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State Motto: L'étoile du Nord (The Star of the North)

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The Best Pizza in Minnesota






Minnesota Duluth Pizza Luce
11 East Superior Street
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 727-7400


"The atmosphere is fun and modern, the specialty pizza is fantastic - you could close your eyes and point and end up with a wonderful meal no matter what your finger lands on!"
Minnesota Duluth Sammy's Pizza

kenkilpo /
ks kogg

"Their kosher salami and pepperoni pizza is the best. The flavor can't be beat." /
Great sauce and thin crust.  Excellent ground beef and salami toppings not found at
many other places in MN."
Minnesota Grand Marais Sven & Ole's


"Ja, da pizza iss so gut because it is made by Scandahoovians. My favorite is a lutafisk pizza! An da website is funny too!."
Minnesota Hibbing Sammy's Pizza


"The thin crust crisp crust is classic. Their sauce and sausage the best I have tasted.  Toppings are not overloaded, but balanced.  This is classic pizzeria pizza!"
Minnesota Lakeville Linwood Pizza


"The crust is an unparalleled thin crisp crust, the toppings
are all fresh, and the word of mouth advertising is most commonly quoted as
 "awesome pizza". Once they've tried it they never go back."
Minnesota Minneapolis Black Sheep Pizza
Jim "Coal Fired Pizza in Minnesota?  Yes, it’s true!   Black Sheep Pizza, in Minneapolis
is a great get away for fans of NY style pizza.  There meatball pizza is fantastic
and there location and atmosphere is great.  The owners are very down to earth and
want to make sure that you enjoy your pizza experience"
Minnesota Minneapolis  Pizza Biga


"one of the best in Minnesota, ...Pizza Biga has a New York pizza taste."
Minnesota Minneapolis Pizza Luce
119 North 4th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401  
(612) 333-7359
Cheryl "The ingredients are fresh and delicious. They make vegan, vegetarian, ect. I haven't had a bad pizza there."
Minnesota Northfield

Bill's Pizza


"The cheese and the crust have an unusual, rather "nutty" flavor."
Minnesota Pipestone Dar's Pizza


" pizza place here in town, is the BEST pizza I ever ate in my life. Dar's Pizza. Thanks,."
Minnesota St. Cloud House of Pizza


"The pizza has the BEST crust, toppings and sauce you can find..."
Minnesota Saint Paul

Angelo's Pizza


"It's an all around great pizza. Flavor explodes from all the parts of the pizza. Cooked to perfection every time."
Minnesota Saint Paul Cosetta's


"...Each pizza has a unique sauce, huge slices and a great deal! Sit on the second floor and watch them hand toss the pizza's from the first floor to eye level with you."

Minnesota Saint Paul Punch Neapolitan Pizza
704 Cleveland Ave S
St Paul
MN 55116
(651) 696-1066

mariana  /

Andrew Zimmern

Star of:
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern at Punch


"Fresh-fresh-fresh ingredients. Traditional Neapolitan thin crust, wood-burning oven, great toppings, such as tender prosciutto! Yum!" /

"...Incredible pizza restaurant... John Serrano and John Pucket, two guys who own it, spent a lot of time in Italy and created this incredible, incredible pizza restaurant..."  

From their website: "Punch utilizes the same centuries-old techniques that Neapolitan masters use to create a truly authentic pizza. The world’s finest San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and top-secret dough form the foundation of the pizza, but the true craft is in mastering the wood fired oven."



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