Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

The Legends of Pizza Volume 1

Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!


Legends of Pizza, Volume 1,

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 is unlike anything that has ever been done


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Nothing like this has been done
 anywhere, anytime by anyone!

Imagine, you can learn the inspiration
of the World's Best pizzaiolo!

Listen to Chris Bianco from "Legends of Pizza, Volume 1:

Chris Bianco owner of
Pizzeria Bianco


"Great Albert!  Absolutely Great!"
Tony Gemignani, World Famous pizzaiolo
 "5-Time World Champion Pizza Thrower"
 on the
Legends of Pizza Volume 1®


  • Peter Reinhart, Baker, Author, Pizzaiolo

  • Gary Bimonte, Co-owner of Pepe's Pizza

  • Chris Bianco, Owner of Pizzeria Bianco

  • and Special Bonus Song:
    "Pizza, Pizza" by Joe Dolce.

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter says:
"Pizza, Pizza,
is my favorite all-time pizza party tune".

Volume 1

Actual CD, Legends of Pizza Volume 1. Claim your copy now!

  • These Pizza Masters will stimulate you.

  • You will be inspired

  • You will gain knowledge and understanding

  • You will discover "Spiritual Pizza"®



"Hi, Albert. Got it, listened to it, enjoyed it. Nice, thoughtful interviews with three interesting guys...A wonderful document of where pizza is today, where it’s going, and where it’s been. I can honestly say I learned more in one hour than I have in a lifetime of eating the stuff."
Jeff Ruby, author, "Everybody Loves Pizza"
on the Legends of Pizza, Volume 1®



"The Legends of Pizza gave me the opportunity to hear people like Chris, Peter and Gary express their ideas and ideals. I was encouraged that you would have the vision to produce something like Legends of Pizza….I think you started the ball rolling."
Ed LaDou, World Famous Pizzaiolo
, owner of Caiote Pizza Cafe, Studio City California and creator of the pizza menu for Wolfgang Puck and California Pizza Kitchen, on the
Legends of Pizza Volume 1®



"...There is simply no other way to have access to three of the great masters of pizza -
plus it's informative, fascinating, inspiring and fun!!!...

Jon F., noted pizzaiolo on the
Legends of Pizza Volume 1®


Simply unbelievable!

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  • You have to hear it to believe it.

  • Once you hear it, you will believe it!

"I'm a  laaava da "Legends of Pizza" Vol. 1
Thanks for bringing such an inspiring trio of pizza makers to the fore front. And that Dolce song is hilarious"

Ron, Vancouver, B.C. on
the Legends of Pizza, Volume 1®


Understand, the recordings are not perfect,
there is some static and crackles.
The download is, however, very listenable.

Let's say you could have access to the Legends of Pizza ® in person.
What would it cost you to have a pizza conversation with
Peter Reinhart, Gary Bimonte and Chris Bianco?

$500 per hour? $1,000 per hour $1,500 per hour?

The Legends of Pizza ® is not
$1,500 , $1,000  or even $500.
It is not even $100.




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