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The Best Pizza in California






California Anaheim Luigi's D'Italia Richard Quis "New York Style Pizza - thin crust, olive oil and water mozzarella"
California Antioch Skipolini's Pizza cristinaher "The whole pizza in its entirerty. From the first bite until you are done you enjoy it..."
California Arcata/Eureka Smug's Stephen "OOOh! Homemade everything. Rolled edges. Fun, quirky
atmosphere. By the slice, or whole pies... try the pesto when your in town. Mostly take out"
California Berkeley Blondie's Pizza
2340 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA
(510) 548-1129
Cole "This pizza place simply has a good combination of everything.  Nice thick and doughy crust, perfect sauce, and perfect combination's of toppings!  A place you must try if in Berkeley!"
California Berkeley  

The Cheeseboard Collective

1504 / 1512 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA


Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

"The most unusual, unique pizza ever. Each day is a different pizza. All vegetarian, all the time!"
California Berkeley Zachary's Pizza Notlober "Amazing Chicago-style pizza! The crust in particular is superb..."
California Carmel Allegro Pizza
3770 The Barnyard, Carmel, CA 93923
(831) 626-5454


Lunch Review by
"...Allegro will get you as close to East Coast Pizza as possible in this part of the country.  They have a crust that is just above razor thin with a taste that is neither oily or yeasty.  The mositure content is perfect and it is cooked to a golden brown perfection.  The sauce is a slightly spiced version somewhat like having peeled tomatoes squeezed on the crust with a touch of high quality olive oil and a touch of oregano..."
California Canyon Country Round Table Carol Kaye
(Famous Bass Player)
" ...I don't eat pizza hardly at all
but this is the best!"
California Castro Valley

3835 East Castro Valley Blvd.
Castro Valley, CA 94522
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter "Home of World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani. Hand tossed pizza magic lives here. Tony also authored: pizza with Diane Morgan. "

Listen to Tony G. on Legends of Pizza, Volume 2.

California Chino

12345 Mountain Avenue
Chino, CA 91710(909) 590-7960

Michael "The crust is perfect, with a great combination of crispy and chewy freshness. The sauce is zesty and the toppings are always fresh, sitting over a perfect bed of stretchy Mozzarella. I recommend the Cannatero's Special!!!"
California Clayton Skipolini's Pizza Marc S. Botts
Associate Editor,
 Pizza Today
"pregnant women have been
 ordering the Prego Pizza ... when they are close to delivering. The 13-topping pie was concocted ... at the request of a pregnant woman who was two weeks past due. She gave birth that night..."
California Costa Mesa Al's Pizza Fred "New York style (Al grew up in NY and
worked at Ray's) he makes an excellent pie perfect crust and great sauce."
California Culver City Mama's on Motor Pete "Mama's on Motor just gets a blend I can't taste elsewhere. Maybe it's the red onions. Maybe it's the sauce. The classic crust. Words fail me - it just blends!"
California Davis Woodstock's Pizza  elephanttrainer "This place is awesome! Sauce inside the crust, dipped in blue cheese dressing, doesn't get any better."
California Eagle Rock Casa Bianca janine "Classic thin crust, run-down-your-arm melted cheese, perfectly- spiced sauce."
California El Cajon

14120 Olde Highway 80 Lake Jennings Park Road
El Cajon, CA 92021

(619) 561-6580







 "I'd never found a pizza I would call "World's Best" before I tasted the pizza from Marechiaros.... I've tried both their red and white sauce pizzas. Unbelievable. The red sauce is mild and slightly tangy but has a definite "Oomph" too it. Hard to describe. I call it "mmmMMMmmm" sauce. It's just plain good and it always seems to make me want another slice. The Canadian Bacon/Mushroom and Black Olives combination pizza is out of this world. Even their plain old cheese pizza is amazing. The size is good and they don't skimp on the toppings."

"You can choose from Mozzarella Cheese, Provolone Cheese, Ham, Meatball, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushroom, Pepperoni and Mushroom, Italian Sausage and Pepperoni or Mushrooms, The Works, Pepperoni and Meatball, Vegetarian, or Canadian Bacon. There are also a number of specialty pizzas on the menu including White Pizza, Polynesian, Benedetto’s Favorite, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Anna Maria’s Sicilian Pizza, Basillico Pommodoro Pizza, Chicken Alfredo, and Sharyn’s Favorite."

California  El Segundo  Andiamo leesabgood / 
"NY pizza in a West Coast Pizzeria. If you love thin crust you'll love Andiamo!" /
"I've eaten pizza up & down the coast. This is by far the BEST
in California. Anyway you want it they'll make it. Fresh
Ingredients, Fantastic Service, Friendly Atmosphere & Fabulous Pizza. "
California Eureka Big Louie's Pizza Co. Lear25 "...The best sauce and crust I have ever tasted. All recipes are from an old Italian family secret!"
California Fort Bragg Piaci Roo "...My first bite  told me I had rediscovered what makes pizza the Holy Grail. I will not compromise pizza and Piaci does not do so either. It is truly a taste from my past. The taste that myths are made of. My search was over. This is as good as pizza can get so far from  Pizza Mecca of Wooster Street... "
California Fountain Valley Louperilla Pizza Fred "it's been very good,
thin crust"
California Huntington Beach La Rocco's Bradley "New York by the slice (whole pies can be ordered too). It's crisp but folds nicely and the sauce is spiced right. Note: Call before going, 'cause (as it states on the window) "they close when the dough is finished."
California Larkspur Pizzeria Picco
316 Magnolia Ave.
415- 945-8900

Pizzeria Picco

Margo True
Sunset Magazine /



51 Great Pizza Parlors






Albert Grande

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"...Pie to try: The Cannondale, with homemade sausage and roasted red peppers..." /

"...ingredients come from local farms, mozzarella is hand-pulled in house, and you can get peppery arugula salad piled on any pizza. Plus, crusts are exceptionally flavorful. Mario Batali, no slouch in the pizza department, once declared Picco's the best pizza in the country.... "

 "I got to visit, Picco's Pizza in Larksbur, Ca. over the weekend. Very nice wood fired oven, thin crust, very similar crust in texture to Tony's in San Francisco. I recommend it."

Pizzaeria Picco was featured in an episode of Pizza Cuz on the Food Network Channel. Sal and Francis are bringing the message of great pizza to the masses.
This is a great show! Pizza Therapy supports their mission!

California Lawndale Numero Uno Pizza
17013 Hawthorne Blvd.
Lawndale, CA 90260

(310) 214-8704


john "The crust is sweet fluffy & moist with alot of flavor going for it. I have come close to making the same type but not 100% I have learned over the years if you don't get the crust & sauce down its a waste of time.

Hands down the best tasting pizza I have had! The last time I was there was over 20 years ago. I live in Las Vegas now. I can remember more bad pizza joints then good ones. they are far & few apart. For me to still have memories of a pizza over 20 years ago says alot for a pizza joint."

California Los Angeles Bottega Louie Jaime Bottega Louie serves a 15 inch Napolitano style pizza which is cooked in a custom built wood stone oven.  All ingredients are handled with a lot of love and care.  Their dough rests for 4 - 5 hours before it is used, also their sauce used for the pizza is cooked in the oven.
California Los Angeles Mama's Original Pizza and Pasta Pete "...just gets a blend I can't taste elsewhere. Maybe it's the red onions. Maybe it's the sauce. The classic crust. Words fail me - it just blends!"
California Los Angeles Verrazano's Pizza Mo "This is the NYC pizza I've been looking for since I moved to Los Angeles from
That was 10 years ago. There have been some contenders, Albano's Brooklyn Pizzeria was very good, Mulberry pizza was not bad. However, Verrazano's Pizza has been the closest to real perfect NYC pizza I've tasted in Los Angeles hands down."
California Lodi Ricks New York Style Pizza ddude "...the best pizza in the west coast. The crust is dusky, crisp, and tender in texture. The flavor is prodigious, an almost delicate fried, beer batter flavor. The sauce is exorbitant savory taste. The cheese is gummy and mild that surpasses the mozzarella standard...."
California Long Beach Nino's, Fred "very soft crust but very tasty, great sauce, great pizza.."
California Menlo Park Applewood funstrap "I tell all my friends that it is the best pizza in the world, but they don't believe me. Then we go there. Then they believe me. The sauce, the crust, the toppings, the greasiness--everything is perfect."
California Monterey Gianni's
slicers99 "The sauce, crust, toppings. Everything. I dream about this pizza. I miss this pizza."
California Mountain View Amici's Pizza Mike "The closest to east coast pizza (Pepe's, Sally's, Bimonte's) as I can find on the west coast. California is not a great place to find good pizza, but Amici's is very good.."
California Mountain View Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi Too! kenfromnrca "...the pizza is the BEST! Everything about it is good! Stromboli....yumm!"
California Mountain View Napoletana Pizzeria

1910 W. El Camino Real
Mountain View CA 94040




"Closest thing we have ever had to real pizza from Italy!  Unbelievable crust!"

According to their website, what makes Napoletana Pizzeria different is:
"Simplicity. Three key ingredients lie in its perfection: flour, water and salt. The blending of these ingredients lays the foundation for this exquisite pizza. A wood-fired oven with temperatures reaching 900 degrees Fahrenheit, the Neapolitan pizza is cooked to perfection in 60 to 90 seconds."

California Needles River City Pizza Co.
1901 Needles Hwy.
Needles, Ca 92363
River City Pizza Company from Pizza Therapy


This recommendation came from Lenny, son of Lew Cenotti:
 "We found a good pizzeria here in the desert."
California Newport Beach Z Pizza Richard Quis "Consistently great!"
California North Hollywood  Joe Peeps tribeca " fave local spot is Joe Peeps (must get the blue-collar pie) in NoHo. They have a good sauce...lotsa garlic..niceand thin..."
California Northridge Chi Chi's debitini "The crust is thin but bubbly and the sauce has a hint of sweetness."
California Northridge Ravanelli's Teleslide "Gino has the one, two punch of tasty sauce and great crust that compliment
each other perfectly."
California Oakland  


5008 Telegraph Ave.,
 Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 652-4888

Albert Grande

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You have to respect the philosophy at Pizzaiolo. They "believe that the simple act of feeding people is at the core of what it is to be human...When the day is done, the thinking that seems to matter most is that we are taking part in a web of human interaction. The food you eat at Pizzaiolo is 100% down-home human-made.... It is grown, cooked, and served by people who live right here, who raise their children here, right now."
California Oakland Zachary's Pizza
5801 College Ave.
Oakland CA 94618
(510) 655-6385

jnisis /


sgersh /




 "Zachary's Chicago Pizza is better than any Chicago pizza in Chicago for one reason-the freshness of the ingredients
available in California beats those available in Chicago. You
could never get as ripe red tomatoes in Chicago as the ones on Zachary's Pizza..."/
"...this is ... the best deep dish pizza I've ever tasted." /
"I couldn't agree with the comment more of what was mentioned, "That you could never get as ripe, red tomatoes in Chicago as the ones on Zachary's Pizza." And to agree with the comment further, "It is the best deep dish pizza I've ever tasted."
California Palo Alto & San Francisco Patxi's Chicago Pizza hacksnack "Light buttery crust and sweet sauce with lots of toppings. I've had pizza all over, and this one takes the pie."
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California Poway

Bongiorno's New York Pizzeria
13332 Poway Rd.
Poway, CA

(858) 679- 3278

Joe "Sauce, crust and cheese" /

"The pizza maker"

California Pasadena Greco's wslate "Great sauce with delicious chunks of tomato."
California Port Hueneme Little Tony's scudqueen "Nothing "nouveau" about it - just good old-fashioned pizza."
California Rancho Bernardo Valentino's
(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)
Art Angelo "The thin crisp crust, not too much sauce and the toppings plentiful."
California Rancho Santa Margarita Brother's West jcbgro "Brother's West is so special because the pizza taste truly gourmet...The ambiance is candlelight and cozy! "
California Rancho Santa Margarita Selma's Chicago Pizzeria corymiller "Homemade deep dish pizza. Unbelievable flavor. You must try the "Works" pizza. It doesn't get any better."
California Redding Market St. Pizza and Delli jock199 "The best crust I have ever tasted and some of the most wonderful
combinations of sauce and toppings to make a mosaic of extraordinary pizza."
California Riverside Romano's Chicago Style Pizzeria calhighlander "The Crust! Try 'My Sister's Favorite', a four-cheese pizza. It's the best."
California Redondo Beach (Pier) Zeppy's jennifer "The crust and the sauce are perfect and the best I've ever had. They always put the right amount of cheese and delicious toppings. When I did not have a car, I would often walk 6 miles to get this pizza....."
California Sacramento Giovanni's guido /
"The crust is thin, crispy, full of flavor and home made. The sauce
is fresh tasting." /
" far the best in the area maybe all of Northern California. John, the owner is a Brooklyn lad and makes a good Apizza...."
California Sacramento Zelda's
1415 21st St
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 447-1400
Cheri "Not your normal deep dish - crispy. Good flavor to crust, golden brown. Lots of
toppings, flavorful but *not* hot pizza sauce, plenty of good quality cheese. Plenty of parmesan and extra Italian spices on the table."
California San Diego Bronx Pizza mark "The first taste as you put the slice in your mouth... lets you know that you have found it. Pizza nirvana. Every time a take a bite, I think to myself "this is the best thing in the world."  The perfect amount of cheese, the wonderful, not-too-sweet sauce, the perfectly spicy pepperoni, plus the dash of garlic that I sprinkle on top... oh, I'm drooling just imagining it. 
Gotta go.  It's almost lunchtime!"
California San Diego Filippi's Pizza Grotto kking f  /
"The crust and the sauce are outstanding.  I miss living close
enough to eat there! I would love a recipe to make something similar." /
"Always a line out the door but worth the wait. The best pie in the city, no doubt."
California San Diego Uptown Cafe Debi "This is the BEST PIZZA in San Diego ... and I have tried them all! Their sauce is amazing ...."
California San Diego Venice Pizza Parlor a_capella "...It's still the pizza like home. The
combination of sauce and not-so-thin crust that slide together made eating interesting..."
California San Francisco Emilia's Pizzeria
299 Shattuck Ave., Berkely
Jan Newberry
Sunset Magazine
"...Pie to try: There's only one the oversize Margherita with mozzarella, basil and fresh tomato sauce... "
California San Francisco Flour and Water
2401 Harrison Street
San Francisco
Christine Richard
Sunset Magazine

"...Pie to try: the blistered radiccho with chiles and pancetta..."
California San Francisco Paradise Pizza Bianchi "Incredibly delicious - the crust is homemade
the sauce is just right and the toppings are always fresh.  I've been to all parts of Italy and even the East Coast in Boston, Philadelphia and New York and I have to
say the Paradise beats them all as the very very best!"
California San Francisco Pizzeria Delfina Jon Rimmerman from the
Palate Press
"...Delfina’s immensely flavorful haute-gourmand pizza speaks for itself and one taste of the broccoli rabe pie (sampled five different times this year) will make you understand how fastidious and detailed this establishment is – all without ever batting an eye or allowing the visitor a moment of uncertainty..."
California San Francisco Pizzaetta 211
211 23rd Ave
San Francisco, CA
Rachael Levine
Sunset Magazine
"Pizzetta 211 has left people swooning.."Pie to try: That Margherita"
California San Francisco Tony's Pizza Napoletana
1570 Stockton Street
San Francisco
Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter  /

Pizza Therapy Pizza Blog
"Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Little Italy, Tony brings his passion and perfection to North Beach, sharing his award winning pizzas with us all.  Whether you choose the infamous Pizza Margherita or the savory Cal Italia, Tony’s will not disappoint" /
"It was first on my list of things to do and I was not disappointed - truly amazing pizza and service. I could have died right there...."
Read more about Tony Gemignani at
Legends of Pizza.
California San Francisco Una Pizza Napoletana
210 11th Street
San Francisco, CA
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter This is Anthony Mangieri's, new place in San Francisco. He formally owned Una Pizza Napoletana in New York.

According to Anthony, Master Pizzioli: "I've been making this pizza since I'm fifteen years old, and you know, when all you do is one thing over and over again you tend to get pretty good at it."

See More About Anthony here:
Naturally Risen from Pizza Therapy

California San Jose Angelino's Dawn Gray "They have an old pipe organ...and the food is good, too!"
California San Jose Pizza California
1708 Oakland Road,
San Jose, CA
(408) 573-7373
Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter
"Excellent pizza and very fresh ingredients". "The pizza here tastes fresh and is not too oily... The extra cheese and dried peppers are freely open for you to get at your whim, which is nice."
California San Jose Mega Byte Pizza Co. crwdevinc "Mega Byte Pizza is 'more than just pizza'. It has the best dough and the
ingredients are plentiful..."
California San Jose Renato's vnws "... thick crust with lots of toppings, especially cheese, .... The sauce is great too. The dough is like no other I've tried...."
California San Jose Round Table wendysprague "We really like the crust, the way it isn't too thick and has those nice air bubbles and is slightly chewy. The bottom is a little crisp and holds it's shape when you pick it up. They have a nice sauce too."
California San Jose  The Garret mgoof "The most incredible pizza.  They manage to make a thick crust
crispy on the bottom and perfectly tender on the top.  The perfect pie!"
California San Luis Obispo
House of Bagels
Mike "The combination of the unique bagel dough, with fresh sauce and five cheeses makes this the best pizza I have ever tasted.

 Not just me but people have said that the pizza was the vest ever tasted.  Available only by a slice unless you do a special
order  demand is high and they only make a limited quantity daily."
California San Marcos Pizza Pie acalarm "Thin crust, crunchy, quality ingredients, good selection of
slices always on hand . Best I've had in California."
California San Marcos Pizza Nova Alex "The whole pizza in general is great. The crust is thin and crunchy. Their wood fire
pizza oven has original favorite and news flavor. My favorite pizza is the pizza
nova. With smoked salmon, capers, three kinds of cheese. Another favorite of mine is
the portobello mushroom and panchetta pizza with truffle oil. "
California Santa Barbara  


Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria
905 State St.
Santa Barbara

No website,
Here is their
Facebook Page


Tony Cap




Ted Hoagland
Noozhawk Santa Barbara

"Caputo flour and San Marzano tomatoes."



"The pizza is modeled after the legendary pizzerias in Naples, where the minimalist pizza margherita baked in wood-fired ovens is both an art form and salt-of-the-earth sustenance for ordinary people..."

California Santa Cruz Pizza My Heart svarcados "The sauce, the crust, the quality and proportion make this pizza totally wonderful."
California Santa Cruz Pleasure Pizza Anonymous "The best in the west!
 Fresh, inventive pizza."
California Santa Maria Klondike Pizza dreadoctober "If variety is the spice of life, then this place has to be the spice rack! Great crust and a selection of sauces, all of which blend perfectly with their wide assortment of toppings..."
California Santa Rosa Mombo's Pizza
1880 Mendocino
Santa Rosa, California
Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter
"Mombo's is my kind of place. They serve excellent pizza by the pie or slice.."
California Stockton Dante's Pizza yallateef "Everything about their pizza is amazing. Perfect crust,
incredible toppings. All around the best pizza I've ever had."
California Studio City Caioti Pizza Cafe
4346 Tujunga Ave.
Studio City, California. 90046
(818) 761-3588 Fax (818) 761 3606
Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter
Owned and operated by Legend of Pizza, Ed LaDou,
Caioti Pizza's: "goal is to provide the best in three worlds of pizza making.
Caioti uses fresh herbs, artisanal cheeses, homemade sausages and sauces, hand selected vegetables and the finest local products available to craft our menu. We provide high-end food at reasonable prices."

Discover Ed LaDou on: Legends of Pizza, Volume 2.

California Terra Linda La Coco's Pizza mikanet "If You love Pizza you cant' miss out on this one..."
California Upland Napoli's Pizza
Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!
Tino "This place closed twenty years ago, when I was about 10 years-
old. Since then, I've been to Italy, Chicago, New York, Phoenix, and Even Asia, ... as best I can remember, this Pizza was tops...Crust on the fresh deep side, lots of Motz...with appeal for kids...and as adults we try to recapture this...Napoli's was at Foothill Blvd. (Route 66 in Upland) and San Antonio, and they sponsored local baseball teams. Anyone else remember Napoli's; tasted a bit like Corina's? ...Big Italian community here."
California Valencia Vincenzo's Pizza dea spam "They use sourdough bread/dough and the pizza ends up thick."
California Valley Center Portino's

28746 Valley Center Rd.
Valley Center, CA

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

"The First & Only Restaurant (to date) using Pizza Beer as an ingredient in our dough & sausage and is also available for sale by the pint.
We Don't Skimp On The Quality Of Our Ingredients!
We use 100% virgin olive oil with no other oil blends."
California Venice Abbott's Pizza foodsnobs "Abbott's is one of the absolute best pizza joints in L.A. Try the 5 onion pie... makes my mouth water just thinking about it! "
California West Hollywood Z Pizza davidfan "Excellent crust, top of the line ingredients, always fresh,
interesting gourmet choices."
California Whittier Barro's Pizza Kim  "They make pizza
like it must have been meant to be. Real cheese, real toppings and
lots of it!"
California Whittier Pizzamania grivera /
"I have eaten pizza in 10 states and 3 different countries: this is simply the best" /
"... They have made consistently the best pizza ... They only use the finest fresh ingredients. Their sauce is what makes it superior. It is very flavorful and clings to the crust. "
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Who Makes The Worlds Best Pizza in California?

"Every pizza lover feels the best pizza is made best in their own home town. West Coast pizza fans are very loyal to their pizza. Mid-west pizza fans are loyal to their own pizza. Don't even get me started about the debate between Chicago Deep Dish pizza vs. New Your Pizza. New Haven pizza fans are fiercely loyal to "Wooster Street" style pizza. Of course other countries feel their pizza is the best...
One thing is absolutely certain:
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