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The Best Pizza in Honolulu, Hawaii
Good Pizza in Honlulu? You bet.
There are countless various ethnic food in Honolulu...
For pizza, in Honolulu we discovered these gems!

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A Listing of the Honolulu's Best Pizza Places from

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The Best Pizza in Honolulu, Hawaii

















Antonio's New York Pizzeria

4210 Waialae Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816



(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)
Albert Grande

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"This pizzeria started as a great concept. Create a great New York style pizza in the Kahala section of Honolulu. In time, however, what started as a dream pizza, became a nightmare...

The owners who were originally from Connecticut (not New York), and their mission was clear: make good pizza at a good price.

At the time, there was no other pizza even remotely smilar...

The pizzas were modeled after some of the great New Haven Pizzas such as Pepe's, Sally's and Modern."

"At first the pizza was memorable. Lots of care and passion went into the creation of each pizza. The pizzeria was crowded with hungry pizza fans. The walls were covered with wrestling photos, which reflected the other passion of owner JJ Wolfen."

"After pizzaiolo, Anthony, departed, the pizza started to go down hill. The counter staff were rude and alienated many customers.

 "In the end, what was the most promising pizza restaurant in Honolulu went out of business."

Honolulu Abbe Brewster Caffe

(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)
Albert Grande
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"A great Neapolitan pizza, with plenty of taste and variety. The pizza was hand tossed and cooked to perfection. Sadly this great pizza restaurant did not last long.
Abbe Brewster located in the shadow of Ala Moana Shopping Center."
Honolulu Bar 35

35 N. Hotel St,
Honolulu, HI, 96817

Bar 35 from Pizza Therapy

Albert Grande
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"The pizza is ultra thin, almost a cracker type crust. The taste was interesting with lots of variety. Menu boasts an interesting blend of designer pies. The bar is dark but the outside lanai makes this a must see area in Honolulu."

Honolulu Formaggio Wine Bar John Heckathorn
(Honolulu Magazine)
Formaggio pizza is solid!

"...The reasonably classic, with shredded mozzarella instead of fresh, and large slices of tomato with a professional-looking basil chiffonade..."


New Location:

Inferno's Woodfire Pizza

Inferno's Wood Fire Pizza
69 North. King Street,
Honolulu, Hawai

(808) 375-1200


Check out their website:
Inferno's Woodfire Pizza





Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter
Rumored to be the Best Pizza in Honolulu

The owners Kyle and John have developed an amazing pizza that is unlike any other pizza in Honolulu.

"Without a doubt, this is one of the true hidden gems in all of Hawaii. Inferno's is a portable pizza operation. Street food delivered with aloha! First, the pizza is simply outstanding. Excellent crust in a kiawe wood fired oven.

You will discover some of the best Hawaii pizza, at Inferno's

The pizzaiolo Kyle and co-owner John ooze pure passion for pizza. They want to take care of their customers. Believe me, if you love pizza, consider your self taken care of! And with the price for a pizza, you cannot go wrong!

Kyle and John have pizza passion. The crust was incredible. A superb Neapolitan pie right in Kalihi! My prediction, is Inferno's will open a sit down restaurant within a year..."
The Best Pizza in Honolulu!

Read the Inferno's Review at
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Honolulu J.J. Dolan's
1147 Bethel St.
Honolulu, HI 96813


J.J. Dolan's Website

See the J.J. Dolan Reveiw Video Here

John Heckathorn
(Honolulu Magazine) /
Kawehi Haug
(The Honolulu Advertiser)
Albert Grande,  Promoter, The Pizza Promoter
"..makes a Margherita—sauce, fresh mozzarella (cow’s milk, not buffalo’s), tomatoes and basil. It’s got life, freshness, flavor. Of course, it’s not entirely traditional. He adds some whole-milk mozzarella... " /
when it comes to cheese, J.J.'s is tops. Not to mention the buttery crust and the sauce..." /
"Real New York style pizza, in Downtown Honolulu. Excellent."
Honolulu Kiawe Pizza

Various Locations

A portable Pizza Operation

Albert Grande,  Promoter, The Pizza Promoter "Great pizza cooked  in an authentic wood fired oven. Uses Kiawe wood exclusively."

No website, yoet, but follow them on Facebook here.

Honolulu La Pizza Rina Kawehi Haug
(The Honolulu Advertiser)
"...La Pizza Rina pizza is hearty- thick crust, lots of sauce and lots of cheese...home cooked, comfort food".
Honolulu La Tour Cafe
888 N. Nimitz Hwy. #101
Honolulu, Hawaii

(808) 697-5000

Albert Grande,  Promoter, The Pizza Promoter "Thin crust Neapolitan Pizza. Some interesting tastes. The oven is gas fired, and hand tossed. Surprisingly good."

"Panini, and Flatbread pizza makes this pizza special. The crust is a winner!"

Honolulu Pasta & Basta
(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)
John Heckathorn
(Honolulu Magazine)
" get a 12-inch, hand-tossed pie, crispy, even scorched around the edges for extra flavor,... There’s plenty of bubbly brown cheese and fresh basil, but the revelation here is the tomato sauce, which was so good I wandered into the kitchen... "
Honolulu Restaurants in Honolulu

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Restaurants in Honolulu

Discover the best places
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Honolulu Sergio's Italian Restaurant John Heckathorn
(Honolulu Magazine)
"...Chef Alfredo Lee sent to all the tables in the dining room a slice of his Pizza Margherita, perfect crust, lively with fresh tomato and a knot of fresh basil..."
Honolulu V Lounge
1344 Kona St.
Honolulu, HI 96814


V Lounge Website

See the V Lounge Video Here

Kawehi Haug
(The Honolulu Advertiser) /

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter, The Pizza Promoter

"...The pizzas are cooked in an 800 degree oven kiawe wood burning oven, which creates a nice char on the underside of the crust- a big hit..." /

"I was completely blown away by the crust. This is real pizza cooked in a kiawe wood fired oven."
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Honolulu Restaurants in Honolulu Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter If you are searching for a comprehensive guide, for Honolulu restaurants, look no further. Updated all of the time you will find every type of food at this website.
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You can discover incredible pizza in Honolulu, you just need to know where to look...Some feel Inferno's makes the best pizza. Other's insist, J.J. Dolan's has the best. no it's Bar 35 Pizza. And don't forget the amazing pizza at V-Lounge. You will find the best pizza in the world right here at Pizza Therapy.

"Every pizza lover feels the best pizza is made best in their own home town. West Coast pizza fans are very loyal to their pizza. Mid-west pizza fans are loyal to their own pizza. Don't even get me started about the debate between Chicago Deep Dish pizza vs. New Your Pizza. New Haven pizza fans are fiercely loyal to "Wooster Street" style pizza. Of course other countries feel their pizza is the best...
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