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Vinnie's New York Chefs Pizzeria

1675 E. Cottonwood St, #C
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

(928) 646-3333


"Amazing delicious pizza, subs and wings. Great atmosphere. The owner, Vinnie is
always there and is a fun guy. He contributes tons of money and Pizza to local youth
Arizona Flagstaff New Jersey Pizza Co. dougccox "An excellent re-creation of authentic pizza, baked to perfection on stone. I love green chilies on mine to give it a unique southwestern flavor (try getting THOSE in New Jersey!)."
Arizona Fountain Hills Redendo's Pizzeria & Pasta tony "Redendo's is a tiny place in Fountain Hills that is a slice of
New York City set in the 1940's. The service is great and food
made by chef Anthony Redendo is top notch."

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and Pasta Award

Arizona Gilbert Corelli's Pizza ironsidesaz "Hands down the best pizza I've tried...period! And I've tried most on this list. The crust is great, the sauce is so good, and all of their ingredients and brought in
from New Jersey. Everything is made fresh when you walk in the door... WOW!"
Arizona Glendal La Piazza Al Forno Charlene "We only use San Marzano Tomatoes, we make our mozzarella fresh every day.  Pizza's
are cooked in a wood fired oven."
Arizona Glendale Pullano's Pizza Mpullwing "Pizza, service..............."
Arizona Jerome and Sedona Apizza Heaven Anonymous "East Coast old style pizzas cooked on bricks. The best..."
Arizona Jerome Belgian Jennies jeromechief "Simply the best pizza we have ever had. From the crust, the cheese to the sauce and toppings. We can't get enough of it."
Arizona Patagonia Velvet Elvis
292 Naugle Ave.
Patagonia, AZ
51 Great Pizza Parlors
" ingredients and gourmet toppings like smoked Gouda and herbed cream cheese, it's no wonder folks flock to this pizza joint in the middle of nowhere. Grab a slice..."
Arizona Phoenix Bella Italia Pizzaria Pat "Its run by the Caputo family from Waterbury, Connecticut. They make a great pie as well as other dishes. Family owned and a great place to eat!"
Arizona Phoenix Pino's Pizza Al Centro Amy Flynn/
"A tiny place with the best Italian food in town!"/
"THE BEST calzones on the planet, bar none."
Arizona Phoenix Pizzeria Bianco
623 E Adams St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 258-8300
mshunziker /
clynetime /


(Expanded listing by Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter)

"Chris Bianco, owner of Pizzeria Bianco, puts passion in every pizza he makes. I am not a big fan of Phoenix (too hot, dry, and brown) but this pizza is a huge redemption factor for this city. Stay healthy Chris"/
there is nothing to say. Best pizza in the U.S. No joke." /
"This pizza is the best I have ever tasted....Everything, including the mozzarella and the spices, are home made and/or homegrown."

See Legends of Pizza,
Chris Bianco Interview!

Arizona Phoenix Nello's Duane "Hands down the freshest ingredients I have ever had."
Arizona Phoenix Rays Pizza fmayer "...It's Great!!! Try the Sausage. I'm from New York and this is the real thing!!!"


Phoenix Red Devil Pizza cindivwithani "Everything is good about the pizza, ...the sauce is fab, the crust is crusty and service is splendid!..."
Arizona Phoenix Spinato's Pizzeria lrsmith "Spinato's pizza is very good. It is the best I have had. Their sauce is verydifferent and brings out the flavors of the meats. My favorite is the "Get Meaty"and my wife's is the "Mama Spinato's Signature Fresh Spinach". "
Arizona Sedona A Pizza Heaven highestvibration "Wow. Best pizza in far...thin delicious crust great sauce and cheese...its heavenly for sure."
Arizona Scottsdale Chizona's branch2five "Chizona's is one my top 3 all-time greatest. Nothing really to fancy but super fast & friendly service with one of the all-around freshest tasting thin crust pizza around. We always order enough to re-heat in the oven, it stay's great and get's only better."
Arizona Scottsdale Grazie Pizzeria winebill "The complete deal - Authentic roman style pizza - great toppings and fantastic crust. This is paired with an amazing selection of Italian wines and outstanding service from Maurizio ..."
Arizona Scottsdale Romes Pizza dburns "These folks are native New Yorkers and their pies are great. Crust is crunchy/chewy, right amount of sauce, and oil pools on top when folded."
Arizona Scottsdale Patsy Grimaldi's teach "They are the famous Brooklyn place...Opened 2-3 restaurants in AZ. ...Had the big ovens with the paddles, etc.  I LOVED it... "
Arizona Tempe Greasy Tony's arroyoc "... the best pizza experience since I left the Bronx 6 years ago. One of the best pizza. They also make Sicilian pizza to that will rock your world."
Arizona Tempe Pizza Town  The Bold Caballero /
The family has been making it since 1957. And they are sweethearts, every one. The sauce is superb, the dough has actually improved over the years, and that is hard to do with perfection. Their finest is the Angie's special, named after their founder Angelina, who just passed away last December. /
"He puts olive oil in the crust and the White Clam Pizza is out of this World...."
Arizona Tucson Sgt. Pepperoni's Pizza sgtronis "The crust is a true bread dough, but the sauce just makes the
pizza melt in your mouth!"
Arizona Yuma Rocky's sunny_mtp/

ms. frenchie

"Oh my gosh, I love this pizza! The last time I ate at Rocky's was in 1998 before I
moved, and I still think about that place every time I think of pizza, which is
weekly!!!"  /
"The crust is made fresh daily, and it is soo delicious. Also
the sauce is made from scratch. The service is really good also." /
"I swear this is by far the best pizza since leaving New York. ... The sauce is great and the crust is to die for. You guys gotta try this stuff!"



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