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December 2006

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"Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!"

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1. What's New: Holiday Special Offer

2. Take Your Oven to The Limit to Make a New York Pie

3. Smackdown: Canadian Bacon Pizza vs. Hawaiian Pizza.

4. More on Gandma Pizza in Long Island, New York

5. "Pizza is sexy..."

1. What's New: Holiday Special Offer and The 12 Days of Christmas

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2. Take Your Oven to The Limit to Make a New York Pie

Roger writes:

I recently read an article written by a New Yorker who spent years replicating the pizza from his favorite NYC parlor. Only problem was, the oven had to be about 700 degrees F, not possible in a home oven without using the cleaning cycle and some trickery to make the
oven work near its cleaning temp.

What temp are you recommending?

My Response:

I recommend getting your oven temperature as hot as possible.

I do not know about using the cleaning cycle. You will have to follow that advice on your own.

My oven will only get up to about 500 degrees F. I use a pizza stone (actually a hearthkit). The stone is pre-heated for at least an hour or more. My pizza comes out OK. I like the taste and so do all of the people I have made pizza for.

I do not pretend to say I can re-create a NYC style pizza at home.

I cannot recreate a NYC pizzeria pizza at home. Maybe other people can, but I do not have that ability. (Although in the Pizza Therapy Pizza Book, I feature a recipe by Peter Reinhart which is a NYC style pizza...)

Now as far as recreating your favorite NYC pizza parlor pizza at home?

I say don't even try. You will always be disappointed.

I think you can make good pizza at home. You might even be able to make great pizza.

But comparing NYC style pizzeria to home-made pizza is like comparing a Little League team to the New York Yankees.

It is apples to oranges. You may come close, but you will never totally nail it.

Please let me know the author of the article...I want to talk to that guy....

Roger wrote back and sent me the link... I visited the site and my jaw dropped!

I have to say...this guy knows how to make New York style pizza at home. I will have to eat my words.

His name is Jeff Varasano. Jeff has spent the last six years developing the recipe. He is a New Yorker who moved to Atlanta and was motivated by desperation because he could not find a New York style pizza anywhere

He has put up a page that gives away all of his secrets. He holds nothing back. His explanations are long and involved. He gives the recipes, the per cents of flour to water to yeast etc. etc. It's all here. He gives away all of his research and tricks.

And he has pictures of the pizzas to prove it. The pizzas look like they came out of a coal fired pizzeria oven. Incredible!

He truly has taken his pizza to the next level.

The most amazing part is that he cooks his pizza with the cleaning cycle of his oven. He discloses a secret to by-pass the oven controls so that he can "stress" the oven. He makes his oven reach temperatures that far exceed any type of normal limits. It's kind of like putting rocket fuel in a VW.

He also offers a disclaimer: Don't try this at home boy's and girls!

You will be astounded at these pizzas. He has packed more pizza information on this web page than many websites. I am impressed. You will be as well.

Here is the link to Jeff's page at Adam's Slice: >>> Jeff Varsano's New York Pizza Recipe.

Also don't forget to check out Adam Kuban's Slice: Crusty Saucy Cheesy
This is, America's favorite Weblog!


Big Jay at Modern Apizza, New Haven
Big Jay at Modern Apizza, New Haven, Connecticut

3. Smackdown: Canadian Bacon Pizza vs. Hawaiian Pizza.

J. J. asks:

I wish to ask you a question concerning two pizzas. I want to know the difference between a Canadian Bacon Pizza, and a Hawaiian Pizza. Also, I want recipes for both, if you have them.

My Response:


Thanks for writing. I personally think there is no difference.

I have been researching the origin of Hawaiian Pizza. Since I live in Hawaii, I thought I would have access to a main source.

It appears to me, Hawaiian pizza did not originate in Hawaii. The only connection to Hawaii is the fact there is Pineapple on the pizza.

(Albert's Side bar: The last pineapple plantation on the Island of Oahu just closed last month. There may not be any more wide scale pineapple production in the state of Hawaii. Ever.)

Please let me know the result of your own research into this

I will continue to research. ALSO: Please post your question here:

The Pasta and Pizza Forum

Readers, please post your responses at The Forum.

pizza on earth,


4. Square Pizza: Grandma Pizza in New York

New York magazine has created a list of what they feel is the best square pizza around "the City".

This is a different kind of pizza than most people are used to having. Neapolitan pizza seems to have everyone's attention. It is nice to see square pizza come of it's own.

When we were growing up, this pizza was referred as Sicilian pizza. It's square, it's thick and it's good.

Read about the best square pizza in New York right here:

New York Magazine Recommends The Best Square Pizza


5. "Pizza is sexy..."

Mililani, Hawaii-  “Pizza is sexy, right now,” contends World Famous Pizza Maker, Ed LaDou.

LaDou, best known as the creative pizza genius behind Wolfgang Puck’s Pizza as well California Pizza Kitchen, was responding to the current state of pizza and the infatuation of the media for all things pizza. LaDou who has been creating pizza for over 30 years, owns and operates Caioti Pizza Café, in Studio City, California...

Read More HERE

That's all the "Pizza News!", for now...

"Pizza on Earth,
Good Will to All"

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

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