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"Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!"

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1. What's New: and share a pizza

2. The News from Pepe's

3. Setting The Record Straight About a Recipe

4. Setting The Record Straight About The Brooklyn Pizza Tour

5. The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book Now on CD

6. Pizza Facts from Pizza Expo

1. What's New: and share a pizza

I am very excited to announce has become an affiliate of the fantastic products offered at . We have always known them as the brick oven folks.

They are now more than ovens, much more... is the real deal. The products they offer are only, the absolute finest. The quality is remarkable. You will not find better quality products or ingredients, assembled in  one place. They also want you to succeed by helping you to make the best pizza possible.

For example, they offer a pizza kit 01 :  This includes the "essential ingredients" for Vera Pizza Napoletana (DOC), including Caputo Tipo 00 flour, San Marzano tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and Sicilian oregano."

Remember, the Diane Morgan ( co-author of pizza the book) interview in Pizza News? she tested and tasted various flours while making pizza. Her results were dramatic.
She explained that pizza made with caputo flour was far superior than any other type of flour. She also surprised me by revealing her source of caputo flour. is the source mentioned by Diane.

Please visit, your source for Italian Brick Pizza Ovens, Gourmet Imported Pizza Ingredients, Pizza Peels, Pizza Stones and Pizza Accessories.

When you are ready for your outdoor brick pizza oven, can help as well.

Please visit. You owe it to yourself and your pizzas, to use the finest flour, caputo.


 Olive Oil
When you great food, using excellent olive oil is essential. You can find olive oil, right here.





2. The News from Pepe's

From a recent press release I am pleased to report the following:

"Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana of New Haven will open a second location at 238 Commerce Dr. in Fairfield, Connecticut (exit 25 off I-95) on March 13, 2006.  

The Pepe Family has carefully planned the expansion to replicate the original New Haven experience down to the last detail. The Fairfield location will use the same recipes, ingredients and preparation used at the original Pepe’s on Wooster Street in New Haven.

Anthony Rosselli, the eldest grandson of Frank Pepe, outlines the recipe for success: “The product will be the same. The dough will be the same. The oven will be the same. Our singular goal is to duplicate the perfect pies that our grandparents began making on Wooster Street over 80 years ago. We have to. Its our history.”...

Gary Bimonte, another grandson, who manages the Pepe’s in New Haven, knows what has made Pepe’s the best pizza in the country for so long. “Our success over the years is due to the pride we put into each pie.  We use only the best ingredients and the same exact dough and sauce recipes that our grandparents used.” 

In addition, I am please to announce the official Pepe's Website.

You can visit the Pepe's website, at this link:

I get asked the next question, regularly.

Jana writes: Does Pepe's pizza ship to Los Angeles? I would like to have this for my
boss's lunch. It's her favorite pizza.

My Response Hello, Jana. Sorry to tell you, but Pepe's does not ship, anywhere. To have Pepe's pizza, you need to go to Connecticut.
Pizza on Earth.

Sean writes, in relation Pepe's:

I won a ticket for Saturday's opening, is it possible to bring my wife?
Ticket was won on Star 99.9 today. My name is Sean,  phone 257-XXXX. Thank
you and look forward to Saturday

My Response: Congratulations. We are proud of you! We are happy for you.
We are, not Pepe's.
We are not affiliated in any way with Pepe's.
 But hey, take your wife! Tell them said it is OK.

Let us know how your pizza turns out.
Pizza on Earth,



3. Setting The Record Straight

In the September 2003 issue of Pizza News
(, Rick submitted a recipe which he claimed was
a clone of a pizzeria chain. The name of the pizzeria chain that was on the recipe has now been removed.  Click here to see the recipe.

I recently received the following email from Ron Gelet:
I am the founder of the Numero Uno Pizza chain and the developer of its proprietary pizza dough. FYI, the recipe that Rick refers to as a Numero Uno clone " is not even close" to the Numero Uno recipe. I am concerned that people who have never tasted our unique product might try this recipe and be misled into thinking that this is our product.

 If they don't like it they may never try the real product - to our detriment. Please advise your readers that Rick's recipe is not the real product. Imitation is flattering but truth is more important.

My Response:  Thanks for writing. I have removed all references to your pizza chain in the recipe. Pizza News Readers have now been advised. Readers, you are all advised. OK? Thank you.


4. Setting The Record Straight About The Brooklyn Pizza Tour

In the last issue of Pizza News February, 2006 Pt. II, I featured an interview by Tony of The Brooklyn Pizza Tour. I had to edit the interview, due to space considerations. I asked Tony if he could give Pizza News Readers a discount.

Tony Responded: As for a discount, although my prices are ridiculously low already for the tour I can offer your readers a 10% discount if you like. Just tell them to use discount code PT2006 when they order tickets.

My Response:  Thanks so much, Tony. This tour sounds incredible!

5. The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book Now on CD

Becky Writes: Albert, I want to buy The Pizza Therapy Pizza ebook, but I don't want to download it. Do you offer it as a CD.

My Response: Absolutely, Becky. The CD contains the following:

  • The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book

  • The Bread and Biscuit Baker's Assistant

  • Italian Phrase Book

  • Italian Recipe Collection

  • Pizza Ingredient List

  • 80 Seasonal Recipes from Around the World
    Also these bonus books:

  • Acres of Diamonds

  • As A Man Thinketh

  •  The Science of Getting Rich

In addition to receiving the CD via first class mail, you also will have the option to download The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book for no additional charge. Of course you will still be eligible for life-time e-mail updates. The CD will only be mailed to you once, however.

6. Pizza Facts from Pizza Expo

Pizza Facts

U.S. Pizzerias: 64,500

Gross Annual Industry Sales: $30 Billion

About 3 billion pizzas are sold annually in the U.S.

The average American consumes 46 slices or 23 pounds of pizza per year.

The five most popular toppings:
1. Pepperoni
2. Sausage
3. Mushrooms
4. Ham
5. Green Peppers

Total pizza sales will approach $40 billion by the end of the decade.

U.S. manufacturers sell approximately $6 billion of pizza ingredients.

Independents account for approximately 33 percent of industry's sales.

How are pizzas ordered?
Delivery - 35% Takeout - 35%
Dine-in - 30%

Top markets for international growth:
1. China
2. India
3. Middle East
4. South America

Facts courtesy of  Pizza Expo


"Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!"

That's it for this issue of "Pizza News!" 

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter




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