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The Best Pizza in the Keystone State.

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The Best Pizza in Pennsylvania
Discover who makes the best pizza in
The Keystone State






PA  Allentown Sal's Pizza Shop susan "This pizza is hands down the best. The homemade sauce, homemade dough is absolutely perfection. It is truly Heaven."
PA Beaver
Mario's Wood fired Pizzeria
lemonhead /

"Mario's pizza is my favorite.  He uses all the finest ingredients, makes it by
hand, and then bakes it in a wood fired oven from Italy.  You can visit Mario's
and feel that, while you are there that you are dining a la fresco in Italy.... I feel
that here in Beaver, Pennsylvania we are lucky to have Mario's in our midst."   /
'Traditional Italian pizza in wood fired oven!"

PA Canonsburg


shaffer "The pizza and crust are  Greattttttttt!!! 
Sam's own secret recipe!"
PA Coatesville 

Jacks Pizza
1948 E Lincoln Hwy  
Coatesville PA 19320(610) 384-1000

Richard "Jack makes the best cheese steaks around, and the best pizza around as well,
my last meal would be here wow..."
PA Dickson City

Colarusso's Pizza
1126 Commerce Boulevard
Dickson City, Pa 18519
(570-) 489-2627


"Coal oven, crispy crust, oven baked sandwiches..."
PA Drexel Hill Jano's headbang "This pizza is amazing. The sauce tastes so good, and the crust is never flat and wimpy. Toppings are cut to perfection, and not too greasy..."
PA Enola Jigsy's Old Forge Pizza
225 North Enola Road
Enola, PA 17025

(717) 732-7708
champlin "The crust is just perfect and they use a special blend of cheese..."
PA Erie Flip's Pizza Chris "The crust and sauce are the best and highest quality. The
service is also fantastic, owners are always there!"
PA Forest Hills

Vincent's Pizza

spiatek "It's the whole experience."
PA Greensburg Falbo's Pizza machine "Falbo's original thin is very unique. Sweet and tangy sauce with a very thin, almost fried pastry type crust. Excellent buttery tasting cheese that has the perfect amount of saltiness...."
PA Greensburg Jioio's Restaurant sochoi23 "...It's the perfect combination of a thin sweet crust with a fantastic sauce. The homemade bleu cheese salad dressing is alo the best...."
PA Harrisburg Salvatore's cjkeefer "The recipe for the sauce was passed down generations by two old little Italian ladies Mama & Aunt Tina. This place is un-stoppable..."
PA Hazleton Longo's Bakery susan "They make the best pizza in town. The sauce is seasoned to perfection."
PA Hazleton


djsabo "Everything about it is different, but totally delicious! One of a kind! This is in a small city where there are nearly a hundred pizza joints."
PA Kennett Square

Gallery Restaurant & Pizzeria

fazetop "The guy that owns the place makes the best pizza - his sauce is outrageous!
He knows everyone of his repeat customers!! Great food, great atmosphere!"
PA Langhorne Brother's Pizza tjinphilly /
"...The crust is perfect, crisp on the outside, soft and doughy on the inside. The whole milk Mozzarella is the perfect cheese. The sauce, sheer perfection..." /
The crust is perfect, the sauce very flavorful, and the toppings always fresh.
PA Landenburg Rosas Pizza

1551 New London Rd  Landenberg, PA 19350
(610) 255-5980

Rosa's Pizza


"The cheese is nice and gooey depending if you get extra or not the topping are always
delicious they have great service and many other things than pizza.."
PA Latrobe Carasella's Pizzeria
Steve "Best pizza in Latrobe. The sauce and crust is by far the best..."
PA Latrobe The Pond Rich "Western Pennsylvania is a hot bed for pizza.  Latrobe's best is The Pond.  Extra
cheese, pep and mushrooms and have them do it a little well done."
PA Marion Heights
Tower of Pizza
BJ Mars "The dough is still made by hand and is made fresh daily.  It has been in operation
for over 50 years."
PA McKees Rocks Mama Lena's Pizza House casanova
" NEED to try their Sicilian pizza. Their crust is out of this world! If you love a crisp, yet soft and tasty thick crust that you can really sink your teeth into, THIS IS can ... find 'Mama' there, speaking Italian with her family."
PA Montgomery

Mistic Pizza

agallo "The crust is the best and the sauce is not overly sweet. But, the best thing of all is they know how to cook a pizza. Never under or over cooked."
PA Nuremberg Johnson's Pitz Zstop brat /
johnsjk /
"The service & pizza are what keeps bringing me back..." /
"You've gotta check this place out,..."
PA Oaks Oaks Pizzeria

1601 Egypt Rd
Oaks PA 19456

Oaks Pizza from Pizza Therapy

"They have 2 pizzas that I find to be AWESOME!  I love their Cheese steak Hoagie pizza and their Taco pizza.  Both taste incredible!"
PA Old Forge


pittstonrd "Old Forge is the pizza capital of the world It has over a half dozen great
pizza places. Of which Bruticco's is best." 
PA Old Forge


511 S Main St
 Old Forge, PA
(570) 457-2652

Johnny "Everything, especially the girls who have made the pizza for over 50 years. I'm from Buffalo, NY and we have great pizza here, but my wife and I think Ghigiarelli's is the best..
PA Old Forge Revello's chumalot /
"...the crust which is in a world all to itself....soft yet crunchy...flaky...." /
"...They have their own style of pizza making, simliar to Sicilian but not as thick of a crust. Must eat it plain to get the full effect...."
PA Philadelphia Joe's Pizza bob "Stop by any Friday at lunch time and the line is out the door and down the block. Joe's has the best variety and attitude of Philly!"
PA Philadelphia


vvellois /
"Best pizza in Philly.  Sweet sauce, thin crust, great old-
fashioned boardwalk style pizza." /
"The sauce is sweet, and the dough is perfect- large slices make it a more pleasurable experience."
PA Philadelphia Lombardi's Original Pizza Ed Levine
Pizza: A Slice of Heaven!
The Crust has "just the right balance of crunch and tenderness."
PA Philadelphia Marra's mzungolo "Old Passyunk Avenue standby makes a seafood pizza to kill for. Toppings, crust, sauce--Marra's has it all. The service is a bit South Philly brusque, but that's part of the charm."
PA Philadelphia Mister P Pizza & Pasta Tom "...Their Pizza makes your mouth water. They have the Best Tomato Pie's and StuffedPizza's...They also have a Sandwich called Mister P Chicken, it is one of the best
sandwiches I have even eaten..."
PA Philadelphia Tacconelli's Ed Levine
Pizza: A Slice of Heaven!
"For many pizza aficionados across the country Tacconelli's is the pizzeria in Philadelphia...fine pizza..."
PA Philipsburg Hi-Way Krezyle "Cheap deliciousness in a white cardboard box. Cheese is gooey, sauce is great consistency, and dough is tasty. A hometown classic."
PA Pittsburgh Beto's jennifer "Square cut, crunchy crust, topped with chunky tomato sauce and semi-cooked cheese! It's the best 'za in da burgh!"
PA Pittsburgh Campiti's Pizza propertydamage "The best thin crusted round pie pizza available!  Their pizza
tastes the same today as it did in 1959 - That's consistency!
...try the sausage and pepperoni combination, it is outstanding!"
PA Pittsburgh Di Salla's Jay "The sauce.  different from any other pizza I've ever had.  the best. the crust is crunchy on the bottom, and fluffy tender inside.
the cheese blend is incredible.
Sicilian style, square cut.  Not overly thick like some other Sicilian pizza I've
had.  If ANYONE, ANYONE knows the recipe, PLEASE let me know...."
PA Pittsburgh Fiores tammy "The sauce is a little sweet, the crust is the perfect combo of crunchy but soft. The cheese is indescribable. Altogether it is the greatest pizza we have in Pittsburgh."
PA Pittsburgh Mineo's Pizza House
212 Murray Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 521-9864

dougccox /




"Not only is the service excellent, but the pizza is my all-time favorite. Heavy on the cheese, a perfect spicy yet sweet sauce and a thickish yet still kinda thin crust.."/
"Well Mineo's is legendary in Pittsburgh, and is a Family tradition if you live in Sq.Hill. If you have to ask you don't know. Its the best!" /

" all time Favorite Pizza place for the best Pizza ever..."

PA Pittsburgh Roberto's Pizzeria
Diane Morgan
from her book: 
"...simple and light with uncomplicated flavors. The crust is perfection: slightly charred with a thick rounded edge yet with a soft unique finish, a pleasant chew with a slight smoky taste."
pizza by Diane Morgan and Tony Gemignani
PA Pittsburgh

Vincent's Pizza

agrostis2000 "The crust is incredible, and the toppings are always fresh and plentiful. Truly the greatest pizza anywhere."
PA Punxatawney Fox's Pizza Den

115 N Findley St  Punxsutawney, PA 15767
(814) 938-4615

Fox's Pizza Den

Albert Grande

"Scott Anthony, pizza expert, pizza consultant and social marketing expert.

Scott's promotes this idea:
Turn YOUR Passion into Profits"

PA Ridley Park

Venice Pizza

jlaslave ""Medium pepperoni pizza with a crispy crust"...those are the magic words (or if you are with a big group, order a BUNCH of pizzas, you won't be sorry)."
PA Ross Township

Sir Pizza

rjr "Thin crust with plentiful ground toppings,sliced small edible squares. Packed every
PA Scranton

Alfredo's Pizza

wise young owl "Alfredo's Pizza has the best sauce. Very rich and savory. It's more expensive thanthat other Alfredo's place in town, but the extra cost is definitely worth it..."
PA Scottsdale Carson's Tavern Pizza Lover "I must say that the sauce makes this pizza! It has such a fresh unique taste! Keep on cooking those pizzas!"
PA Squirrel Hill Mineo's Pizza glitteryobiscuits "This pizza is spectacular! The crunchy crust, the smothering
cheese, the succulent pepperoni! This place knocks you off of
your feet!"
PA  State College Faccia Luna Misty "Their crispy crusted wood-fired pizzas are amazing! Creative pizzas include the
Genovese with paper thin sliced raw potatoes, basil pesto, parmesan cheese, and fresh
vine-ripened tomatoes. "
Squirrel Hill

jennachef "The crust is incredibly flaky, sauce is not your ordinary sauce. Flavors are unique as is the crust. Unique variety of pizza's, no one has a pizza quite like it... "
PA Upper Darby Mario & Gino's jack "The crust is thin and crispy, the cheese tastes great, ... the sauce is perfection..."
PA Trucksville Pizza Perfect spzcind /
"the crust and the onions if you like onions"  /
This pizza tastes like no other!! I live on the other side of the US and make a
point of stopping in every time return."
PA Verona Della Salas rhonda "...This is the best pizza I've ever eaten. The crust has the perfect mix of crispiness/chewiness and the toppings are generous. But, I think what makes this the BEST pizza is their home-made hot sausage!..."
PA Washington Nikki's Original Pizza Nichole Their crust is perfect but the sauce has more flavor than any I have ever tasted.."
PA Whitehall Charles donna "...crust is always perfect, thin, bubbly around the edges ... The sauce is the perfect flavor; fresh vine ripened homegrown tomato taste. The cheese is a perfect blend not part skim. And of course the oregano is sprinkled on the cheese before baking not in the sauce."
Long Island Pizza kane "This place is like no other!! The pizza rocks...
the crust is to die for!!!... "
PA Windber Mimo's theswagger "Thin yet crisp crust, a perfect layer of sweet tangy sauce smothered in garlic-tinted bubbly cheese! This little town has the best, and I've had pizza pies all over the East Coast, including NYC and Jersey!"
PA Wyoming Sabatini's digidaze "The cheese, the crust and the sauce make it awaesome."
PA York Chubby's Pizza garret "This place has homemade sauce, the slices don't flop over when you go to take a bite. Just a great all around pizza."

Who Makes The Best Pizza in the Pennsylvania

"Every pizza lover feels the best pizza is made best in their own home town. West Coast pizza fans are very loyal to their pizza. Mid-west pizza fans are loyal to their own pizza. Don't even get me started about the debate between Chicago Deep Dish pizza vs. New Your Pizza. New Haven pizza fans are fiercely loyal to "Wooster Street" style pizza. Of course other countries feel their pizza is the best...
One thing is absolutely certain:
I love pizza and you do too!
Browse the Pizza Therapy list of "Best Pizza in the World".
 Submit the name of you own favorite pizzeria.
Vote HERE!"

Pizza on Earth,

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

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