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Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter
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The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book

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Dear Internet Friend,

   If you're interested in starting your own easy-to-run online business, doing something you truly enjoy, and without having to spending a lot of money to get started, then this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

   Here's what this is all about...

   I've just released a brand new course called "How To Write, Publish and Promote Your Own Profitable eBook". This powerful new course will show you step-by-step how to create your very own eBook, and make a ton of money selling it online... and here's the good news...

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The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book from

I've made hundreds, and hundreds of dollars from this simple little book about pizza! No kidding!  I wonder how soon you will
E-book Marketing Revealed.

You need to get started on your own e-book.
E-book marketing revealed tells you how!

   This is great news for you, because you can take advantage of all my hard work! You now have a chance to learn all my hard-won secrets of creating eBooks that really make money. But it doesn't stop there, you'll also learn how to market them online, drive tons of targeted traffic to your website, and earn a very comfortable living online.

   Imagine how great it'll feel to wake up in the morning, check your email, and see that while you were sleeping... your "simple little website" was actually making money for you! It's a great feeling, I tell you!

   Many people decide to do this full time, but even if you choose to hang onto your day job, you'll go to work with a greater sense of accomplishment... knowing that you have an edge over the everyday person who has to live paycheck to paycheck.

Your Little Money-Machines Will Pump Out Cash, Even When You Don't Lift A Finger... Now THAT'S Freedom!

   You'll learn how to set up a completely automated system that frees you up to do the things that you really enjoy. If you've always thought that running a profitable internet business was difficult, you'll be shocked and delighted when you see how easy it is, once you try my methods for yourself.

Here's just a few of the benefits of running your own eBook business:

  • Low overhead and high profit margins: there's no other business that takes this little to start up, and where the return in profits is this high. 
  • Low risk: if you follow the steps that I share with you, I can almost guarantee you that you'll be earning hundreds (or even thousands) within a few months.
  • A global market: all you need is a computer, a phone line, and Internet access to reach millions world-wide, eager to pay for information you provide.
  • Automated system: once your business is set up and running, it can go on "autopilot", earning you income while you do other things.
  • The greatest advantage of all: selling eBooks will help drive traffic to your web site and generate new customers and leads.

   "How To Write, Publish and Promote Your Own Profitable eBook" will give you complete instructions on how to create your own online business, and will teach you successful techniques for promoting it. Think of it as a complete online course for entrepreneurs interested in earning more income.

Learn insider tips on how to create your own eBook with advice such as:

  • How to research your eBook, with advice on methods that work, and those that donít
  • How to find ďkillerĒ topics for your eBooks that people will be eager to buy
  • The most popular eBook format-and how to follow it to maximize sales
  • How to find outstanding professional help with writing your eBook, for those who hate to write, are too busy, or just plain canít
  • Getting the right start: how the pros outline their eBook before they write the first word!
  • Tips on choosing the best title for maximum appeal
  • Why the cover can be the most important part of your eBook-and how to make sure itís really, really good!

   This is just the beginning of what you'll learn in this easy-to-follow course. Iíve covered every aspect of creating and writing your own eBook from start to finish, and have laid out these steps in an easy-to-follow manner. Just follow them, and youíll see your own eBook start taking shape-and your income taking off once you offer it for sale from your site.

Important: this eBook is NOT a lot of things.

  • It is NOT a method of slapping together a poor-quality product in a day or two (this method is NOT recommended if you want to maintain credibility online).
  • It is NOT for those who arenít willing to put some work, effort and time into creating their eBook (although I will teach you shortcuts and easier methods of putting it together and marketing it). Contrary to much of the hype out there, creating a great eBook that offers solid information and advice does take time and research. But the results are more than worth it.

    By investing some effort into writing your eBook, you will see a return on your investment over and over and over again. Best of all, youíll avoid the mistake that most people writing eBooks make: they donít research what will sell.
  • It is NOT just another hasty compilation of recycled articles disguised as information with a bunch of affiliate links . I donít work that way. Instead, it's a real educational course (180 pages of amazing secrets, and time saving shortcuts), packed with real, usable, practical advice that you can start using right away.

   Youíll be mentored through each step as I show you exactly how itís done, from finding my initial topic, to outlining the chapters, to researching the book. I didnít leave any part of the process out, and cover each part in detail.

What About Marketing?

   You'll also learn the top-notch marketing techniques that I personally use to promote my eBooks. These are methods that have earned me a ton of money each and every year. If you follow the advice in eBook marketing revealed, thereís no reason you shouldnít be able to do the same.

Here's just some of the marketing tips, tricks & tactics you'll discover:

  • What makes self-publishing and marketing your own eBook the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective method of increasing your income available today.

  • Why people buy eBooks-and the topics they want to learn about.

  • How to create a best seller, even if you can't write worth a squat!

  • The best methods for promoting your eBook-and where to promote it.

  • The secret of getting others to promote your book (get them to sell for you, while you sit back and earn).

  • How to generate passive income from your eBook-and why it's important.

  • How to automate ordering, payment, and downloading your eBook. You won't have to do any of the work with this innovative system.

   You can be earning income like this, within just a few weeks, if you follow the steps that I carefully outline for you. I haven't left anything to chance, because I want you to succeed.

   I'm sharing with you methods and skills that have taken me years to learn, and that I wish others had taught me when I was starting out. Tips that I learned through hard research, as well as trial and error, finding out what really works, and what doesn't.

   Iíll teach you methods that will have you writing and publishing your eBook within just a month, if you put the time and effort into it.

Youíll discover practical, useful ideas on:

  • How to write in an engaging style that really draws readers in.

  • A simple, proven method for overcoming writerís block that instantly gets the words flowing.

  • Proven graphic design tricks that make your eBook look like it was designed by a professional.

  • How to choose the best publishing software for your project.

  • Which eBook compilers have the features youíll want and need, with a review of the major ones.

  • How to protect your eBook from copyright theft.

  • Which methods and formats to use for delivering your eBook.

  • How and where to submit your eBook for maximum exposure with a list of resources.

  • And much, much more!

   ...and this is just the beginning. You'll learn how to create powerful eBooks using my "secret blueprintĒ that practically anyone-even those with absolutely no experience, no ďtechnical skillsĒ could follow. But thereís one aspect that I cover in especially deep detail, because itís vital to earning income from your eBookÖ.

You'll Learn How To Market Your eBook
Like The Pros Do!

   You could write the greatest eBook on earth, but if people donít find out about it, it wonít sell. Iíll help you learn how to market your eBook online to maximize its exposure, and help make sure that it gets seen-and sold.

I'll teach you:

  • How to create a ďkillerĒ mini-site designed to sell.

  • Pro tips on web site design, graphics and content for maximum appeal to customers.

  • Choosing the right domain name to increase sales.

  • Taking care of the backend: payment processing, setting up a download page, and automating customer support.

  • How to price your eBook competitively-and make sure itís at the right price for your market.

  • Insider tips on how to boost sales from your site.

  • Discounts and members-only areas: what you need to know about these powerful marketing tools.

  • Testing your ads-and why you want to do this to save money and increase your profits.

  • Viral marketing strategies that are proven to work-and help sales take off!

  • The ins and outs of autoresponders, and how to use them effectively.

  • Writing great sales letters and PPC ads-how to create ones that will beat out your competition!

  • How to get great reviews and expert testimonials-and why this is vital to your marketing.

  • How to create your own affiliate program-and get others selling for you!

   You'll easily avoid some of the common "beginner mistakes" as you start creating and marketing your eBook, and help your business take off to a smooth start. I'll teach you why it's vital for people to find you online-and how to ensure that your eBook comes up when they key in search phrases for topics that they're looking for (for free, in many instances!)

This Sounds Great! What's It Cost?

   I'll even teach you how to "outdo" competitors, and make sure your eBook finishes first in online competition, all for the low price of only $47.97  only: $19.95 when you order your copy of "How To Write, Publish and Promote Your Own Profitable eBook".

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Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter,

eBook Marketing Revealed   YES! I want this exclusive eBook entitled "eBook Marketing Revealed - How to Write, Publish, and Promote your Own Profitable eBook."

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I understand this offer has a 90-day ironclad money-back guarantee. So if the eBook does not deliver what it promised, I can return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

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I was so inspired by "How To Write, Publish and Promote Your Own Profitable eBook",
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"The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book"

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    Order right now,  and start the journey to more profits through publishing and selling your own eBooks today. You will be ispired , too!

   You'll be glad you did. And I look forward to hearing about the change that earning this income has made in your own life.

Here's to starting your own profitable online business.

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

CEO, Grande Publishing, Inc.

P.S. - Did I mention that I completely guarantee that you'll be delighted with this eBook, and the feature-packed software and tools that you'll receive? It's completely risk-free to order, because I'm offering you a 100%, absolute money-back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with the practical, workable tips and advice offered in my eBook, I'll refund 100% of the purchase price.

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Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter


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