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State Motto: The Crossroads of America

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Wooden Peel Pizza alviah "We haven't found anything that compares to their pizza. The crust is thin and the edges are crispy. Our favorite is the Garbage Pizza with extra cheese. The service is awesome."


Tony Saccos Coal Oven Pizza
14405 Clay Terrace Blvd, Suite 150, Carmel, IN 46032
John "One of the best pizzas I have had, the pizza is cooked in a coal oven for a taste that is different from anything I've had before, the crust comes out nice and thin
with a nice crispy crust!"


Vesuvio goillini "This pizza is the best I've had in my 26 years on Planet
Earth.  Perfect crust, fresh, REAL toppings and a sauce that makes you want to drop to your knees and beg for buttermilk.  I'm tearing up just imagining it."


Turoni's tmpga /
"Turonis in Evansville is absolutely the best pizza around!  Their thin crust "house special" is their trademark, from the handmade crust, to the sauce, to the fresh ingredients and their service and atmosphere, THEY ARE THE BEST!" /
"Absolutely the best thin crust pizza with the works. . . . awesome sausage, fresh veggies and cheese. . . I have never had any better thin crust pizza ever"
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Fort Wayne

Oley's ctsmith "...Oley's "Big Ten" Deluxe pizza, ... weighs a whopping TEN POUNDS...This baby is put together right!...HUGE TANTALIZING TASTING PIZZA!"


House of Pizza
D F Andreatta "Best in the Region!"


Arrenello's m giordano "The thin crust is perfect. The sauce has a sweet, good taste and the sausage is


Cio's roadracer "The pizza is a luscious, thin crust pie with just the right amount of cheese and sauce. It is the closest to the northeast style of pizza that I have found in the Midwest..."


Circle City

A Sinclair "IT has to be the sauce...the sauce makes the pizza. The more the better! "


Enzo's Pizza

cumom "Perfect thin crust and great sauce."


Greek's Pizzeria

Anonymous "The sauce and cheese are the best you'll ever have."

South Bend

Rocco's Restaurant roadracer "In my lifelong quest to find the best pizza in the world, I have discovered Rocco's....Owners, Warren and Linda, use the finest ingredients for their thin crust pizzas. The taste is superb and rivals the big names in the northeast."


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