For our pizza, we only use Fleischmann's Yeast!

"Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!"©

Discover all things pizza at Pizza Therapy.
All those who visit Pizza Therapy,
do so to celebrate the wonders of pizza,
the "magical little disk that makes things happen!"

Pizza Therapy is all about pizza. You will discover resources How to make pizza  and where to find the Best Pizza in the World.
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"Pizza Therapy is a love poem to pizza."
Noted pizzaiolo Peter Reinhart

For an out of this galaxy pizza experience, we recommend the:
Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

The pizza promoter, albert grande, with Kamalei grande.

Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter with Kamalei,  the Little Chef,
getting ready for some Pizza Therapy


Review of Secrets Inside the Pizzeria
(Special Interview with Bev Collins)

Pizza Therapy is all about pizza. Discover how to make pizza, the history of pizza, where to find the best pizza, pizza videos, Pizza Audios, Pizza News Archives and more. For the latest updates be sure to visit The Pizza Therapy Pizza Blog. For making pizza you need the best flour.
Here is the best pizza making flour at this link.
Frutti Di Mare: An easy step by step medley of seafood and pasta. Simply outstanding! Discover how to make pasta from scratch.

We are as passionate about making pizza and eating pizza. Pizza Therapy is for anyone whoever smiled after they ate a pizza.
 When you eat great pizza, magic happens. When you make pizza you create your own magic.
 We are proud to be a pizza portal for all pizza lovers.

So you want to start a pizza business...
(We get lots of questions about this!)

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Discover The Best Pizza in the World at Pizza Therapy:

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The Best Pizza in the
Eastern U.S.
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The Best Pizza in the
Eastern U.S. (Continued!) Pizza
(New York-
West Virginia)
The Best Pizza in the
Central U.S. 

Best Pizza in Chicago

The Best Pizza in the
Western U.S.
The Best Pizza

UK Pizza Guide




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