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In this video you will learn an easy way to peel garlic

Garlic is from the alliaceae family, and is
closely related to onions, leeks, shallots and chives.

Garlic is a very versatile ingredient for many dishes.

C'mon: you can even fend off a vampire with garlic.

Long regarded as a spice, garlic is also praised for its medicinal properties. The earliest users of garlic were the ancient Egyptians. As a matter of fact, Garlic was found in King Tut's tomb,

Garlic is such a common ingredient in many Italian dishes. However, garlic transcends Italian cuisine. Garlic is a  wonderful addition to Japanese, Chinese and Filipino recipes. It is used extensively in the Mid-East as well as French, Mexican and many other regions.

It adds flair and taste. It adds fun and spice. Hey garlic can also be used to repel Vampires. If you go areas of high Vampire populations, don't leave home without it.

Gilroy, California produces a great amount of garlic.
If you time your visit, you can go to the Garlic Festival, there. It is an incredible event.

Here is a very easy method to peel a garlic.



And there you have it. Simple, easy and straight forward.

If you are interested in taking your pizza to the next level
I highly recommend that you invest in a pizza peel and a
Pizza Stone .

Don't be intimidated about using a pizza stone or peel.
As with anything else it just takes a bit of practice to master.

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The art of using a peel will really take you pizza to a new level.
Make sure that you put enough flour or cornmeal underneath your dough so it won't stick.

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