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Washington Seattle Cafe Lago btrathen "What sets them apart is that it is a total package, the crust is thin and crisp, the sauce is vibrant and fresh, the service great, and the owners are hands on. They also bake in a wood fired oven."  
Washington Seattle Delfino's Tacomaboy "Makes a Chicago boy feel at home. The deep dish pizza has a flaky crust and great taste."  
Washington Seattle Northlake Tavern dnynamzug "Thick slice ingredients! Two large pieces is enough for most. Fantastic flavors..."  
Washington Seattle


4529 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 726-1717

doughnil /
Chef DeWalt
"The sauce is flavorful, the crust thin and crispy, and the toppings are unique." /
"...The crust was ultra thin and the sauce. . .oh the sauce! It was a tad sweet, but a tad hot, and the cheeses were not glommy or overkill. I loved the place so much I took a job there, and threw pies for a summer..."



Washington Seattle Pegasus on Alki unkown "...fresh spinach, the thin matchsticks of pepperoni on top so they're crispy, and those sunflower seeds--creative and extremely tasty."  
Washington Seattle Piecora's Original
 New York Pizza
Alden at this link:
"Piecora's is the BEST PIZZA IN SEATTLE. I often bus to it from Northgate because I crave it to bad. And it's very reasonably priced, too. A slice, some garlic bread, and a gin & tonic and I'm ready to crawl the hill!"  


Snoose Junction Pizzeria
2305 NW Market St. Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 789-2305

Josh Burker "...This is true New York-style pizza, with a crispy, thin crust, a zesty and sweet tomato sauce, and not too much cheese..."

To read the rest of this review visit:

Josh Burker's Blog

Washington Seattle Tutta Bella
4411 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 633-3800

firwave /
cecelias /
"Excellent pizza Napolitano...finally a bright light in a dim pizza town." /
"Wood Fire oven.  Authentic Italian style pizza with a crust that is beyond
perfection. Great prices." /
The crust is light as a feather and quickly attains a fluffy crispness in no time. Hand shaped, of course, and beautifully burned..."



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