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Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

Pizza News, September 2005

(Volume VI No. 9) (ISSN: 1533-3795)

"Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!"

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1. Remembering Those Less Fortunate

2. What's New- Thank you, Pizza News Readers!

3. The Super Peel is Super!

4. Job Application from Yale

5. Rick's Hints on Better Pizza

6. Winning the War at the Gas Pump- For Pizza News Readers Only!


1. Remembering Those Less Fortunate

The victims of Hurricane Katrina, need your help.
With some assistance, I have compiled a fairly comprehensive list of Relief Organizations.
Go to our: Help the Victim's of Hurricane Katrina Page


Thousands, upon thousands, homeless and destitute. Please.

2. What's New- Thank you, Pizza News Readers!

Thank-you all very much for your continued support. I continue to be pleasantly surprised
( and yes, sometimes even shocked,) at the success of
"The Pizza Book from pizzatherapy.com".

I must credit the ebook:
ebook marketing Revealed   (http://www.pizzatherapy.com/ebookmarketing.htm)
It really helped to kick start The Pizza Book.

ALSO: pizzatherapy.com and Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter were recently mentioned in the Trentonian newspaper, (Trenton, New Jersey).
Read the article: here.

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Winning the War at the Gas Pump.

Be proactive, rather than reactive!

3. The Super Peel is Super!

I had the opportunity to test drive the Super Peel  (http://superpeel.com/index.html) during the
last several weeks. Unlike a regular peel, the Super Peel uses a cloth to rotate around a peel to move dough easily. Go to their website to take a peek. While you are there, check out the great movies which give a true picture of what the Super Peel can do.

We first featured the Super Peel in the
July 2005 issue of Pizza News. (http://www.pizzatherapy.com/newsjul.htm)

 I was impressed with how it performed, both with bread and pizza. The Super Peel requires simple assembly to install the cloth on the peel. It is very easy to operate.

The Super Peel worked well. I liked the fact that moving dough was so simple. Like any new skill you acquire, there is a learning curve involved. The directions are very clear on how the Super Peel works. You "place the tip of the peel at the edge of the item to be picked up...when you are doing it right,
 the belt will rotate around the peel and item will be magically transferred up on top."

Another bonus of the Super Peel  is the fact that it uses an actual "baker's cloth". I was
able to use the cloth to set up a "couche" to form bread while rising. (I've always wanted a baker's cloth, now I have one.) The Super Peel certainly exceeded my expectations.
It worked well in moving dough and will be an asset to my essential pizza tool collection.

What I didn't like about the Super Peel is the fact that when you use it to remove bread or pizza from your  Pizza Stone, it is recommended, you use the bare peel. In other words, remove the cloth from the peel to take out the pizza. I think it may be just as easy to use another peel.

Overall, this is a great product. If you ever had problems with your pizza sticking to your work surface (and who hasn't!), this may be the answer. For what the  Super Peel does, it is well worth the price. I was also very impressed with the high quality workmanship that went into this product.

Please note: pizzatherapy.com is not affiliated with this product in any way. We are not selling the Super Peel, nor do I receive anything, if you choose to purchase this product.



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4. Job Application from Yale

I recently received the following:

I am an undergraduate student at Yale, and I was curious as to
whether or not the pizzeria had some part-time work with flexible
hours. I would be available about 5-8 hours a week to serve customers and
although I have no pizzeria experience, I am willing to learn
about the cooking process. Please inform me of anything available!
p.s.-attached is my resume

My Response:

Hello Adler. Thanks for writing. pizzatherapy.com is a website about pizza. We are a virtual
pizzeria not a real one. Please understand,we are not affiliated with any pizzeria.
I do have some advice for you, however.

I suggest you contact:

Frank Pepe
Pizzeria Napoletana

157 Wooster Street, New Haven, CT
Tel. (203) 865-5762
Speak with Gary Bimonte about openings at Pepe's or The Spot.

Also contact:

Sally's Apizza
237 Wooster Street, New Haven, CT
Tel. 203 624-5271
Speak with Rick or Bobby Consiglio about any job openings.

If you want more information on the pizza business, please go
to this page: http://www.pizzatherapy.com/pizzabiz.htm

I also recommend you check out, The Pizza Book, here:


Making pizza is hard work, Adler. With your positive attitude,
you will do well. I wish you good luck Adler in your pizza adventures. I know you
will be a success. Make sure you tell all of your friends at Yale about

Pizza on Earth,

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter


5. Rick's Hints on Better Pizza

Rick writes:

 I use a combination of 00 flour
with bread flour...it seems to be the best for my oven...I use
two pizza stone technique.

Activating the yeast with a little sugar is very important. AND...most of all, after you make the dough, lettingit  sit for several hours in the refrigerator after the 1st rise. That really enhances the flavor.

I also make my own sauce using San Marzano tomatoes that you
can buy at any specialty food store. A little garlic, a little Thyme, (no
salt, the cheese has plenty)....you can blend it with a processor if you want it
smooth, or leave it as is for chunky pieces of tomato.

I also use a combination of three cheeses: Top quality whole milk mozzarella; a small
amount of Buffalo de mozzarella and finish with a little fresh ground
parmesan (Reggiano). I also drizzle a VERY small amount of good olive
oil just before it goes in the oven...the heat from the olive oil really
enhances all the flavors....

Thanks for the tips, Rick.

6. Winning the War at the Gas Pump- For Pizza News Readers Only!

I am offering a brand new ebook:
Winning the War at the Gas Pump,
at an exclusive price to Pizza News readers, only.

Winning the War at the Gas Pump, is jammed pack with hints and tricks that will save you a ton of money on gas. I am already using some of the practical knowledge included, to stretch my gas savings.

This ebook retails for $17.00 and believe me it is worth it. The price is for Pizza News  readers is: $3.95, a little more than the cost of a gallon of gas.
I am offering it to Pizza News readers for a limited time until September 20, at 12:00AM.

You owe it to yourself to read about this incredible, practical information. Go to :
Winning the War at the Gas Pump, (http://www.pizzatherapy.com/pizzanews)

Of course there is no risk to you at all.
I am giving you a 90 day iron-clad money back guarantee.
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You have my promise on this.
You have 3 full months to decide.
If Winning the War at the Gas Pump, doesn't save you many times the cost of $3.95,
you deserve all of your money back.

The Internet links included in Winning the War at the Gas Pump, make this an invaluable, interactive resource, for anyone interested in saving money on gas.

Remember, the price will go up to $17.00 on September 20th, so you have act fast.
( I am also including a valuable bonus worth more than $19.00 for free).
Check out:
Winning the War at the Gas Pump,


"Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!"

That's it for this issue of "Pizza News!" 

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

Email: webmaster@pizzatherapy.com


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"Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!"



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