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State Motto: Friendship    State Nickname: The Lone Star State

The Best Pizza in Texas






Texas Austin Conan's debrupp "Conan's deep dish, whole wheat crust is fabulous! Plus, their ingredients are sublime: fresh, great cheese - mmmm."
Texas Austin Home Slice Pizza George "Their pizza tastes just like home, Brooklyn NY. If you live in Austin and want NY pizza then you must go here."
Texas Burnett Don Vito's samueldecarlo "Pizza Chef, "Don Vito", creates in his country kitchen a hand-tossed, brick-oven pie with a golden crust and spicy sauce to die for! His recipes were brought over from Sicily by his grandfather!"
Texas Corpus Christi Panjo's noblwish "Their deep dish pizza is to DIE for! Certainly the best pizza in CC..."
Texas Cypress Brother's Pizza thelfox "They make dough every morning from scratch. Their sauce is superb!! ...can't imagine ever eating pizza out anywhere else, except my own kitchen!!"

kdmoots /
"...I grew up eating the best homemade pizza. The only pizza I like besides our DeLuca family's homemade pizza, is Campisi's. This restaurant in Dallas, Texas, is a quaint, old-fashioned joint. The pizza is delicious...." /
Great crust, great sauce, great everything. The salami pizza is my favorite..."
Texas Dallas Marco's Mark "Incredible thin crust, the sauce is magic, with a hint of
anchovy, lightly burned edges and fantastic spicing. Best in Dallas."
Texas Dallas Primo Brothers Pizza mirlinvr "This pizza is special because it really has the perfect combination of sauce, cheese and crust...When I take a bite the aroma first engulfs me and then the taste is beautiful...It really is the best pizza I have ever had... "
Texas Dallas Serious Pizza
2807 Elm St
Dallas, TX 75226

(214) 761-9999

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

Arguably some of the absolute best pizza in Dallas..." All the pizza are homemade and hand tossed.."

The slices are BIG and the service is exceptional.

Texas Rockwall Zanata
202 E. Rusk Street, Rockwall, TX 75087


Zanata from

"Its truly a unique place.  All made with two day rise in the yeast, all natural dough, and every pie is hand stretched and fired in our only wood oven."
From their website:
"A Mediterranean infused menu is featured serving handcrafted pizzas, entrees and other mouthwatering bites out of wood burning ovens.  We offer a menu highlighting flavors from afar, whilst utilizing local farm fresh ingredients." 
Texas Harker Heights  Big Curlz Curley Family "...It is hard to find a good pan pizza in Texas, this place does it for me!"
Texas Houston Barry's Pizza
and Italian Diner

6003 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter




Texas Houston Star Pizza Windy "This is the best pizza I've found and have been going there for over 20 years. My favorite is Joe's Pizza - whole wheat or white - with spinach and garlic."
Texas Houston Heights Collina's Italian Cafe Stephen "...It is euphoria on earth..."
Texas Lewisville Vessuvio's jon davies "The crust is thin and perfect. Provel Cheese (not Provolone, from St Louis) is fantastic. Ingredients are excellent. Great taste. No oily mess. 10 out of 10 !"
Texas Port Aransas Port "A" Pizzeria Betty "The Pizza, the sauce, the crust, the service, atmosphere, cleanliness."
Texas Port Aransas Bufatso's bill "The new Bufatso's has the best hand tossed crust around. In addition, their menu isinnovative and traditional, the sauce is not over-spiced or too tart, the service is
great, the place is clean, and you can't go wrong with their prices. ..."
Texas Port Aransas Mama's Pizzeria swing "....They use real pizza ovens and have a thin, NY style crust. You can watch them hand toss the dough while you listen to the friendly staff ramble about lif on the Island. Their sauce is light and they use the real whole milk mozzarella..."
Texas Plano Pizza Inn pkhara "The Pizza here is soooo good! Try this and you will be hooked!"
Texas Richardson

Cafe Amore

600 N. Coit Rd.
Suite #2050 Richardson
TX 75080


" it has been consistently my favorite place to eat. The first time I had their pizza, the cheese was so rich and the sauce so agreeable that I thought I was in heaven. I heartily recommend this Italian Restaurant for anyone who'd like to take a friend, family, or grab a quick bite for themselves.
 4 out of 4 stars."
Texas Sachse Romano's nononame "The best pizza we have ever had. The sauce is to die for and the crust is perfect."
Texas San Antonio Big Lou's Pizza jmf "This place is the best all the toppings are fresh and the sauce is awesome...On the weekends the lines are out the door. Big Lou's has been recognized in USA Today. The staff is realfriendly. Big Lou's is great...You have to try it."
Texas San Antonio Colonna's Pizza & Ristorante Michael "Their Pizzas are the bomb. It's a family recipe for the dough they use."
Texas San Antonio Florio's rvmoody "...The pizza is a generous size with excellent sauce, crust and toppings...make sure to stop by Florio's, you won't be sorry..."
Texas San Antonio Grant St. Pizza randy "This is everything good pizza should be...The crust is ultra-thin, the sauce has a very fresh, flavorful blend without a lot of superfluous spice. Bottom line, fresh, fresh, fresh!!!"
Texas The Woodlands Greek Tony's Pizza & Subs primodus "This is the best pizza in the world, bar none! Crust, sauce, cheese, the works! The Pie Slama Jama is their masterpiece 16", 7lb. pizza. AWESOME!"

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