The Mighty Pizza Oven Review

"The pizza cooked in a matter of minutes. Simply outstanding. The pizzas were amazing."
Albert Grande, Pizza Therapy

If you want to cook pizza, you need to have a hot heat source. Pizza cooks hot and fast. The problem is that most home ovens do not produce the heat you need to cook pizza. Pizza Makers have used pizza stones for years to mimic the pizza created in authentic wood oven.  You can certainly cook good pizza in a home oven, but to cook really great pizza, you need to generate enough heat to cook your pizza quickly and completely. This is difficult in a home pizza oven.

Cooking pizza on the grill can help with getting the temperature high enough. The problem with using a pizza stone on a grill is that the bottom of the pizza tends to cook faster than the top. Even with a good grill with a hood you need to turn down the heat to completely cook your pizza.

You can cook your pizza directly on the grill, which I have done many times. With this method you can get a good char on your dough, but you miss some of the taste of having the pizza cooked in high heat.

I found the secret to cooking great pizza on a gas grill: The Mighty Pizza OvenThe notion is to sandwich the heat source, and thereby cooking your pizza from the top and the bottom.

The Mighty Pizza Oven

The Mighty Pizza Oven

The Bottom Stone of the Mighty Pizza

The Bottom Stone

Mighty Pizza Oven uses three types of heat to cook pizza: conduction. reflection and convection. Conduction is the actual heat by having the pizza in direct contact with the pizza. Reflection is the heat of the top stone mirroring back the heat, to cook the pizza. Convection is the heat from the inside circulating all over the pizza.

Mighty Pizza Oven is a square box that fits on top of a gas grill. The idea of using two stones to cook your pizza is not new. Pizza makers have talked about this for years. But this device takes this concept to the next level.

I used the MPO at a recent pizza party. I cooked for a large hungry crowd of pizza fanatics. There were oos and ahhs each time I produced a new pizza. the pizza cooked quickly and completely! The pizza cooked in a matter of minutes. Simply outstanding. The pizzas were amazing. There was a nice char to the bottom to the pizza. The top of the pizza was totally cooked.

I totally recommend the MPO for anyone who wants to make great pizza.



The limitation is that you do need to have a gas grill. The gas grill will give high continuous heat, which is needed to create great pizza.

But if you are serious about making pizza, this is something you will want to have. I think this was some of the best pizza I ever created. No doubt about it. The MPO works!

Here's a video about The Mighty Pizza Oven:


 The Mighty Pizza Oven is a great way to make pizza.  Mighty Pizza Oven will let you bake pro-quality pizzas in 2-5 minutes on your backyard grill!


Mighty Pizza Oven Video Review


For more on the Mighty Pizza Oven, here is an interview with the inventor, Bert Touma

You can visit the Mighty Pizza Oven Website, HERE


The pizza peel is a prime example of one of Newton's Laws.
Things at rest tend to stay at rest and things in motion tend to stay in motion. A pizza peel really illustrates this.

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Your pizza peel will take a bit of time to master. Don't overload your pizza and make sure you use plenty of flour or corn meal so your pizza will slide. You will want to use a quick jerking motion to get the pizza peel underneath the pizza. Then using a quick jerking motion to slide the pizza off the peel.







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