Pizza on Earth, Good Wiil to All!

Video of How to Open A Cherry Stone Clam

Pizza on Earth, Good Wiil to All!

This is a totally unconventional way to open a cherry stone clam.


Here is a unique way to open a cherry stone clam. This method was developed by my brother Stevo and is demonstrated in this video by Tom. The method of opening a clam is very unusual.

Now before I explain how, I need to insist that if you are going to open a clam, you need the correct tools. The only tool you should use is a 3" clam knife or a OXO Good Grips Clam Knife  or a Dexter-Russell (S127PCP) - 3" Clam Knife - Sani-Safe Series Any of these of these will work well. Clam knives are made of a special hardened steel and will not break or bend as you try to open the clam.

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 Most clam experts will tell you to open a clam from the front of the shell. They will explain that this is the best method to open a Cherry Stone. You will push  the blade into the front of the clam and open the clam by exerting force and cutting the muscle of the clam.

You are about to discover an new method of how to open a clam.







Seafood Tools

Here is a picture of the traditional method to open a clam:

In the following method you place the blade on the back of the clam following these steps:

  1. The first thing you want to do is get the clam yourself, if possible. Make sure it is the legal limit. (Or you can purchase at your favorite seafood store
    *Note the clam has two outer shells, it is a bi-valve. In the back of the clam is the hinge where the clam opens. Note the muscle of the shell.
  2. Hold the clam in your hand.
  3. Insert the clam knife at the notch in the back. (Only use a clam knife! Never use a regular knife.) The clam knife will be able to perform the rocking motion which opens the shell.
  4. Put the knife in the notch and with your four fingers apply pressure
  5.  Slightly rock the knife back and forth.
  6. The movement is a rocking movement which will open the notch allowing you to put the knife into the clam.
  7. Once the knife is inside, you move it to the front of the clam.
  8. Slide the knife around and cut the muscle of the clam.
  9. This gives you two sides of the clam shell.
  10. Using the clam knife, separate the clam from the shell.
  11. You are now in heaven, with a fresh cherry stone.

Use cocktail sauce, lemon or just it it with nothing. you will be experiencing wonderful tastes!

Here is a different and better way to open a clam: from the back!

Knife in back of clam, getting ready to open.

Please watch the following video:


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Fresh Cherry Stone Clams, shucked and ready to go:

Shucked Cherry Stone Clams Shucked and ready to eat!

Separating the meat of the clam from the shell...



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