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Grateful Dead:
Grateful Dead Radio City Music Hall 10/31/1980

Pizza Therapy for Dead Heads

Moto: Onward, upward.

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The Dead and Pizza Go Hand in Hand...

The Dead Live....

Entire Radio City Dead Show 10/31/80

(Set List Below)


Acoustic Set
01. Banter(Bass Problems)
02. Heaven Help The Fool
03. Sage & Spirit
04. Little Sadie
05. Monkey & The Engineer
06. It Must Have Been The Roses
07. Cassidy
08. Birdsong (Phil joins band)
09. Ripple

Electric Set I
01. Jack Straw
02. Cold Rain & Snow
03. Me & My Uncle
04. Mexicali Blue
05. Ramble on Rose
06. Little Red Rooster
07. Brown Eyed Woman
08. Looks Like Rain
09. Deal

Electric Set II
10. Don't Ease Me In
11. Lost Sailor
12. Saint Of Circumstance
01. Franklin's Tower
02. Drums
03. Space
04. Fire On The Mountain
05. Not Fade Away
06. Stella Blue
07. Goin Down The Road Feeling Bad
08. Good Lovin'

09. Uncle John's Band

Audio transfers by Vern White
1st Generation VHS provided by Dan Blank (many thanks!!)
Video capture, video editing, and audio synchronization by Kevin Tobin
Additional audio synchronization and dvd authoring by MattMan
Special thanks to voodoonola



Home for Dead Heads at Pizza Therapy  

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