gary Bimonte, Co-owner of Pepe's, reveals Frank Pepe's Pizza Passion.
Unlock the Secret: The Legends of Pizza Volume 1

  • Hawaiian Ryan chortles: "I have one thing to say: You just can't get enough of Pepe's!"
  • Tim shouts: "Everything!"
  • aburrier exclaims: "The Sauce, The Crust, and The Bacon well done on the bacon and onion Pie that I so love."
  • Anonymous states: "Consistency and longevity...
    I've had to wait in line for 50 years!
  • Frostman claims to be Pepe's youngest fan: "Everything is fantastic!! Believe it or not my parents first took me to Pepe's when I was 3 week's old, that was in 1968. Sal was our waiter, I do miss that wonderful man!"
  • joephill elaborates: "Everything makes it special! It's nothing less than absolutely PERFECT! Foxon Park White Birch Beer is a necessity, of course."
  • Big Charlie affirms: "I've made pizza for 20 years for a living. From Boston to New York to Florida,  nobody and I mean nobody makes a better pie than Frank Pepe's." 
  • Gary reflects: "I have a special love for Pepe's. When I attended the CIA in New Haven back in 1963, I worked at  Pepe's. I have such life long memories of nothing but the best from back then. Frank would come in every night and make dough, his daughter was involved and her husband Joe made the pizza. Sal was the best waiter and Frank's grandson was just about 12 then. Great memories and your site helped bring them back. Thanks from an old friend of the business." 
  • Tim says: "This pizza is simply amazing! It's so unique and absolutely delicious! I would say you haven't tasted real pizza until you have tasted Pepe's pizza. It's the best."
  • Joe replies: "Pepe's is to die for! I grew up in New Haven and have had many pizzas from various places that were all good, such as Modern, Palm Beach, Grand Apizza, Zuppardi's and so on, but a trip to Pepe's was like going to Disney World! It's the Super Bowl champion of Pizza!" 
  • Gloria proclaims: "EVERYTHING makes this pizza a masterpiece -- the crust, with its little black flecks of coal and dusting of cornmeal, the perfect amount of garlic covering the white clams, the world's best birch beer or Elm Street Ale,...It's worth standing in line for hours in the middle on winter -- there's no comparison!"
  • Scott elaborates: "...There is no pizza on earth that compares to Pepe's.  It is the absolute best.  Every Christmas, when my wife and I travel back to CT to visit my folks, we always stop at Pepe's several days before Christmas to enjoy the pizza we miss so much.  Joining us is my brother, Ralph, and my kids, as all of us look forward to the incredible taste of a large white clam and bacon pizza, a large pepperoni and bacon pizza, and a large cheese pizza.  We eat until we can eat no more.  Then, full and happy, we leave with the remaining pizza carefully packed inside the Pepe's Pizza boxes..."
  • bgrhm states: "Everything about Pepe's is the best!The white clam pizza is to die for!"
  • Fred explains: "I was born and raised in New Haven and Pepe's was my favorite. My Dad walked the Wooster street beat as a young cop so we got to know all the pizza parlors and their owners and employees. My Uncle Vinny had a butcher market across the Street from Pepe's. New Haven Pizza is the
  • thebatjeep says: If..."You've been there, I need to explain????"

The art of a Pepe's Pizza!
The art of a Pepe's Pizza!



  • jimpotter remarks: "First went there 50 years ago. The crust, sauce and toppings (clams, mushrooms) are superb. Always fresh. Sally's is the second best, but close. Have tried a lot of places, but nothing comes close to these two. Also, you shouldn't forget The Spot, which is next door to Pepe's and serves the same pie."
    (Note: The Spot is now owned by Pepe's.)
  • geoffrey espouses: "The ambiance at Pepe's, the quality of the food, the smell. And of course my childhood memories. Most important, at Pepe's the line is the line! At Sally's, you constantly watch "regulars" walk in ahead of you, even after you've been waiting over two hours."
  • yoandjo confesses: "It's definitely not the service! I remember getting yelled at by one of the older waitresses. I was told that in the real old days, Frank Pepe used to whack misbehaving folks at the bar with the long wooden pizza paddles. It's all part of the experience. In general, I've eaten pizza all over the world (including Italy), and nothing compares to Pepe's. It's a unique taste you cannot forget...."
  • Millsyweiser pronounces:  "They have better service, the pizza has more of that coal oven flavor that makes their pizza taste like no other, especially the newer pizza places. There is no comparison to conventional ovens, once you have their pizza you don't want to eat any others."
  • nspiliotes states: "Best Pizza in the World period."
  • You-know-who says: "Nothing like it. By far the best pizza in the world!"
  • BJFerr expresses: "Their sauce is incredible. The thin crust though is what makes it. From the coal fired oven to the pizza itself its great."
  • Dave shares the following: "In November of last year, I flew a good friend of mine from Utah out to try CT pizza. I love pizza. He wasn't too sure if what I was saying was true or not. The first place we went was Pop's Pizza in Cheshire. That was great, then the next day to Harry's in West Hartford. He thought that was the best pizza he ever had. Then the finale was with Pepe's. He absolutely loved it! He said that he had no idea that you could have so much joy eating pizza. The birch beer was awesome too! He raved about it to many of his friends and family in Utah. He knows that he experience something that many still to this day do not know that Pepe's is the king of Pizza. Glad that you have made so many happy." 
  • ntoth concurs: "There is no describing this pizza - believe me, I've tried. I live 2300 (yes twenty-three hundred) miles from Pepe's and I still manage to eat there several times a year. I vacation in CT every summer just to be close to this place! I never knew what a REAL pizza tasted like until I ate here. NOW I AM RUINED! I CAN'T EAT ANY OTHER!!!! By far the best pizza especially the white clam ever!"
  • codarich says: "I've been coming here since I was not tall enough to see over the counter and I'm 57 now. Haven't found anything ANYWHERE!! to compare. Am planning on bringing the entire family tonight to celebrate my birthday ."
  • Don and Diane Ward explain: "Several years ago we moved to N. Charleston, SC and, sadly, found out no one could make a decent pizza in the area. When asked what we miss from CT the answer is always the same, #1 Grandchildren and #2 Pepe's (sorry about about the second choice but you know how it is !!!)" 
  • Big Chuck remembers: "Everything, the line on a summer evening is as almost as enjoyable as the pizza itself, the anticipation is evident. the service, or lack there of makes you realize how good the pizza must be to keep you coming back. and then it comes to your table the best pie(s) you will ever taste."
  • lisaaxlerod intones: "The whole thing, especially the crust and white clam pie"


Pepe's Clam Pizza photo by Albert Grande copyright 2005
Pepe's Clam Pizza by Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

This pizza tasted as good as it looks!


  • flyvillian simplifies: "Crust, sauce, clams."
  • finkthelawyer litigates: "We used to come from Vermont for 3 hours and wait 2 hours as well. The white claim pie (order with mozzarella) is very special. It truly is the God land of pizza. I love to frustrate people from Brooklyn telling them that "sorry but the world's best pizza is in New Haven, CT. Our family has even made a few converts. Thank God, I now live in Stamford only 40 minutes away"
  • dncenfldtc intones: "Thin crust pizza, partially burned black, very crusty, excellent sauce, toppings and great re-heated, THE BEST PIZZA ! A large pie will feed you for several days, awesummmmm."
  • pet adds: "The whole product in quality and prep. Also without a doubt, their oven."
  • robert colaneri says: "The crust is crispy, the sauce is good, the cheese was not greasy. Absolutely the best!"
  • mdelucia shouts: "Thin crisp crust and fresh shucked clams!"
  • kurt confesses: "Everything about Pepe's pizza is the best. I've been eating it for over 60 years."
  • hopeloon explains: "I've been spoiled by being raised in New Haven, CT- the area of great pizza. It makes me proud to be from the same city as the greatest Pizza Producer in the WORLD. I hate to be biased, but Pepe's DOES make the best "abeets" in the world. I have been to Italy and from what I tasted, Pepe's was better. If I had to pick the most special part of the pizza, it has to be the crust baked in the coal ovens. One has not lived until they have had a pizza from Pepe's"
  • covino taunts: "The dough... crispy, yet with a bit of chewiness and the slight bit of char on the underside. Nothing beats a large Pepe's with Clams, garlic, cheese, onion and crispy bacon and no sauce please. Second place is Sausage and Peppers A loyal follower since 1962."
  • sheppyg states: "The crust, the sauce, the clams."
  • fan says: "You are correct that Pepe's is the best in the world. Nothing like it. Sally's, Modern, Roseland, Bar, Tolli's, and Sorrento's can battle for second place."
  • absolutcourt retorts: "born & raised in the new haven area can create some serious bias when it comes to pizza. since I've grown up around it, I figure that all pizza must be as good as Pepe's. & anytime I have pizza that isn't off of Wooster Street, I will literally spill it out. ... I'd also love to see those snotty NYC pizza "aficionados" in Pepe's or Sally's jaws drop in amazement when they see how their inferior pizza parlors of choice diminish rapidly in comparison."

It's all about the crust, at Pepe's!
Pepe's Crust (Clam Pizza Crust) photo by A.Grande


  • teach lectures: "The CRUST....with just the proper burn from the high heat. Raised on this pizza. Miss it terribly!!!! Found a close match in Grimaldi's in AZ."
  • lkjlks shouts: "The sauce, the crust, and the service are all excellent at
    Pepe's! I wish I was there right now!"
  • waterbury man claims: "the crust is crisp the sauce is pure and the flavor is
    top notch, all made from a true handmade coal brick oven."
  • Drpsa reports: "Just returned from a two hour drive from Ridgewood, N.J. to New Haven Conn. to sample Pepe's Pizza. Without a doubt the pizza at Pepe's is a tour de force especially the clam pizza..."
  • mark reminisces: "My grandparents started going to Pepe's in the 50's. I started going as a kid in the late 60's. Are you kidding me. I've traveled all over the U.S., I've even been to Naples, Italy and I'm telling you there is no comparison. I lived in West
    Hartford, CT. and we would drive 50 minutes, wait in line 50 minutes, and eat our pizza. Back then, it was a lot smaller and they didn't have the waiting room, so you would freeze in the Winter time. Either way, the line is almost always there...
    My dad and I have even looked in the dumpster to see what ingredients they use. I think they use ice water in their dough, but even if we had the ingredients, that brick oven is definitely one of the keys... "

  • ntoth explains: "Everything about Pepe's is amazing. You never see an unhappy
    face - even after waiting in line for an hour in the rain or snow or cold. (I think that makes the pizza taste even better!) The best pizza, bar none, in the world!"
  • onto zion reminds: "You've been there...enough said."
  • Mark writes: "Coal Fire pizza made the way pizza should be.  Irregular shape,
    varied pie with each bite different. Old world pizza perfection."
  • lizbet intones:"Thin crust, baked in the ovens".
  • lmlutt reiterates: "Clam or Clam with Bacon followed by a sausage with grated parm -
     no mozzarella - is heaven on earth!"
  • joe opinionates: "The coal-fire char, the thin crust, superb cheese and sausage."
  • rusty remarks: "Frank Pepe's the best pizza in the world, For the cheese, the
    sauce and the crust."
  • mike04devine emphasizes: "Everything..."
  • bmanson states: "I drive 5 hours just to have this pizza. It is the best pizza.
    The crust is wonderful, the sauce is just right and you must try
    it with bacon. Yum. On my long drive from Vermont to CT, I
    dream and drool for Pepe's. "
  • mbwcdw extols: "Pepe's makes the best pizza in the universe.  A word of
    caution/advice: always order extra cheese (mozzarella). It makes a BIG difference"
  • Lauren reports: "The first time I had Pepe's, I was with my family, my aunt and my 2 cousins my uncle and his daughters, my dad and 2 of my brothers...I didn't mind waiting in the rain...once you get the family around that atmosphere and that quality food, they start reminiscing like CRAZY! They automatically remember the first time they were in there, and its such a great experience because not only are the staff great, but the food is FANTASTIC. Pepe's is it, hands down. no contest."
  • Shadowagent says: "The over all taste!"
  • wcovino adds: "The dough, burnt bits, Clams, Onion, Bacon, Garlic!
    Oh My God, it's a spiritual thing!!!"
  • yachtmaster explains: "I have been pizza eater since I can't remember. A very good
    friend introduced me to Pepe's pizza. Well that was about 20 years ago and I still have not had a better pizza. We use to go on a Sunday and make a day of it, and by the way we live in Massachusetts. We would get there around 12:00 pm that is around when the line started. We would always be the first in line. The doors would open around 2:30 pm and we would indulge in the worlds best pizza. And don't forget about the take out.
    We would bring home around 10 to 12 pizzas for the family."

  • lorynmom shouts: "Pepes is the best, BAR NONE!"

Pepe's Sign After Dark!

The Famous Pepe's sign at night.

Make sure you check out Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter's exclusive:
Pepe's Video, right here.

The History of Pepe's


Gary Bimonte, grandson of Frank Pepe reveals the true story,
"the birth of Pepe's clam pie".
Hear how history was made:

The Legends of Pizza Are Here


"The Pizza Book"
(Make amazing, delicious,
 mouthwatering, pizza.)
Research  "The Pizza Book"  Now!


Todd English, famous chef, credits Pepe's as an early influence
The Figs Table : More Than 100 Recipes... This book is a wonderful pizza resource.
Also check out:
The California Pizza Kitchen Cookbook.
Wolfgang Puck's Pizza, Pasta, and More
The 50 Best Pizzas in the World

The Art of Pizza Making : Trade Secrets...

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