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American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza 
Peter Reinhart 

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American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza
 by Peter Reinhart:
Review by Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter

"Peter Reinhart starts his incredible adventure in Italy and journeys across America.
To borrow a phrase from Bill Graham:
 “This book is not the best at what it does; it is the only book that does what it does!” 
Not only do we search for incredible pizzas, but we learn how to make them!

The first section of American Pie is the quest for pizza perfection. The subtitle should be “my search for the perfect “pizzaiolo” (pizza master), as Peter meets with a host of pizzaiolos who share ideas and philosophy about pizza. According to this book, there is more to pizza, than just throwing together flour, yeast oil, tomato sauce, cheese along with other toppings! The fact of the matter is that you must bake part of your heart into each pizza, to reach brilliance! (Albert's sidebar: "I call this Spiritual Pizza! Pizza from the heart, pizza from the soul!")

The second half of the book allows Reinhart to do what he does best, bake. The recipes are all here and Reinhart makes them easy to replicate. He claims to have the ability to identify all of the ingredients and cooking methods of anything he eats. Further, he shares these secrets with the reader. With the numerous recipes, you will be able to reproduce some of the most famous pizzas in the world. He adds his take on “Pepe’s” (Wooster Street, New Haven, Connecticut) world famous clam pizza, New York style, Chicago style, focaccia as well as numerous other pizzas. He gives tips on grilling pizza and even devotes some lessons on “tossing” pizza in the air!

I enjoyed the countless anecdotes throughout the book. For example while waiting in line at the legendary “Sally’s Apizza” in New Haven, Connecticut, he stops into “Nick’s Apizza” across the street to use the restroom. He is impressed with their pizza and makes a mental note to come back. Upon his return six months later, “Nick’s Apizza” has gone out of business. The obvious conclusion is: simply making fantastic pizza may not be enough to sustain a business.

American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza covers the gamut of all things pizza from coast to coast. A nod is given to Chicago Deep Dish along with recipes. “New Age” pizzas from the West Coast are also discussed. Reinhart actually uncovers the mystery of Wolfgang Puck’s pizza and California Pizza Kitchen’s secrets. (Some Chefs were understandably, hesitant to be interviewed). He may have gone over the edge by reviewing “sushi pizza”, but it does fit in with the spirit of the book

This book is for anyone who has ever sampled pizza as well as those who posses a passion for pizza. The journey alone will suffice for some pizza aficionados and is worth the price of admission. Add to that, Reinhart’s years of expertise in baking breads of all kinds, and you have a volume that is unmatched in scope. Buy it, read it and make your own perfect pizza!"
Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter, Pizza News

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Peter Reinhart interviewed by Albert Grande as been featured on the Internet, newspapers, magazines, television and radio.
 It was just a matter of time before we would be mentioned in a book! 
American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza

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