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The Best Pizza in Ohio
"the Buckeye State"








 Capo's Pizza III

1205 Lake Ave
Ashtabula OH 44004



"Nothing Bizza Capo's Pizza"

"Outstanding! Always tastes fresh. Good selection, good service, good prices. Order it with the anchovies... no, really."/"...Thin crust and crisp too, not soggy here. Mildly sweet sauce seasoned just right..."/ "No pie better than Capo's"
Ohio Bedford 

Brian's Pie in the Sky

dude "That man can make a great pizza and when you say toppings nobody gives you
Ohio Bellefontaine

600 Downtown
108 S Main St,
Bellefontaine, OH 43311
(937) 599-6600

Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter
600 Downtown from Pizza Therapy

"Six Hundred Downtown is a good old fashioned pizzeria, the way they used to be and they the way they were meant to be. We feel that pizza making is an art and we strive to create the best pizza we possibly can. We hand spin our pizzas the old fashioned way and we bake our pizzas in an old fashioned brick oven. Each pizza is handcrafted just for you."

Ohio Bexley


Rubino's Pizzeria
2643 E Main St
Columbus OH 43209

(614)235-0712 /

Roger /
Aaron Nathans

Been there since '56, I believe.  they use a cracker-like crust that doesn't rise.  /
"Crispy, fabulous sauce, great cheese."
Ohio Bowling Green

Myle's Pizza Pub

516 East Wooster Street
Bowling Green, OH 43402 
(567) 855-4368

tligman "The sauce is divine, the crust is made fresh daily, the sausage is ground from pork chops, and the toppings are always piled high."
Ohio Bowling Green

945 South Main
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402
(419) 352-7571


"A great pizza/salad bar buffet but their roast beef pizza with a ranch dressing for sauce (believe it or not) is out of this world."
Ohio Canton



4905 West Tuscarawas Street
Canton, Ohio

pko pizzaqueen

"...With over 40 fresh toppings and 5 sauces, the combinations are endless and the dough taste and texture really sets it apart..."
Ohio Canton Pizza Oven

4990 Dressler Rd NW
Canton, Ohio
(330) 493-0090


"This is a family owned shop started by Joe DiPietro, an ex-profootball player from Canton and it has been around for over 50 years. People come from all over to get his pizza and they are shipped all over the USA. His sauce is the greatest."
Ohio Cleveland Nunzios Pizzeria
Bryan "This place is authentic Italian pizza all the way!! The people are friendly and warm
who will answer your questions and give you service with a smile. This is the best
Internet site on the Web!!!!!!
Ohio Cleveland Patinos Pizza scionsignment "This is as authentic as it comes- Recipe came over on the Boat in the 1900's -
passed down to the 3rd generation chef Carmine. Best Pizza in Town"
Ohio Clintonville The Brick Oven ski chick "The Crust...The Sauce...The Fresh ingredients, you name it. BUT... the crust is the best. Crispy on the thin and the thick has a soft inside with a sturdy crunchy outer edge... They
offer thick or thin crust. They offer 4 different sauces:  pizza, BBQ, Alfredo or ranch and all the normal toppings...I only wish they had dine-in.
 They do take out and delivery only.   "
Ohio Columbus

Bexley Pizza Plus

brocco "Fresh dough. 100% real cheese & pepperoni. Fresh cut veggies. 32 available
Ohio Columbus Danato's Stringbean "The crusts and the sauce together make it really unique and
perfect. You can't find any other pizza like it. "
Ohio Columbus Michael's Pizza stan "This pizza has won the regional pizza awards for Central America for the last 5 years. In 2002 they went to Italy where they won in the "traditional" pizza class. Pizza doesn't get any better than this."
Ohio Columbus Rotolo's Aaron Nathans "...a great pie....the cheese was slightly spicy..."
Ohio Columbus

The Pizza House

Steve Favor "Best pizza in Columbus. The best lasagna I ever had in my life!"
Ohio Columbus Terita's misterjg "...perfect crust, cheese, sauce just a GREAT Pizza!..."
Ohio Columbus Tommy's Pizza linsdeywindle "Local favorite for many years, great sauce and toppings thin
crust perfection, hence their motto "TOMMY'S OF PERFECTION""
Ohio Dalton Kraus' Pizza bkstark "Unlike any other pizza anywhere."
Ohio Dayton

Donato's Pizza

jerry "Best toppings, lots of toppings, tender crust..."
Ohio Kenton


Michael Angelo's
215 S Detroit St.
Kenton, OH 43326





Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter

"Simply incredible pizza by Michael Shepherd, one of the World Pizza Champions. Author of: Growing Pizza: How to Plant the Seeds to a Successful Pizzeria"

From their website:
We feel that  pizza making is an art and we strive to create the best pizza we possibly can. We start by making our dough using a 48 hours cold rise method to unlock the hidden flavors inside the flours." 

Watch an exclusive interview with Michael Shepherd, CLICK HERE.

Ohio Lisbon Mary's Pizza aselway "...Very thick , rich crust. Sauce that is sweet and thick. They use hamburger or sausage in the sauce. The cheese is put on after it comes out of the oven. So filling you can't eat but 3-4 slices at once!!!"
Ohio Lorain Eliseo's Pizza shanadu "...the best on earth!!!"
Ohio Lorain

Selenti's Pizza

starscr "No munchkin size large pizzas here! Great crust, great sauce and great toppings."
Ohio Marietta


500 Front St
Marietta, OH 45750
(740) 374-2280

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Bill "Very unique home made style pizza. Large menu GREAT subs too!"
Ohio Painesville Master Pizza jcapuozzo "Baked perfectly with thick crust, dough is lite, sauce is sweet and spicy, cheese
blend is creamy and tasty a winner every time. "
Ohio New Philadelphia Mary Zifers meg "The sauce is slightly sweet. The crust is thick but very light and airy and has a crisp exterior. The big distinguishing feature is the cheese - they use Longhorn."
Ohio Port Clinton

Bell-Mell Pizza

southseas "Home  made dough daily, fantastic crusts, out of this world toppings..."
Ohio Powell

Brooklyn Pizza

30 Grace Drive
Powell, OH 43065
Phone: 614-436-8900


"It has a New York pizza style the best pizza in the states and bordering states."

From their website: "We use only FRESH ingredients on every pizza, calzone, stromboli, sandwich and salad. Family owned and operated, we take pride in everything we serve."

Ohio Sunbury Longbranch Pizza breese2 "The sauce on this pizza is fantastic. It leaves a memorable impression
I will not soon forget."
Ohio Toledo Elbo Room Pizza tomintemp "Thin crust, Toledo Style Pizza. Great sauce, brick cheese. The best pizza ever......"
Ohio Toledo The Original Gino's motoal /
"Sauce is super and fresh." /
"Simply a legend here in Toledo, Ohio..."
Ohio University Heights Geraci's Restaurant


Fine Family "The absolute best pizza in Northeast Ohio...Their homemade sauce is very zesty with big chunks of tomato to bite into.  The pepperoni they use is (thick cut) has a crisp, spicy flavor that makes you (whether you're full or not) take another slice. . . or two."
Ohio West Chester Fratellis Pizza
6890 Tylersville Rd.
 West Chester, OH
(513) 777-5061



"Best New York style pizza in and around the Cincinnati area.  True New York style pizza with unbelievable cheese and the crust is to die for.  The owners are from New York and they brought a piece of their city to West Chester.  If your ever around Cincinnati you have to stop by West Chester and try out Fratellis pizza!"
Ohio Westerville Minico's muncybr "Perfect crust and sauce combination.  This place could convert
you to a thin curst lover."
Ohio Wintersville/
DeCarlos Pizza EclecticBuddha "a supreme cracker crunch on the bottom with a pillowy top to the crust. Since the cheese is not cooked and only warms and melts slightly, the flavor is not cooked out and provides an absolutely unique experience. If you are skeptical, have your favorite local joint prep your next pie this way and enjoy. Better yet, try the original. Take-out only. " submitted to The Pizza Pasta Forum
Ohio Wooster Coccia House

764 Pittsburgh Ave.
Wooster, OH 44691

(330) 262-7136


"The garlic and spices are amazing. The best sausage on pizza!! 
The owner Joe is always there and just turned 90 last month!!"

Happy Birthday Joe from Pizza Therapy!

From the Coccia House website:

"Operated today by Joseph, Jeannette, Karen, and Steve Calabria, the Coccia House features homemade Italian pizza, Abruzzi style. Our dough is prepared fresh daily in our own kitchen and never frozen. Our cheese is provolone made especially for pizza. Our policy is and always has been lots of dough, lots of toppings, lots of cheese. "

Ohio Youngstown Avalon Gardens srussell "...The crust has got to be the best in the area- not only is the pizza great fresh out of the oven, but the cold leftovers (if there are leftovers) make a great breakfast the next morning...."
New Hampshire Manchester Rich's Pizza & Deli


"The sauce and crust are awesome!!"

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