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The Best Pizza in Oregon visitors speak out!

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Can you really find good pizza in Oregon? Discover the Best Pizza, here...
The Best  in
Pizza in Oregon from Pizza Therapy






Oregon Ashland Archie's Pizza Ed "This pizza is so good, Ed can't describe it!" A. Grande
Oregon Bend Little Pizza Paradise Big D "Pizza as good as the best East coast places!!  Great crust & sauce and out of this world cheese.  One of the best places on the West coast without a doubt."
Oregon Canby Lone Elder Pizza couture "Crust is thin, crispy, (not greasy) and while 
crispy it's flaky and tender."
Oregon Eugene Ambrosia Doc Pepper "All hand made pizza. Baked in a wood fired oven. Awesome!"
Oregon Eugene Papa's Pizza gmn "The best crust ever!!!!!"
Oregon Eugene Pinino's Pizza Anonymous "The sauce is very good the cheese
is very fresh!"
Oregon Florence Paisano's Pizza Deli fiddleck "This is a gourmet pizza parlor. They make all their own crusts, sauces,
and use only fresh ingredients."
Oregon Fort Hood Santacroces' Italian Restaurant

4780 Hwy 35

Hood River, Oregon


(541) 396-3270


Les "...a spot on the side of the road... best Pizza I've ever had. Hand tossed, true Italian/New York crusts, and sauces to die for..."
Oregon Leaburg Ike's Lakeside Pizza Angie "The drive is beautiful, and not so far out of Springfield. 
It's got a great atmosphere, and is always delicious..."
Oregon Medford Abby's Pizza abdelloyd "...Every one I know has had the best pizza experience with..." this "restaurant.... I am still trying to make my pizza the same as they do..."
Oregon Portland Apizza Scholls
4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland
, Oregon
(503) 233-1286
Chef Peter Reinhart
Also go to:
 (Legends of Pizza, Volume 1)
"...they are just going bonkers there, I don't think Portland has ever seen pizza of this caliber...Brian Spangler is the pizza maker...I had one of his pizzas and the first words out of my mouth were "It's as good as Bianco's!" I had never said that about any other pizza I tasted".

Chef Peter Reinhart as told to Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter in an exclusive audio interview for (Legends of Pizza, Volume 1)

Oregon Portland Bellagio's Pizza Vampire "I have had eaten an astonishing amount of pizza in my time and
have been lucky enough to enjoy it around the world and Bellagio's Pizza is by far the finest pizza I have ever tasted.  The crust is perfect, the toppings are fresh and bursting with flavor.  It is truly the best pizza this planet has to offer."
Oregon Portland Blind Onion Pizza Warren "...the pizza is great, good micro-beer specials its a a very unique small room with good music,..."
Oregon Portland Flying Pie Pizza  gator "Just plain good!!!!"
Oregon Portland Ken's Artisan Pizza
304 SE 28th
Portland, Oregon 97214


Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

"The pizza at Kenís Artisan Pizza is inspired by pizzas Ken and chef Alan Maniscalco each have enjoyed during visits to Italy and elsewhere in Europe. Baked in the intense heat of a wood-fired oven, with a blistered crust, and topped with the best ingredients they can find, pizzas are baked in about 2 minutes time."
Oregon Portland Rock Creek Corner
18515 NW West Union Rd
Portland, OR 97229
(503) 645-8225
Rock Creek Corner from


"One of the best pizzas I have ever had, seems expensive when you read the menu, but you have to see the PORTIONS...If you get the large Colossal, (everything) you might grunt to pick it up. Loaded with toppings, one large will feed my family of three at least 3 meals.  And its great."
Oregon Portland Tastebud

3220 SE Milwaukie
 (1 1/2 blocks south of Powell Blvd.)
Portland, OR 97202

(503) 234-0330

Jon F. "Mark is the guy. A gentle giant...He made his mark doing wood fired bagels and now he has moved over to making incredible pizza....The crust was very tender and light...very hard to describe...but tender and light is how it tasted..."

Wood fired rustic baking. You can check out their incredible menu here: Tastebud Menu

The menu of Tastebud looks amazing. They even have an all the pizza you can eat on Sunday nights.

 From their website: "Mark Doxtader is the chef/owner who has a passion for the rustic alternative to traditional catering. He believes in creating a community of members who are interested in sharing meals."

 Also includes Montreal Style Bagels to go.

Book me a flight to Portland. I'm on my way!

Oregon Salem Geppetto's sstadeli / jj_isaacson "The people, the pizza and the drinks!! :)" / "Killer crust, tasty sauce, imaginative (as well as traditional) toppings..."
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