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The Best Pizza in Connecticut
(The Nutmeg State)






Connecticut Branford Marco Pizzeria chrisntracy "The Best Pizza ever! Thin crust! Best Clam Pizza anywhere!"
Connecticut Bridgeport Beverly Pizza pappvince "Beverly Pizza on Fairfield Avenue is amazing. ... Sauce - great, crust - great,
cheese - great. Try a pizza from here ONCE and you'll be
hooked. I've been going there since I was a kid."
Connecticut Bridgeport Julian's Brick
RMS "If you love the world famous Pepe's in New Haven, you'll love Julian's.
They taste very similar - hard to believe right ?.
They use a wood burning brick oven, and have a dynamite thin crust. It's top notch across the board, cheese, sauce, and crust,......superb !!!"
Connecticut Bristol  

Cafe Buono

562 Farmington Avenue
Bristol, CT 06010-3976
(860) 582-2233



Cafe Buono from Pizza Therapy


"This is the only place that I know of in Bristol that offers a Neapolitan style pizza. They are very accommodating to your specific taste and will allow you tocreate your own style pizza. Not to mention their sauce is amazing!!!"
Connecticut Bristol LaMonico's
gsemplice "Used to be a full service restaurant but now just does take-out. Wonderful sauce and plenty of great toppings.  Mozzarella is never over done."
Connecticut Bristol Pizza House Mark "The sauce is sweet not bitter. The crust is not too thick not too thin just right!...What makes this pizza unique is all the fixings are cooked under the cheese...the cheese is on top, this seals in a lot of the flavor you loose when fixings are on top of the cheese,  Sicilian style"
Connecticut Canaan Roma Robert "Good sauce, good service you feel like you are at home. We go
there every week the overall the best oven pizza "
Connecticut Cheshire Ed Davitt's House Edward Davitt This is one of those pizza places where if you can find it, you can get pizza! Ed writes: "I make it myself. I make the dough with a little garlic powder, the sauce with a little Burgundy wine. Put on what you like, then I make it thin and cook it well done."
Connecticut Cheshire Rossini's rleavitt "If you ask
for  light cheese and well done the pizza is as good as
anything outside of the big 3."
(The Big 3: Pepe's, Sally's, Modern)
Connecticut Cos Cob Pizza Post TeethFairy "Thin crispy crust, delicious sauce!!"



Roseland Apizza

350 Hawthorne Ave.
Derby, CT

The Rose at Roseland from Pizza Therapy

Roseland Apizza from pizzatherapy

baccala /
pizza fan /


Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

"This one of the top four best pizza places on the east coast along with
Sally's, Pepe's, and Modern Pizza..."
"Great thin Pizza, fresh toppings and Local Atmosphere makes Roseland Special (Where everybody knows your name)..." /

"Incredible pizza, real down-home, excellent crust, wonderful place. A hidden gem in Pizzaland."

East Haven

(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)

jbeebe /
"Coal ovens--GREAT service--FABULOUS pizza!"
"Paul's was my favorite and will be sadly missed. Paul& family are
enjoying grandchildren."

East Lyme

Pizza Cucina Robert /
"Everything ! But especially the crust. It's crispy and flavorful.
 The ..." Pizza, the way God intended". /
"...the incredible crust to delicious sauce, it doesn't get any better. They also have amazing pasta's..."

 East Norwalk

Arcudi's dj "Joe and Sandy Arcudi started a restaurant in Westport in the
70s and became a regional favorite... later, reestablished a more modest restaurant with the same great pizza in the former location of Venezia on First St. in East Norwalk ... with their broad menu and lusty Sicilian pies....Try the sausage and extra cheese Sicilian for big delicious chunks of zau-zeech, tasty sauce, and thick, bready crust. Weight:  ~5 lbs!"


Luigi's Brian "This is a New York Pizza done to perfection. All the toppings are tasty and there isa wide variety. The kitchen is run by real Italians --from Italy-- and they know their business."



R.A. Dray "Thin crust, rich sauce!" Favorite: "Chicken garlic with artichoke hearts!"


New York Family Pizza


"The crust is delicious and always made with fresh dough. 
There is always plenty of mozzarella cheese." 



Rolling Tomato

118 Fort Hill Rd, Groton, CT 06340
Phone:(860) 445-9663

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

"Great wood fired oven pizza in Groton. The crust is excellent with just the right amount of char.

The pizza speaks for itself. There is also a portable pizza operation. Rolling tomato has several trucks traveling in the area. The portable pizza operation is a hit!"



Cappies Apizza
2373 Whitney Avenue
(203) 553-7518

Tony C.'s Son "Heavy chewy crust, heavy cheese, New York like..."

From their website: "Upholding the tradition started in New Haven, CT in 1939 by our Grandfather John "Johnny The Baker" Cappiello. Serving Neapolitan pizza made with only the finest ingredients."



Crust dasoa "This was the best "new" pizza I've had in years. Real baking, real pizza dude."



Eli's Brick Oven Pizza

2402 Whitney Avenue - Hamden, CT 06518
Phone: (203) 288-1686

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter
"Offering thin crust brick oven pizza and calzones along with a wide selection of "homemade" dinners and specialty dishes, stop by and eat like you used to in the "old neighborhood..."


Si Mangia Pizzeria jim "a gas fired brick oven, thin Neapolitan style,... fresh clams, a killer seafood pizza, white!... Wooster street quality, much better prices, less waiting."


Sorrento's Restaurant & Pizzeria
(Pizza Hall of Fame: New Owner/ Different Pizza)

Dan C. "Genuine New Haven area Italian joint makes excellent pie.
Their white Pizza issuperb."


Venice Restaurant
(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)

Leeroy "Excellent sauce, killer crust, and the oven. Sally's and Pepe's move over"


Bradley and Wall Pizza Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter, The Pizza Promoter, The Pizza Promoter "Two Italian brothers, Vito and Jon run the show turning out incredibly delicious pizzas! Their mother sits near the pizza oven, watching the brothers every move. She wants to make sure everything is "just right". It always is!"


The Red Tomato Pizzeria Tototwo "...The crust is thin and crisp, but still chewy. The sauce is simple- no grape jelly, no oregano, just Aunt Maries' sweet, fragrant marinara. The clams on the white clam pie are from local beds, and were shucked a few hours before being served on your pizza..."


Little Rendezvous

Mary Lou Corradino/
mrsmm2 /
LaRosa Const /
"Best pizza ever.  hands down. I grew up in Meriden and now live in California
(where there is no good pizza at all)   Rendezvous is the first place I go to when I
go home to visit...and thy still remember my name.
"  /
"The wait is worth it!...Ah Vida! That is heaven!" /
"Simply super, old-fashioned, melt-in-your-mouth pizza that makes you want to come back for more." /
if you love pizza, try the Little Rendezvous, its well worth the trip."



Jimmy's Apizza  melillomail "Great New Haven Style Pizza!  The crust is thin and crispy with a little bit of that
black bottom love!  If you're not going to Worcester Street, then this is worth it!"


Papa's Pizza patzfan "The pizza here is the best without going to Wooster Street. If you
love Wooster Street pizza but hate to stand in line, head on over to
Papa's Pizza in Milford. "


Pizza Grill

Louie "Their Pizza is heavenly. Their wood fired crispy crust and pie creations is an incredible sensuous in the region."


Mango's Wood-Fired Pizza Co.
27 Coogan Blvd
Mystic, CT 06355


Open Daily from 11:30 -8:00 PM

Mango's Wood-Fired Pizza Co. from Pizza Therapy
Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter
"An incredible pizza, in Olde Mistick Village. Caters to locals and tourists alike. Master pizzaiolo Stefan Ambrosch creates outstanding pizza. This is artisan pizza with some unique tastes. A winner.


Pizzetta Pizza

7 Water Street, Mystic CT
Tel: 860.536.4443

Bimwah /
Lou Esposito
Owner Chris Owen "certainly is on a noble mission and makes an equally noble pie. Chris makes a thin crispy crust that holds up very well with all the fresh and natural toppings. Pizzetta Pizza is a cut above, another star in the constellation of great pizza pies." /
The pizza is done in a special imported brick oven heated to over 550F is
thin crispy crunchy and the combination of toppings are mouth watering
delectable. The first bite literally stopped me in my tracks. Truly the
guy makes an exceptional pie...

New Haven

Abate Apizza and Seafood Restaurant
129 Wooster St
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 776-4334
A. Grande "Creating a tradition on Wooster Street. Excellent pizza. Great Italian food"

New Haven

Bar Pizza Tom "...The shape of the pizza strays from traditional pie whereas it's oval shaped. They also cut the pieces more geometrically square. There is one long cut down the center of the oval, then, perpendicular to that, they run along the rest of the pie to make rectangular pieces, with the middle of the oval having the longest slices. You can easily eat a large between 2 people because it's so thin. The sauce is fantastic and the oven compares to the one at Modern. The atmosphere is an old warehouse type setting with lots of Brick. Amongst the brick are metal beer vats situated throughout the dining room...."

New Haven


Katie " It is always excellent pizza and the lines tend to be less on the weekends, because it is less known."

New Haven

Modern Apizza

Chris G. /
mosyczka /

eenie /
bigie /
lbjarno /
mkrauss /
mike /
piorkowski /
"...a fabulous brick oven thin crust  in the best New Haven tradition. The pies are not overly complex so  the interplay of flavors comes through. The sauce is light and 
doesn't overwhelm the pizza. My favorites are the white clam
pizza  and the clams casino pizza. Both are New Haven classics...." /"Great! Great! Great! Excellent crust and always fresh toppings. ""Best clam pizza ever!" /
"...Modern has a pie that rivals Sally's for taste and texture, friendly staff and fast service..." /"Don't neglect.....still Pepe's and Sally's are awesome, however, next time you visit...try Modern." /"The pizza is as good as Pepe's, Sally's and Roseland but the service is better than all 3 put together!" /"CONSISTENCY! That's what it is all about!..." / "Crust and sauce - cooked to perfection." /
"The perfect combination of thin crust, tasty dough, sauce, and cheese. The sausage
pie is my favorite."

New Haven

Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Naspoletana, New Haven, Connecticut

Pepe's Pizza
157 Wooster Street, New Haven, CT
Tel. (203) 865-5762

A. Grande
The Pizza Promoter


"Great crust, coal fired oven! The best!" Favorite: "It is all good!" /

 "A perfect balance of flavors, just the right balance of the right toppings. Proper disciplined methods, and quality of ingredients are all crucial. Intense heat is the ultimate deciding factor."

Here's what Pepe's Fans Say About Frank Pepe's Pizza
(Page will open in a new widow) 


New Haven


perotti prod "There crust is thin... with a high quality sauce &
toppings. They have wonderful specialty pies."

New Haven

Sally's Apizza Sign on Wooster Street, New Haven

Sally's Apizza
 237 Wooster Street,
 New Haven, CT
Tel. 203 624-5271


Frank Sinatra
(Yes, that
Frank Sinatra)
(Visit our Sally's page)
Frank's Favorite Pizza: Mozzarella and pepperoni. Sometimes, clam.
(Albert's sidebar: There is an autographed portrait of Frank Sinatra
 hanging on the wall. There is also an autographed Garry Trudeau cartoon. (Doonesbury)

New Haven

Venice Restaurant

leeroy / Roy


"Total Zen."/ "The pie is an equal to the best being offered."

"a great garlic pizza."


New London

2 Wives Pizza
45 Huntington Street
New London, CT

2 Wives Pizza from Pizza Therapy

Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter

"...Your pizza will be like no other, served with the freshest ingredients from around the globe. Each pizza is made from scratch and it takes only 6-7 minutes to make..."

New London

Mr. G's
452 Williams Street, New London, CT 06320


Irv Nielsen A..."sweet pie in Connecticut... their spinach and feta is to die for."

New London

Recovery Room
445 Ocean Ave
New London, CT 06320-4502
(860) 443-2619

Recovery Room from Pizza Therapy

Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter
"Great pizza. Unique variety."

North Branford

Bobby's Apizza russell "Great handmade crust is thin and doughy, toppings are full of flavor..."

North Branford

Slice Pizzeria warwicks /
"I left CT over 20 years ago and must get my pizza fix whenever
I visit.  This new place is the best!  Perfect flavor, thin
crust, and great family atmosphere.  Can't wait til my next trip north!!!"
This is the best Pizza you will ever have!  My personal
favorite is the White Clam pizza.  There is never any crust
left over.  The best tasting thin crust pizza and fresh cut clams... Yumm"
Connecticut North Haven Giulio's Pizza shelisca "My family has eaten here for years. The pizza is fantastic. The sauce is a terrific
balance of sweet and savory. The cheese melts wonderfully and no matter what
toppings you have on it, it tastes great. Our favorite has been and always will be
white pizza, mozzarella, clam, fresh  garlic, and broccoli with just a squeeze of lemon.
The other food is always out of this world. They also have a great selection of
Italian pasties for dessert. If that isn't your style they also own the ice cream
place. I hope you enjoy it as much as many families in the Montowese Section of
North haven. "

North Haven /

Olde World Brick Oven Apizza Mike /
Jerry Stanton
"...I highly recommend trying Olde World Appiza...their brick oven is coal fired just like Pepe's and the pizza is outstanding - so good that I save the trips to Pepe's for special occassions, but eat at Olde World at least weekly."
"...a fine pie. In particular the OldeWorld eggplant pie is superior. And, no doubt, you know it is not easy to find a good eggplant pie.."


Olympic Pizza
372 W Main St Ste 2
Norwich, CT 06360
(860) 887-0196

(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED)

Jake "Mousaka Pizza, House Sauce, Marinated Black olives, and Thick crust"

Old Saybrook

Sal's ted "The sauce is incredible. They use a blend of cheese I've never tasted anywhere elseand it's awesome. Simply the best in my opinion."



apizzo pizzeria from

(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED)

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter,

Watch the apizzo videos:
at Pizza Therapy on YouTube

"...The pizzas were in a word, simply amazing. The crust, the crust, the crust! Slightly charred in spots, this added to the pizza experience. The fact the dough is given a 48 hour ferment, was clearly evident. Light, airy, tasty, with a full flavor... Stefan Ambrosch is one of the rising super stars of pizza. He is a young gun, and that's a fact. I predict that his pizza will just get better and better..."


Venice Pizzeria

ms. mokarski "They have a Sicilian thick crust, crunchy outer crust, moist fluffy inner dough.."


Colony Grill  


marronjp /
Chris /
curlygirly /
mattymmo /

"You know what makes this pizza the best?  Other than the sauce, cheese, toppings and
crust, it's the fact that when I lived in Boulder, Colorado, several people I ran
into heard about Colony pizza.  It blows New Haven pies away." /

"I love COLONY GRILL (in Stamford, Connecticut), pizza and the atmosphere of the place is just as good. You cannot get that just anywhere. My favorite pie there is a sausage, stinger pepper & hot oil. If you ever come back out this way email me and I'll treat you to dinner (at the COLONY GRILL of course!)." /
"The pizza is so thin and and the crust so crispy -... They make an incredible hot-oil pizza too...I think the best kept secret around." /
"The thin crispy crust, sauce, and cheese are the perfect combination with their addictive hot oil." /
"Colony Grill has t
hin crust; great sauce.
Bar size pizza with anchovies - the best in the world!"


Vazzy's of Stratford
3355 Main St, Stratford, CT 06614-4845
(203) 375-2776 () ‎
David "Awesome white clam pizza."

Check out the:
Vazzy's Saltwater Special Pie,  Main Lobster Calzone, and the Scallop & Bacon.


(Top Ten!)

(November 1999)
They were here: Pepe's, Sally's, The Recovery Room, and the legendary, Luna Pizza!


Roma's Pizza jim "... on High Street. They built an oven ... that is amazing. It burns ash and oak .... They're using Grande but I bring Scamorza with me every now and then and ask them to make a special pie."


Two Guys South End

551 Main Street, Torrington, CT 06790-3702
(860) 482-3318

Laura OMG EVERYTHING makes this pizza special! The sauce is just right, the crust is
perfect, the ingredients are always fresh and plentiful, not to mention the service
with a smile! I've had pizza from many, many places, and YOU CANNOT BEAT THIS PIZZA!
It's BANGIN'!"



Giove's Pizza No Name "The pizza is just some really good pizza."


Camputaro's Pizza

(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)



"I have to advise you to try Camputaro's Pizza in Wallingford next time you are in the area.  They haven't failed us yet...we grew up on New Haven, Pepe's and this is in my opinion as good as it gets!!!  Please give it a try when you can would be nice to see a good pizza place succeed!!!"


A mobile pizza operation

"Pizza Groove setup includes our pizza wagon, prep tables, a serving table, lights and sound system. Once at your event, we position our pizza wagon to best fit serving and entertaining your guests.

Pizza Groove LLC, located in Wallingford, Connecticut is a mobile wood fired pizza operation."


"A little thicker but it just straight up works."


Rocky's rleavitt "...thin crust and the topping isn't nice and tight not soupy."


Ro's Pizza
841 Main Street 
 Oakville, CT 06779

(860) 274-1348
Chris " favorite pizza in CT next to Pepe's. The pizza is a thick, brick oven style pizza. My grandmother refers to it as "the way pizza used to be made". I like their pepperoni but that's my favorite topping as it is. They ship their pizzas out in the old fashion paper bags. No boxes here...Ro's has a rich history of being family owned and is a staple in the Watertown/Waterbury area when it comes to pizza.."

West Hartford

Harry's Pizza

39 South Main Street  West Hartford, CT 06107-2191

(860) 231-7166




"Harry's has a nice thin, crispy and chewy crust, a tasty sauce, which has fresh basil and small chunks of tomatoes..." /

"The crust...and seasonal pie toppings!"


West Haven

Lew's Apizza
(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)

Lew Cenotti makes his fianl pizza at Lew's 


Lew's Last Day, at Lew's Apizza

Steven Cenotti
(Lew's son)
(Also Lenny and Phil)
"Anybody living in West Haven CT in the 60's/70's knew of a local pizza place that had the greatest pizza and even greater subs....We lived above on the 2nd Floor and every morning around 6:00 AM" Lew "would go downstairs and mix the dough, by hand, fresh everyday...." Lew  invented the Lew Cenotti's Pie-O-Matic

West Haven

Zuppardi's Apizza

179 Union Avenue
West Haven, CT 06516
(203) 934-1949




dasoa /

matlockgirl /
Edwalsh1957 /

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter,




See our Zuppardi's Apizza Tribute on YouTube
Click HERE

"Sauce is a tad sweet, not lumpy. Crust is thin, well done. You order a sausage pieand you get sausage - you don't get little slices of sausage. You get the ground up sausage - like they put in the hot Italian links- and lots of it. You burn your mouth on the pie when they give it to you.  That's the way its supposed to be.  And it's the same pie every time."  /
The sauce, the crust, real mootz (cheese) and just the right
amount, the atmosphere. It's still what apizza should be and
what is was when I was a kid." /
The simplicity of the pie is perfect!  Clams, pepperoni, or their special -- sausage and mushrooms -- are some of the fantastic flavors. Even the plain, just sauce and grated cheese is outstanding!!"/
"Zoop's crust is thin and crunchy, the sauce is...very fresh tasting. You can eat a lot of their pie and never feel "weighed down" like most pizza." /
grew up in WH and on Zoop's. Not to say Sally's & Pepe's aren't as good but
Zuppardi's became "part of my life" on Fridays. To this day I can still remember the
"bubbles" in the crust - oh that was the best part!!!" /

"The pizza here is the real deal! The crust is incredible. They make their own home-made sausage. The pizza here is understated and that is what makes it incredible! Zupps stands up there with the absolute best Apizza in New Haven! I'm a believer! WOW!"



Willington Pizza

frank "The crust is the best crust I have ever eaten. So many different kinds of pizza, and every one is delicious -- Including their Award-Winning 
"Red Potato Pizza".


Tom -E -Toes

djtripodi / providence /
"...The sauce, the crust,.." /
The tradition continues..." / "The sauce, crust and service are super!"
The crust is delicious ..."


Wilton Pizza tonematt "Thin crispy pizza and excellent sauce....this place is so original in that it's also a jazz club. It's the world's only jazzeria!"


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Who Makes The Worlds Best Pizza in Connecticut?

"That's easy, Pepe's. No Sally's Apizza in New Haven. Wait a minute what about Modern? Or the Recovery Room, in New London. Zuppardi's makes the best...or is it Pizza Rendezvous? Don't forget Bar Pizza. And Luna's in Hartford is absolutely the best...Hold on what about Ro's Pizza, they serve their pizza in a brown paper bag, What about the Colony Grill?...The debate rages on and on..."

"Every pizza lover feels the best pizza is made best in their own home town. West Coast pizza fans are very loyal to their pizza. Mid-west pizza fans are loyal to their own pizza. Don't even get me started about the debate between Chicago Deep Dish pizza vs. New Your Pizza. New Haven pizza fans are fiercely loyal to "Wooster Street" style pizza. Of course other countries feel their pizza is the best...
One thing is absolutely certain:
I love pizza and you do too!
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Pizza on Earth,

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