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Moto: Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono   
The sovereignty of the land is preserved through justice.
 Nickname: The Aloha State

If you are looking for pizza listings of ordinary pizza, this page is not for you. You will discover incredible pizza. Find the best pizza restaurants in Hawaii. The best restaurants in Hawaii are right here.
Restaurants In Honolulu: Discover the Best Restaurants in Honolulu.

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The Best Pizza in
Hawaii Pizza Directory of Incredible Hawaii Pizza

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Maui Kihei The Outrigger Pizza Company

(808) 870-7133

(Various Locations)

The Outrigger Pizza Company by Pizza Therapy

Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter

This is a mobile pizza truck operation.

Fresh ingredients and great attitude!

"...uses the freshest ingredients to create  delicious artisan pizzas. Pizza selections change daily based on seasonal availability and the pizza chef's creativity. "

(Big Island)
Hilo Big Island Pizza
760 Kilauea Ave.
Hilo, Hawaii

Big Island Pizza from Pizza Therapy

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter
""At Big Island Pizza, strives to give you the freshest and tastiest products available with a wide variety of selections at affordable prices. We use only the most wholesome and natural ingredients with no additives, preservatives, nor artificial coloring. Our dough and deli rolls are made fresh several times a day. "
(Big Island)
Kailua-Kona Bianelli's Gourmet Pizza
78-6831 Alii Dr,
Keauhou Shopping Ctr.,

Bianelli's pizza from Pizza Therapy

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter
"Has Bianelli's has the best vegetarian pizza. has gotten lots of rave reviews."
(Big Island)
Kailua-Kona Boston Basil's
75-5707 Alii Dr,

Boston Basil's from Pizza Therapy

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter
"Boston Basil's specializes in both authentic Italian dining and good pizza. The menu features lots of Italian specialties as well as a fair pizza offering. "
(Big Island)
Kona-Kailua Kona Brewing Company
75-5629 Kuakini Highway Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740
808-334-BREW (2739)

dave "...Sit outside under the tiki torches and palm covered tables, enjoy a pale ale and a great gourmet pizza. Kona Brewing Company has great pizza!"
Hanalei Pizza
570353 Kuhio Hwy
Hanalei, HI 96714
(808) 826-9494
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter
Hawaii Small Business Internet Consultant
"Good thin crust pizza on the Garden Isle. Great staff, very warm atmosphere. Will go again."

"Striving for Pizza mind one pie at a time…."

2-2555 Kaumualii Highway,
Kalaheo, HI 96741-8309
(808) 332-8561
Brick Oven Pizza - Wailua
4-4361 Kuhio Highway,
Kapaa, HI 96746
(808) 823-8561
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter
Hawaii Small Business Internet Consultant
I have personally gotten numerous positive reviews about Brick Oven.

"Brick Oven Pizza has been a fixture in the Kauai Community for over 30 years. With two locations in Kalaheo and Wailua, Brick Oven Pizza has built a name for themselves in the community."

The pizza is fantastic!

Hawaii Maui Porto Flame Fired Artisan Pizza
300 Ma'alaea Road
Suite 106
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793

(808) 856-8337

"Wood-fired and fresh with a good amount of mozz on top. Not a very thin crust, but crisp and slightly chewy -- just right to hold up the cheese!... "

From the Porto Website:
All profits support the
 Pacific Whale Foundation!

"We’re proud to save whales, dolphins and the oceans, one pizza at a time. All profits from Porto support Pacific Whale Foundation’s efforts to protect our oceans through science and advocacy."

Albert Grande says: "Please support this noble mission! Pizza Therapy supports Porto!"

Oahu Aiea Aiea Bowl
AKA Alley Pizza
99-115 Aiea Heights Drive #310 Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 488-6854
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter
Hawaii Small Business Internet Consultant
"Good pizza in a bowling alley? You bet!
 This is a home made sour dough crust that is very tasty. I was pleasantly surprised. Also make sure you check out the local items on the menu. Outstanding!"

From their website: "All Alley Pizza’s are Handmade with our Signature Sourdough Crust, A Blend of Three Cheeses & Marinara Tomato Sauce or Garlic Pesto Sauce. "

Oahu Aiea Boston's North End Pizza Bakery brenda "My family has enjoyed Boston's pizza for over 10 years now, and for good reason. These pizza pies have a super large crust with a mouth-watering flavor that we've never been able to find anywhere else (in Hawaii or the mainland), and they're loaded with yummy toppings..."
Oahu Haleiwa Spaghettini Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter "Good crust. Buy it by the slice on the North Shore."
Oahu Haleiwa North Shore Farms Pomai "...I’d say the hunt for BEST PIZZA ON OAHU is also over, as it was since they’ve brought it to market. The award is now handed to North Shore Farms’ Neapolitan Grilled Pizza. Ding-ding… we have a winner!

If the exclamations “OMG!”, “Off the chart!”, “Off the chain!” or any other adverb or expletive you’d like to add to that can describe what an incredibly great slice of pizza tastes like, THIS is the pizza that will evoke those thoughts upon each and every bite..."
Oahu Honolulu

Antonio's New York Pizzeria
4210 Waialae Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816


(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter "Real New York style thin pizza in Hawaii!
A professional wrestler (J.T. Wolfen) is the owner
(The truth is: he's from Connecticut)."
Oahu Honolulu Abbe Brewster Caffe
(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter "Ultra-thin pizza in a quaint setting. Fresh ingredients married with good dough.
 Excellent job!"
Oahu Honolulu Bar 35

35 N. Hotel St,
Honolulu, HI, 96817

Bar 35 from Pizza Therapy

John Heckathorn
(Honolulu Magazine) /
Kawehi Haug
(The Honolulu Advertiser)
"’s great pizza, created by Tuscany-born chef Francesco Valentini." The "crusts are Roman—oblong, served on rectangular wooden paddles... " /

"...Fresh toppings, sauce which packs a mild punch"

"an interesting thin, thin, crust served on a pizza board. Great outdoor area which is a hidden oasis right in Downtown Honolulu."

Oahu Honolulu Formaggio Wine Bar John Heckathorn
(Honolulu Magazine)
"...The reasonably classic, with shredded mozzarella instead of fresh, and large slices of tomato with a professional-looking basil chiffonade..."
Oahu Honolulu



New Location:

Inferno's Woodfire Pizza

(808) 375-1200


Inferno's Woodfire Pizza





Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter

"I had your pizza on numerous occasions during my stay in Hawaii. I am returning in
August and I will be eating your pizza the first day back. It is the best pizza ever!"

"Without a doubt, this is one of the true hidden gems in all of Hawaii. Inferno's is a portable pizza operation. Street food delivered with aloha! First, the pizza is simply outstanding. Excellent crust in a kiawe wood fired oven.

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Oahu Honolulu J.J. Dolan's
1147 Bethel St.
Honolulu, HI 96813


J.J. Dolan's Website

See the J.J. Dolan Reveiw Video Here

John Heckathorn
(Honolulu Magazine) /
Kawehi Haug
(The Honolulu Advertiser)
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter,
"..makes a Margherita—sauce, fresh mozzarella (cow’s milk, not buffalo’s), tomatoes and basil. It’s got life, freshness, flavor. Of course, it’s not entirely traditional. He adds some whole-milk mozzarella... " /
when it comes to cheese, J.J.'s is tops. Not to mention the buttery crust and the sauce..." /
"Real New York style pizza, in Downtown Honolulu. Excellent."
Oahu Honolulu La Pizza Rina Kawehi Haug
(The Honolulu Advertiser)
"...La Pizza Rina pizza is hearty- thick crust, lots of sauce and lots of cheese...home cooked, comfort food".
Oahu Honolulu La Tour Cafe
888 N. Nimitz Hwy. #101
Honolulu, Hawaii

(808) 697-5000


Albert Grande,  Promoter, The Pizza Promoter "Thin crust Neapolitan Pizza. Some interesting tastes. The oven is gas fired, and hand tossed. Surprisingly good."

"Panini, and Flatbread pizza makes this pizza special. The crust is a winner!"

Oahu Honolulu

Pizza in the Raw
3620 Waialae Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816

(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)


Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter Various comments: the" really won me over. I had the spinach, garlic, tomato pizza and it was wonderful - very flavorful with a delicate crust... "   /
 "The pizza's here are great, and when you pull it fresh out of the oven and you have that initial super hot bite, it's heaven!"   /

'I would totally go back again and pay regular price for the pizza. The marinara pizza was so awesome." /

With comments like the above you would think the place is going to be a winner.

And they did make great pizza!

But after less than 1 1/2 years in business, Pizza in the Raw, lost it's space, folded up it's tent, and moved on.

While picking up steam in other parts of the country. Pizza in the Raw, never really took off for the Honolulu, Hawaii pizza market...

Oahu Honolulu Pasta & Basta

(Pizza Hall of Fame: CLOSED!)
John Heckathorn
(Honolulu Magazine)
" get a 12-inch, hand-tossed pie, crispy, even scorched around the edges for extra flavor,... There’s plenty of bubbly brown cheese and fresh basil, but the revelation here is the tomato sauce, which was so good I wandered into the kitchen... "
Oahu Honolulu Sergio's Italian Restaurant John Heckathorn
(Honolulu Magazine)
"...Chef Alfredo Lee sent to all the tables in the dining room a slice of his Pizza Margherita, perfect crust, lively with fresh tomato and a knot of fresh basil..."
Oahu Honolulu V Lounge
1344 Kona St.
Honolulu, HI 96814


V Lounge Website

See the V Lounge Video Here

Kawehi Haug
(The Honolulu Advertiser) /

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter,

"...The pizzas are cooked in an 800 degree oven kiawe wood burning oven, which creates a nice char on the underside of the crust- a big hit..." /

"I was completely blown away by the crust. This is real pizza cooked in a kiawe wood fired oven."
Oahu Kailua Peppino's Pizza Ohiawood "They make their own: 1.) Sauce 2.) Dough 3.) Sausage!!! Good balance between the layer of crust & sauce (crunchy on bottom & chewy on surface)."
Oahu Waialua Jerry' Pizza
67-292 Goodale Ave 
 Waialua, HI 96791

(808) 637-8866

Ken "I think it's wonderful pizza and they serve an awesome Breakfast Pizza for $10 (feeds the whole family).......Jerry's Pizza at the Waialua Shopping Center by the Feed store and Brown's just great pizza."
Oahu Various Locations

"From the
mountain to the ocean, from the Windward to the Leeward side..."


Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter's
Pizza Therapy Pizza

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Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book

"Some of the best pizza in the Tri-State Area (you name the states). A thin crust Napolitano pizza, fresh ingredients, made with love and passion. Everyone who tastes it becomes a convert of Pizza Therapy. "

Albert Grande says "Get The Pizza Book!"

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