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The Best Pizza in Michigan







Ann Arbor

Anthony's Gourmet Pizza majordude "They make the best Chicago deep dish pie. Homemade Italian sausage, and loads, I mean loads of cheese. Best Pizza EVER!!!"

Battle Creek

Pennfield Pizza Thomas Bishop "The cheese and sauce make it superb."

Bay City

Brooklyn Boys

612 East Midland Street
Bay City, MI

(989) 894-5560


"...the best pizza I have ever had. Their sauce, cheese blend, toppings, and crust are fantastic. They also have something called “Garlic Knots”, bread sticks tied in a knot and seasoned, that are absolutely phenomenal!..."

Bay City


todd "They have a secret blend of cheeses that makes it a great pizza."

Bear Lake

Rosie's Diner Anonymous "The crust is nice and thick, but it's the sauce that makes this pizza the best."



"Awesome Deep Square Pizza! - it's all I can say."
"All I can say is that it is the best pizza in Michigan and Las Vegas. It's the crust, about a half inch thick with maybe the small hint of beer."


Pizza and Deli
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter "Find specialty pizzas like Cass Corridor with gulf shrimp, tomato and cheese, East Side with crab, shrimp olive oil and tomato as well as the Motor City: pepperoni, bacon, ground beef, green pepper and onion.  Garalino's offers incredible pizza!"


Louie's Pizza Clint "...a square deep dish pizza that is awesome."


Pizza Papalis Clint "I've had several of the Stuffed Pizzas from Chicago...
the Detroit version is much better in my opinion.  I know this could stir a lot of
criticism and debate, but I guess there is no accounting for taste."


Red Devil's
R Denial "Basically a forgotten place in a forgotten neighborhood in Detroit has the best pizza in the world. The neighborhood might make you nervous, but they have a guarded parking lot. Everyone I have taken there agrees that this is the best pizza they have ever tasted. It looks rather ordinary when it arrives, but nothing ordinary about the taste. I think it may have something to do with the sauce, but all the ingredients add up to perfection. You can keep your Chicago style and New York styles, just give me the Red Devils."


Supinos Pizzeria michael "...a unique and sublime pie house recently opened up in Detroit's eastern market, Supinos Pizzeria with a brick oven serving true chewy crust goodness."


Enzas tomsnyder "Sauce is awesome! Homemade sausage and cooked to perfection."

East Lansing

Georgio's Gourmet Pizzeria 442W30
The Pizza Therapy Forum
"...It's their fancy stuff that always has caught my, um, fancy. Go any day and you'll see taco pizza and baked potato pizza and lots of other varieties...their crowning achievement is their gyro pizza."

Farmington Hills

Tringales New York Pizza and Deli
(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)
Blank /
"The sauce and the crust is remarkable." /
"The thin crisp but a little chewy crust allows you to taste the extraordinary sauce and toppings instead of a heavy dough taste like some pizzas. The amount of sauce, cheese and any topping you like makes this pizza the perfect one!"

Farmington Hills

Tomatoes Apizza

"Tomatoes Apizza is the closest thing to eating at Sally's (I brought 2 pizza back on the plane with me)" /
"The crust, the sauce and the fact that the owner Mike Weinstein saw the need to bring New Haven style pizza to Michigan. As close to Wooster Street you can get!!"
 (For more info on Wooster Street, see the Pepe's or Sally's pages at
Michigan Flint

Sicily's Pizza


"The crusts are perfection; thin and crispy-chewy; dark brown on the bottom. The sauce is tangy and slightly spicy, with a hint of olive oil."
Michigan Grand Haven


mikecook /

"The most unique pizza I've ever eaten...The crust is one of a kind and the secret sausage recipe used is to die for." /
"They Only Make One Size Pizza, Thin Crust Only..."
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Michigan Grand Rapids

Village Inn Pizza Parlor


"Highest Quality Ingredients, Great Cracker Thin Crust. Just the right amount
of cheese."
Michigan Hazel Park Loui's Pizza

 emie /

"This is the best pizza in the world.  There could not possibly be better pizza
anywhere, Loui's has realized perfection in pizza. Every aspect of it makes it an
absolute masterpiece." /
"All I can say is that you will never ever taste anything like Loui's Pizza. I have lived in Arizona, South Carolina and Florida and I have not yet found any pizza that even comes close in flavor, texture and quality."
Michigan Houghton Ambassador


"Great Pizza. Great Sausage Topping."
Michigan Iron Mountain Blackstone Pizza Company


" Everything about  Blackstone Pizza Company makes it unique!  First of all, it's a family owned place, so theytake pride in their work.  Immediately when you walk in you get a blast of smells,sauce cooking, fresh vegetables, and spices. 

Personally I've always believed that the sauce makes the pizza, and with the Blackstone Pizza Company I can easily say they have the most flavorful sauce I've ever had.

The spices used in the sauce just seem to complement each other so well, and the quality of the tomatoes are of the best.  Anybody who has tried a Blackstone Pizza Company's pizza would agree that they make one mean pizza, forget New York, Michigan is where it's at!"
Michigan Kalamazoo Bilbo's Pizza

3307 Stadium Drive
Kalamazoo, MI. 49008
(269) 382-5544


"Lived all over the country, no one has ever come close. Thin and crispy mouth watering sauce...First place my mother ever had pizza. Best ever!"
Michigan Lansing Hungry Howie's Steven "Whenever I think about Hungry Howie's, I'm always craving it, regardless how I feel. I have never felt full after eating hungry Hungry Howie's, only wishing for more. I want Hungry Howie's so terribly bad, I should get a free pizza "
Michigan Livonia


staff@pizzacoupons "It's the Cheese! Made with 100% Real Cheese, they blend it."
Michigan Livonia

Toarmina's Pizza


"They use 3 lbs of cheese and 1 lb of pepperoni on their 24 inch pizza!
Mmmmm gotta love that!
Michigan Marshall Michael C's Pizza


"The sauce, the crust, the loads and loads of toppings!"
Michigan Muskegon



"The sauce."
Michigan Northville Hutton Street Market at Little Italy


"Great real Italian thin crust. Excellent tomato sauces with fresh herbs. Great toppings available like wild boar, peperonata, prosciutto, roast eggplant, spicy capicolla. Fresh vegetables, house made sausage. Super selection of cheeses: fresh mozzarella, asiago, smoked mozzarella...
Michigan Rochester Hills Zaa Pizza
165 S. Livernois
Rochester Hills MI 48307

(248) 652-9922


Zaa Pizza from Pizza Therapy

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promote

According to their website:
a contemporary take on the classic Neapolitan style...our goal is to change your view of pizza. Our style of pie is made-fresh-to-order using the finest ingredients... thin and crispy, yet chewy crust. "

Zaa is based on classic Neapolitan Pizza from Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut such as Pepe's and Sally's.

Michigan Royal Oak Buddy's


"Square pizza with crunchy edges. Just to die for."
Michigan Ypsilanti



"The pizza crust is the best! They won every pizza contest in our area!"


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