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Caputo 00 Antimo Pizza Flour

Flour:  While you can use any type of flour to make good pizza, there are two that I recommend: Caputo 00 Antimo Pizza Flour - you will find great Caputo Flour reviews here.

and King Arthur Sir Lancelot Hi-gluten Flour.

If you are looking for a gluten free flour, check out:  King Arthur Flour Multipurpose Flour, Gluten Free, 24-ounces

There are many different types of flour that you can use to make pizza. The one you are probably most familiar with is good old All Purpose flour. This type of flour is found in all supermarkets.

 If this is the only flour available to you, donít worry about it. Use it for now and you can always experiment with other types of flour.

 Using all-Purpose flour is certainly acceptable. If that is the only flour available to you, use it. I have experimented with many different types of flour and my conclusion is this: use the flour that tastes best to you.

 I urge you to experiment with several different types of flours to find the taste that you prefer. I have also used a mixture of half bread flour and half all purpose.

 Most artisan pizzerias use a high gluten pizza flour to make pizza. The brand of choice for many professionals is Caputo. Caputo is imported flour, milled in Italy.

For the home pizza chef you need to use a high gluten flour which is readily avialable and at a good price. I use Better for Bread.

In an interview with Tim Huff, Master Baker at General Mills, I asked him: his recommendation

Albert: What do you flour do you recommend for the home pizza chef, you know, we are not able to get All Trumps, you think Better for Bread Flour is a good flour ?

Tim Huff: It is thatís what I use at home. Cause one of things with high gluten flour.

 at home your generally donít have the mixing ability to fully develop that gluten structure so like if I use my KitchenAid at home I really canít fully develop an All Trumps. I use Better for Bread at home, itís a 12 1/2% protein winter wheat flour


    For the home pizza chef, I recommend Better for Bread, which is made by General Mills. You can buy it at a discount below:


King Arthur is another type of flour I have used with great results. Their pizza flour is called Sir Lancelot and is available here.

I highly recommend King Arthur flour. As a matter of fact when Auntie Mary, the Pasta Maker in our family, would send my mom to the store for flour, she insisted she only get King Arthur.

Here is a note about whole wheat flour. While, whole wheat flour can be used to make pizza, it can be difficult. Whole wheat needs to be hydrated more (that is more water needs to be added) and can make the dough very hard to manage.

The following video was created at The Pizza Expo. Here I visited with the the famous Italian pizzaiolo.
You can see the large amount of
Caputo flour. This is the flour favored by most pizza professionals.


Watch the Caputo flour on YouTube.




Here is a master pizzaioli making pizza. Check out the technique! 







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